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This is the closest to an official visual of what currency looks like in game, right?

Pathbuilder may be the thing for you then.

I spoke to the developer a few months back, and he was looking at including cross character interaction like HLO is doing. But I haven't heard from him in a while so I don't know what's happening there.

And I agree with you on the subscription fee. I spend way too many hiatus months where we never get together to be paying for something I'm not using.
I've already cancelled my Roll20 premium and my Syrinscape.

As far as I'm aware, the only sets that are currently unavailable are Rise of the Runelords, Skulls and Shackles, Monster Codex and Heroes & Villains (the only one I'm missing :( ). Bestiary 1 was sold out at one point and going for ridiculous prices, but they eventually did a reprint.

Since no alternative Pawn subscription was announced for 2E I just assumed they would continue the current one since the pawns should work regardless of the edition.

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I've updated my Checklist for crazy collectors.
Because I'm starting a separate one for Second Edition material, this one should pretty much be done other than maybe some formatting issues, missing release dates and possible broken Links. But when it comes to actual product listings, it SHOULD be complete.

Pathfinder Product Checklist

Let me know if I missed anything or if any corrections should be made.


For as many complaints as it got, it's kind of weird it got sold out so fast.
It's the only one of the Sold out ones I'm missing.

Recently ordered one on but it probably will get cancelled. Says the whole "We are waiting to give you an shipping time estimate thing" which usually means "We were selling something we didn't actually have in stock"

So yeah, please reprint. maybe with labels, or without, whatever, I'll buy it anyway.

Also here to know what Level it goes up to.

Trying to decide if I should start my new 2E group with this or jump in straight to the AP.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Just as long as it isn't like HeroLabOnline...

Partly why I'm looking for alternatives.

The premise of HLO was cool, but I don't like what I've seen so far.

and TBH, Herolab Classic feels like a program made in the late 90s/early 2000s.
It needs to be an app or a software that works more like character creation would inside a videogame.

Marc Radle wrote:

Updates on what?

D&D Beyond, of if Paizo will do something similar?

Either if Paizo was planning on doing something similar or if there was any similar upcoming products.

Damn. I just googled any updates on this and ended up in my own post.

djdust wrote:

I purchased the pdf version to print out, glue to card stock, tape to existing pawns, etc.

I was planning to print as needed, right now my group is facing down an orc invasion, so I printed off the 4 pages that include orcs, only to find that many images had a black background when printed. This isn’t a huge deal, but ink ain’t cheap and I personally think the images look better against white... plus the red outlines denoting the pawn shape are not visible.

The black does not show up on the pdf, nor does it show on the print preview. Before I print anything else, has anyone else encountered this? Is there a solution?


Sounds more like an issue with your printer or your PDF software settings.

Also. One box has made it's way to ebay. There's one day left on the bid and it's going pretty high.
But I thought I would share. ly-rare-and-out-of-print/283462680103?hash=item41ffb13e27:g:9pgAAOSwNpdcwXa b

Showing Unavailable to me.

And this is the thing.
They're not even super powerful. They're mostly flavored.

You have to preemptively take time to set them up with he hope a monster MIGHT step on it. And meanwhile your Wizard is shooting fireballs they will get back after sleeping

The crafting skill section in the play test rule book says you must have the appropriate tools or kit to craft items.
The snare kit weighs 8 bulk. This to me seems off, my ranger with 16 strength can only carry 8 bulk worth of stuff and snares need to be crafted in the field. So if I need to carry that kit with me I can't carry anything else.

Snares seem bad as is, but this makes them unusable. Can anyone confirm if snares actually require a snare kit?

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Resonance is a major mechanic though. I'm not sure they'd be able to add it in later as an optional rule.
If I look at Unchained, it had some fantastic optional rules that were usually not taken into consideration because it had come out later.

Well, this is disheartening.
I really do wish it turns out great though.

