Pathfinder Pawns: Monster Codex Box

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Pathfinder Pawns: Monster Codex Box

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The fiercest surprises often come from the most familiar foes! The hordes of organized and intelligent monsters presented in the Pathfinder RPG Monster Codex come to terrifying life on your tabletop with this box-busting collection of over 200 character pawns to use with the Pathfinder RPG or any tabletop fantasy roleplaying game. Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of a character from the Monster Codex, and slots into a size-appropriate plastic base, making it easy to use in play alongside traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With multiple pawns of the most useful monsters, allowing you to create the encounters from the Monster Codex's encounter groups, the Monster Codex Pawn Box is the best way to ensure you've got the right monsters to push your Pathfinder game to the next level!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-717-8

Monster Codex Box Set List


  1. Boggard (4)
  2. Boggard Abyssal Warrior
  3. Boggard Brute
  4. Boggard Champion (2)
  5. Boggard Farcroaker (2)
  6. Boggard Hunter (2)
  7. Boggard Priest-King
  8. Boggard Prophet
  9. Boggard Savage (2)
  10. Boggard Stalker
  11. Boggard Swampseer
  12. Bogwiggle


  1. Bugbear (2)
  2. Bugbear Ambusher
  3. Bugbear Bloodmage
  4. Bugbear Cultist (2)
  5. Bugbear Flesh Glutton
  6. Bugbear Gnasher
  7. Bugbear Lurker (2)
  8. Bugbear Stalker (2)
  9. Bugbear Tyrant
  10. Frightful Haunter


  1. Abrakarn Viper
  2. Drow (4)
  3. Drow Demonic Champion
  4. Drow House Captain (4)
  5. Drow House Guard (6)
  6. Drow Master Scout (4)
  7. Drow Matron
  8. Drow Poisoner
  9. Drow Priestess (2)
  10. Drow Scout (2)


  1. Dark Spitter Beetle
  2. Duergar (8)
  3. Duergard Bombardier
  4. Duergar Captain
  5. Duergar Hammer (2)
  6. Duergar High Priestess
  7. Duergar Lieutenant (4)
  8. Duergar Taskmaster
  9. Juggernaut Beetle

Fire Giants

  1. Fire Giant (4)
  2. Fire Giant Doombringer
  3. Fire Giant Glaive (2)
  4. Fire Giant King
  5. Fire Giant Lieutenant (2)
  6. Fire Giant Magmablade
  7. Fire Giant Queen
  8. Fire Giant Strongarm (3)
  9. Steam Hog

Frost Giants

  1. Frost Giant (2)
  2. Frost Giant Battle Priestess
  3. Frost Giant Elite Scout (2)
  4. Frost Giant Houndmaster
  5. Frost Giant Hunter
  6. Frost Giant Ice Mage
  7. Frost Giant Jarl
  8. Frost Giant Raider (2)
  9. Svathurim
  10. Winter Wolf (4)


  1. Ancient Gravedigger
  2. Carrion Golem (4)
  3. Corpse Cat
  4. Ghoul (4)
  5. Ghoul Commander
  6. Ghoul Creeper
  7. Ghoul Hound
  8. Ghoul Huntsmaster
  9. Ghoul Monarch
  10. Ghoul Stalker (2)
  11. Masked Murderer
  12. Sootwing Bat


  1. Chosen of Lamashtu
  2. Eye of Lamashtu
  3. Flind
  4. Gnoll (4)
  5. Gnoll Bouda
  6. Gnoll Bruiser (3)
  7. Gnoll Lieutenant
  8. Gnoll Packlord
  9. Gnoll Rageborn
  10. Gnoll Ravager
  11. Gnoll Warden
  12. Hyena (3)


  1. Goblin (3)
  2. Goblin Chief
  3. Goblin Commando
  4. Goblin Firestarter (2)
  5. Goblin Frog-Talker
  6. Goblin Outrider (2)
  7. Goblin Sneak (4)
  8. Goblin Stickylord
  9. Goblin Vulture Pilot
  10. Grizzled Rider (3)
  11. Mutant Goblin
  12. Worg (4)


  1. Hobgoblin (5)
  2. Hobgoblin Battle Priestess
  3. Hobgoblin Battlefield Zealot
  4. Hobgoblin Bombardier
  5. Hobgoblin Commander
  6. Hobgoblin Forerunner (2)
  7. Hobgoblin Lieutenant (4)
  8. Hobgoblin Paragon
  9. Hobgoblin Sergeant (4)
  10. Yzobu (2)


  1. Kobold (6)
  2. Kobold Battle Master
  3. Kobold Blade (2)
  4. Kobold Bomber (2)
  5. Kobold Chieftain
  6. Kobold Devilspeaker
  7. Kobold Guilecaster
  8. Kobold Master Trapper
  9. Kobold Scalecaster
  10. Kobold Sniper (4)
  11. Kyrana


