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Paizo surprised me. Some amazing outside sources.


Received the PDF today. The hardcopy is in transit.

First, for those of you wondering if there is new artwork, the answer to that is yes. I'll get to that in a moment. If you're familiar with the Monster Codex book, you'll be happy to know that ALL of the artwork from the book is included.

Now for the new art (which was the part that surprised me), Paizo included some additional characters in this book from previous books.

* The boggard swampseer - art from one of the previous APs.
* Ghoul - artwork not included in the book. It looks familiar and possibly from an AP.
* Gnoll packlord - this art is from the advanced race guide (I'm pretty sure). Note to Paizo - MORE artwork from the advanced race guide for future pawn sets would be great!
* Hobgoblin - this particular artwork is from the Jade Regent Adventure Path. I'm certain of it.
*Hobgoblin Battlefield zealot - this artwork is from a standard Paizo image I've seen before. Very cool image.
* Orc Lieutenant - I've never seen this one before, but it's probably one of the neatest images in this collection.
* Orc war drummer - image looks like it's from one of the APs.
* Degenerate Serpantfolk - this image is from the Serpent's Skull AP. Very cool image.
* Troglodyte priest -this is the troglodyte image from the Legacy of Fire.
* Troll Warden - this is the cover image for the troll on one of the Reign of Winter Aventure Path books.

***** Special note to Paizo ***** keep including artwork from former APs in your future pawn collections. Also, I'd highly recommend that you include the artwork from Chronicles of the Righteous, the servitors from Inner Sea gods, and the remaining art from Advanced Race Guide. You did a great job with this current collection incorporating old artwork that hadn't been used on pawns. Please keep doing it!

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I'd give this one a 4.8 out of 5. Best bestiary pawns yet.


Just my opinion, of course, but I believe this bestiary is the best of the four bestiary pawn collections. The variety is strong, the artwork phenomenal, and for the most part, Paizo got the scale of the creatures correct this time.

On that note, sometimes, for the sake of including all the artwork, Pathfinder gets a few scales of the creatures wrong. I see that they are getting much better at making most of the creatures around the same scale - although I wish the Wyvaran was a bit bigger (Adlet was the glaring faulty scale on the last box). Shore up a few of these components and Pathfinder is looking at near-perfection. Perhaps including one more size between medium and large would be a good way of dealing with this occasional problem?

The occasional off-scale would be the only fault I have in this box. The creatures are as varied as ever, and I personally believe the artwork is improving on the bestiaries, which is saying a lot considering the artwork on the previous three bestiaries has been outstanding.

If you're looking for a good mixture of characters to add to your rpg campaigns, bestiary 4 is pretty solid and I'd recommend it to gamers who enjoy the artwork and the variety of creatures. I've got say, you did a great job on this one, Paizo. I'll be back for more if the quality remains this high. :)

* box also comes with 20 medium bases; 5 huge bases; and 10 large bases.