Matthew Downie wrote:
There's no amount of time that would be guaranteed to be sufficient. You could release the game to playtest, find a lot of issues, make a lot of changes to fix them, release the game to a second playtest, find a lot of new issues, make a lot of changes to fix them, release the game to a third playtest, find a lot of new issues...

I don't see this being a bad thing though. If you o the process 4x times you're still going to end up with a better product than if you did it only once.

I'm talking from no experience here since I've never play tested a game before.
But I'm wondering if a 6 month play test is enough. I'm sure Paizo will do a great job at recompiling a lot of feedback and then fixing a lot for the final edition, but shouldn't there be a testing period for that as well?
Like an Alpha and a Beta?
I'm hoping this edition is amazing and lasts us another 10+ years, so wouldn't want to see many reviews months after release on how some stuff could have been better.

Just want to avoid Pathfinder 2: Unchained 2: electric Boogaloo.

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Agreed. Don't really see a Goblin getting me any discounts at a shop, rising me to arms with a speech or seducing someone.

Mezzix wrote:


an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.
synonyms: achievement, accomplishment, attainment, coup, triumph

This is the intended definition. It is a thing you can do because you have trained, have some kind of magic heritage or some innate talent.

I get it. I still think it would be easier to explain to new characters if it was just abilities.

In 1E there was always a bit of a discrepancy with the economy, as in, how much a GP was worth, specially when calculating the value of some goods vs how much people made.
I always explained to my group that a rough estimate would be 1gp = 100 USD in a 1970s economy. It wasn't perfect but it gave a rough idea.

I haven't had the chance to delve into the book in too much detail yet, but was wondering how this is looking so far now that they've revamped stuff a bit.

Jader7777 wrote:

Feats were explained to me as 'talents'. But there's a lot of word salad thrown around in TTRPGs.

I also had a real struggle with 'attack roll' being more like an 'accuracy roll'. I love how PF2 now calls it 'strike' which defines it a bit more.

Ah yes. I recall having issues understanding that too. And the new group we recently introduced has also had issues getting their head around it.

Hi guys.

I understand the word Feat has been used for a while and people are kind of used to it, but when I started playing I found it incredibly confusing.
Feats are more like Abilities or Skills your character has, and since we already had ability scores and skills describing other stuff it just confused me a lot.

Wouldn't it be simpler to call ability scores "Base Stats" or something of the like and use the word "Ability" for feats?

Does anyone share this opinion with me?

Very interesting.
Seems like a more evolved version of VMC.

Peck Templeton wrote:
So wait I ordered this on and paid 8 bucks in shipping? -When I could have ordered it on Amazon and paid zero shipping with prime? How does that make sense?

Yeah, this is even more an issue for us out of the US.

I really wish I could subscribe to a bunch of stuff to get the free PDFs, but the shipping costs are very high. So I get pretty much everything through Amazon.

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I do like this. Half races shouldn't be races of their own.
With that said, I do think Half-Elves should be an option for elves too.
I wonder if in the future it will be similar with other classes such as Tiefling and Aasimar, and if it will open the doors to other half races.

Send it to me as well please.

I have only played one pbp game so far. Still playing it, and my experience is that even though it runs slower than a face to face game, since you're playing every day and online most of the time it ends up going at around the same pace, if not only slightly slower.

The playtest is upon us!

I have three face to face games currently running and no time to add in one for the Playtest. But really want to join in.

I live in a remote area with unreliable internet. I've already tried roll20 but the voice was not possible.

So I am able to either play in a Play by post or on roll 20 based text.

I'm very active, and even on play by post I can usually reply within an hour or less.

I'd really like to playtest, so if you know of anyone running a game of Doomsday Dawn text based please let me know!


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I really like this. Fixes stuff I didn't realized needed fixing.

Tinalles wrote:

I didn't create it, just came across it, but this sunken ship would be perfect for a battle map for PCs who want to explore the wreck of the Paradise.