  1. Lizard Scion (2)
  2. Lizardfolk (6)
  3. Lizardfolk Berserker (4)
  4. Lizardfolk Champion
  5. Lizardfolk Clutch Mother
  6. Lizardfolk Rattler
  7. Lizardfolk Sorcerer
  8. Lizardfolk Stalker
  9. Lizardfolk Swamp Lurker
  10. Lizardfolk Vanguard (4)


  1. Fiendish Rhinocerous
  2. Ogre (4)
  3. Ogre Boss
  4. Ogre Destroyer
  5. Ogre Hunter
  6. Ogre King
  7. Ogre Mancatcher (3)
  8. Ogre Priestess
  9. Ogre Stalker
  10. Troggle
  11. Wolf


  1. Gorthek Rider (2)
  2. Orc (6)
  3. Orc Lieutenant
  4. Orc Mystic
  5. Orc Scout (6)
  6. Orc Sergeant (2)
  7. Orc Thug (6)
  8. Orc War Drummer
  9. Orc Warlord
  10. Orc Witch Doctor


  1. Kirrix
  2. Ratfolk (6)
  3. Ratfolk Bravo
  4. Ratfolk Caravan Guard (4)
  5. Ratfolk Chemist
  6. Ratfolk Elder
  7. Ratfolk Expedition Leader
  8. Ratfolk Sage
  9. Ratfolk Tinkerer (4)
  10. Ratfolk Warden (2)
  11. Riding Rat (4)


  1. Feeder in the Depths
  2. Hammerhead Shark (4)
  3. Sahuagin (4)
  4. Sahuagin Baron
  5. Sahuagin Brute (2)
  6. Sahuagin Deep Racer
  7. Sahaugin High Priestess
  8. Sahuagin Lieutenant
  9. Sahuagin Prince
  10. Sahuagin Scout
  11. Sahuagin Underpriestess


  1. Advanced Serpentfolk (3)
  2. Degenerate Serpentfolk
  3. Serpentfolk (2)
  4. Serpentfolk Bone Prophet
  5. Serpentfolk High Priest
  6. Serpentfolk Hunter (2)
  7. Serpentfolk Illusionist
  8. Serpentfolk Spellblade
  9. Serpentfolk Spy (2)
  10. Seru


  1. Giant Monitor Lizard (4)
  2. Slaugrak
  3. Troglodyte (5)
  4. Troglodyte Beast-Speaker
  5. Troglodyte Champion
  6. Troglodyte Chieftain
  7. Troglodyte Priest
  8. Troglodyte Scale-Rider (3)
  9. Troglodyte Skulker (2)
  10. Troglodyte Sorcerer
  11. Troglodyte Tyrant
  12. Troglodyte Warren Guard


  1. Sewer Troll
  2. Troll (3)
  3. Troll Acolyte
  4. Troll Brute (2)
  5. Troll Elder Matron
  6. Troll Fury (3)
  7. Troll Monarch
  8. Troll Render
  9. Troll Ripper (3)
  10. Troll Warden (2)


  1. Coffin Guard (5)
  2. Englightened Vampire
  3. Shady Minion (5)
  4. Vampire (4)
  5. Vampire Lord
  6. Vampire Savage
  7. Vampire Seducer (2)
  8. Vampire Spawn (5)
  9. Vampire Warrior (4)
  10. Weird Butler

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Excellent Value for Many Games


If you're not familiar with the concept, Paizo's line of pawns for Pathfinder are thick cardboard two-dimensional tokens, with full-colour artwork of a creature printed on both sides. The pawns slot into a base that takes up the same amount of space on a 5' grid as the creature should, so a large-sized creature's token is larger and slots into a large-sized base. The reason this line is so popular is that pawns are an affordable way to amass a practical but handsome-looking collection of monster and NPC tokens. They're easy to use, easy to store, and won't cost the thousands of dollars it would take to amass an equivalent size collection of plastic or metal miniatures.

The Pathfinder Pawns: Monster Codex Box is based on the enormously popular hardcover Monster Codex. In that book, twenty classic races from the Pathfinder RPG were fleshed out and stats were provided for a wide variety of examples of that race: the Core Bestiary has ogres, but the Monster Codex has Ogre Bosses, Ogre Priestesses, Ogre Kings, etc. Accordingly, the pawn set for the book has at least one pawn for every one of those two hundred+ variations, along with multiple tokens for some of the more common ones. To take just one example, the "Gnolls" category is represented by four regular gnoll tokens, three "gnoll bruisers", three hyenas, and then single tokens for 9 other types of gnolls. Each pawn in the set is labelled and numbered for easy sorting, and the back of the box has an index to make things easier. The box includes 20 medium bases and 5 large bases.