The best part is that it's just a photo of a 100% real ship. There's a version in the comments on that Reddit thread with the diving robot photoshopped out.

Version with no robot

Interesting concept.
I'd have to read more about it or play test to see how I feel of such a change. But I definitely don't hate it.

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Juda de Kerioth wrote:

Hi all!

Any way to get this reprinted soon?

I need it

It won't be getting reprinted. There's one on ebay right now.


I also use the TV on the table.
I've used Roll20 which is fine. But find Maptools does the job even better.

French version on ebay

Hey Kazzy,

Do you strictly go by pen & paper?
I'm not sure how you could go about printing them to be proper scale TBH. The few times I did it I would adjust in paint, but there's got to be a better way.

If you've ever tried Hero Lab, that has all the encounters pre-loaded, but it costs money.
For a free option you can try out Combat Manager, it doesn't have all the encounters loaded but it does have all the creatures and you can create and save the encounters beforehand.

Just part of the prep work of being a DM :)

So, ShadowChemosh's stuff is listed as unavailable. I contacted him (he's pretty active on Hero Lab Forums).

He told me to replace the link with

So for example: SkinsawMurders_Corrigendum_FAQ.pdf

Have you guys thought about using more icons?

You have one for Action and reaction. But what about using something for alignment, size, type of damage?

I've always found stat blocks to be just too big a block of text.

Good stuff.

I remember when I first started playing 1E that I thought it was weird Skelletons were resistant to Slashing, but didn't take extra damage from blunt.

I'm going to get this for my birthday for sure!

Wait, so Nature Oracles and Simulacrum Wizards are tougher than some Deities?

Jhaeman wrote:
Very cool--many thanks. It helps me see how far I've come, and how far I've yet to go--the curse of the collector :)

I'm focusing mostly on pawns right now, getting 1-2 sets per month since I'll still be able to use them in PF2. I also started too late for all the other stuff, but I'm going to give all my money to Paizo with PF2

Updated it to today.
Same link. Added Pathfinder Battles, Pathfinder Comics and Pathfinder Legends.

Scott Romanowski wrote:

Hi Unimatze,

After nearly a month without comment, I deleted the picture, thinking there was no interest. Here is the link.

That's pretty ingenious!

I just managed to nab one from Amazon at $109.
There seems to be two left for $210. Jump on it!

This is an awesome idea!
Add me to the vote here!

In the meantime, there's a really good alternative in Dungeonetics.
Printable Golarion Calendar

You can set the year, it has holidays marked as well.
No art, but you could pretty easily make something cool with binder sheets. And once they're in binder sheets... BOOM! Dry erase calendar!

I was planning on printing one out for 4707 and having it in my game room for my ROTR campaign. I hadn't thought about art for it, but I'll probably add some that relates to the Deity which the month is named after.

Not a "database" exactly.
But I've been keeping this google sheet update and you can ctrl-F to search.

Pathfinder Pawn List

404 not found :(

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I keep them in their cardboard put them in binder sheets like this
Pawns in Binders

If it's a Box one I just photocopy the cover and backside and slip it into the binder. If it's not a Box I'll actually cut the sheet they come in.

To actually find a pawn, I keep this sheet updated and just CTRL-F to see what set the pawn is in and whether I have that set or not.

Pathfinder Pawn List

It also seems some guy from Germany is selling the individual pawns on ebay for like 2 euro each :/

Jhaeman wrote:
I wouldn't phrase it so aggressively, but I would say that if the AP sounds like something you'd love to run, don't let missing out on a few AP-specific pawns dampen your enthusiasm. Honestly, many of the unique NPC pawns are only used for a single encounter. Although they're cool, they're probably not going to substantially increase or decrease you and your players' enjoyment of the game.

Agreed, I'm one of the lucky ones that managed to nab one of the last ones. And many times I just end up using whatever.

It won't change your player's fun.

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