If nothing else, the collection is a nice supplement to the pawns presented in the Bestiary pawn collections--it's always helpful to have more tokens of common monsters for larger encounters. But the real value of this particular pawn box is when a GM has a major story arc (or even campaign) that focuses on a particular race of monsters. You don't need ten different variations of an orc if it's just a random wilderness encounter, but if you have PCs invading an orc stronghold, being able to differentiate between "common" orcs, "Orc Sergeants", "Orc Witch Doctors", and the "Orc Warlord" adds a lot to the battlemap. I got this box because I'm running the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, and I've been able to make great use of the varieties of Ghouls, Goblins, and Ogres included in the box.

My recommendation would be to scan the list of monster races covered by the Monster Codex, and if you think any of them will have a serious presence in your game, go ahead and pick up this box. The artwork is gorgeous, the variety is excellent, and it's something you can use for any fantasy RPG even if you change games or editions.

Hey Game Masters! Build Your Monster Armies With This Box!!!


The Monster Codex Pawn Box is the perfect set with which to build your monster armies. Get the basics with the first Bestiary Box and then stat it up and pimp out your enemies with this amazing set of monster pawns. You get everything listed in the set description and more as you will strike fear into your players as you load up trays with a never ending flood of villainy!

Buy it today - if you can!

Better than the Bestiary Box


As I've mentioned in other reviews, I have always loved the idea behind the Pathfinder Pawns, but even with a Bestiary Boxes 1 and 2 and a few Adventure Path pawn sets, I didn't really use them that often. Most of the time I stuck to my old minis, for two main reasons:
1) There were hardly any of a lot of the common monsters like kobolds, hobgoblins, and bugbears.
2) There wasn't a great variety of potential PC's.

This box solves problem 1! This is a great set and is absolutely necessary to own. If you only buy one Pawns boxed set, let it be this one. Such a huge variety of the common monster races. I can finally use kobolds in my game! And bugbears and Hobgoblins. It also has some great orcs.

The art is, on average, also larger and easier to see than previous sets. Great job, Paizo.

If you are new to Pathfinder Pawns and don't know where to start, here's what I recommend:

1) Monster Codex
2) NPC Codex
3) Summon Monster
4) Bestiary Box 1

These four will give you a solid base of almost everything you need. Everything else you get after that will add variety and zest to your pawn collection.

Paizo surprised me. Some amazing outside sources.


Received the PDF today. The hardcopy is in transit.

First, for those of you wondering if there is new artwork, the answer to that is yes. I'll get to that in a moment. If you're familiar with the Monster Codex book, you'll be happy to know that ALL of the artwork from the book is included.

Now for the new art (which was the part that surprised me), Paizo included some additional characters in this book from previous books.

* The boggard swampseer - art from one of the previous APs.
* Ghoul - artwork not included in the book. It looks familiar and possibly from an AP.
* Gnoll packlord - this art is from the advanced race guide (I'm pretty sure). Note to Paizo - MORE artwork from the advanced race guide for future pawn sets would be great!
* Hobgoblin - this particular artwork is from the Jade Regent Adventure Path. I'm certain of it.
*Hobgoblin Battlefield zealot - this artwork is from a standard Paizo image I've seen before. Very cool image.
* Orc Lieutenant - I've never seen this one before, but it's probably one of the neatest images in this collection.
* Orc war drummer - image looks like it's from one of the APs.
* Degenerate Serpantfolk - this image is from the Serpent's Skull AP. Very cool image.
* Troglodyte priest -this is the troglodyte image from the Legacy of Fire.
* Troll Warden - this is the cover image for the troll on one of the Reign of Winter Aventure Path books.

***** Special note to Paizo ***** keep including artwork from former APs in your future pawn collections. Also, I'd highly recommend that you include the artwork from Chronicles of the Righteous, the servitors from Inner Sea gods, and the remaining art from Advanced Race Guide. You did a great job with this current collection incorporating old artwork that hadn't been used on pawns. Please keep doing it!

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Paizo Employee Managing Developer

Hey signaltonoise, replying to people on the forums doesn't notify them in any way other than showing that there are new posts in this thread, so you don't have to repeatedly post the link to your petition. Thanks!

Adam Daigle wrote:
Hey signaltonoise, replying to people on the forums doesn't notify them in any way other than showing that there are new posts in this thread, so you don't have to repeatedly post the link to your petition. Thanks!

Sorry about that!

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Your chances of seeing this reprinted are pretty close to zero, if the print cost/print run size are anywhere near what I last saw them. Luckily, Paizo has a very similar product coming soon and likely more "generic typical monstrous humanoids" pawn sets to follow.

Paizo Employee Managing Developer

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signaltonoise wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
Hey signaltonoise, replying to people on the forums doesn't notify them in any way other than showing that there are new posts in this thread, so you don't have to repeatedly post the link to your petition. Thanks!
Sorry about that!

No worries. I just wanted to save you the effort.

Liberty's Edge

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Whenever they do a 2nd Edition Bestiary, they'll probably do a box based on that soon after, so that'll be another product to snag for common monsters.

Silver Crusade

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One sold on ebay for 200. Which is 200 less than the previous ones. Guess that's a good thing :P 589?hash=item23c641585d:g:d5MAAOSwCSpdhAIO

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