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Just to confirm.
There's no Deluxe/Collectors edition, correct?

Kittyburger wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Hurk. Saranrae getting more certain to be the one gets killed off every week. :-/ I don't know how to deal with that, if it really happens.
I'm thinking Sarenrae and Iomedae are PROBABLY safe, because they have the advantage of being deities associated with the two most significant religious Iconic characters, Kyra (Cleric of Sarenrae) and Seoni (Champion (Paladin) of Iomedae).

I actually still think Iomedae will be the one to bite the dust.

Looks nice :)

At the beginning of book 4 there is a "Staff of Marvelous Medicines" which is not a real item.
Instead Marvelous Medicines is a type of Magical Healer's Toolkit.

My group kept the Marvelous Medicines as is and reflavored it as a small Scepter that can be worn (like in a belt loop).

That's definitely a color choice.

The Raven Black wrote:

I feel it is better to see all books about the setting as having been written by an in-setting character, with their own beliefs and convictions and prejudices. It really helps making any future correction in the lore much more palatable.

And Paizo has actually embraced this concept of in-setting authors in their recent books.

This is a good way to go about it. Specially when dealing with stuff that ends up being contradictory, like Apsu + Tiamat being the creators of the Universe, which has basically bee phased out.

It goes hand in hand with Myths and legends being unreliable.

I loved how well this plays with 4 Gunslingers of different ways.

Now just fingers crossed for an all Kineticist adventure where each is a different element.

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I figure this is as good place as any to post my now obsolete findings a few months ago on "Can there be other non-human half heritages".

"I did some detective work to find out the exact reasons of the existence of Human-Elf and Human-Orc Hybrids, but Hybrids of other Ancestries.

It’s worth noting that when I’m talking about Hybrids, I mean mixed races born by conventional mundane means, and not creatures who come more from Outsider/Supernatural influence such as Aasimar, Tieflings, Changelings, Oreads and many others. These could be more easily compared to Vampirism, which can affect most Ancestries.

Lord of the Rings had Half-Elves, and to a lesser degree Half-Orcs (albeit produced by magical means similar to how Uruk-Hai were made).
When D&D became a thing, players wanted to play as Half-Elves and Orcs. Since Orcs were an innately villainous, the Half-Orc was popularized to give the players an option to play an Orc-like character without necessarily playing villains.
So the tldr and TRUE reason why Half-Elves and Half-Orcs are a thing, but other hybrids aren’t is because Tolkien did it and D&D is heavily based/inspired in Lord of the Rings.

Now, if we start looking at in-universe reasons we know the following.
The PF1 book “Bastards of Golarion” confirms that hybrids other than Half-Elves and Half-Orcs are “all but unheard of on Golarion”. It lists biological incompatibility as the reason. It does mention however that these Hybrids could happen as the result of powerful magic such as a Wish Spell, but strictly speaking, by mundane means, they do not happen.
The book also confirms the existence of “Influence of Outsiders” causing creatures such as Dwarf Aasimars and Gnome Tieflings. So the Outsiders Versatile Heritage concept was already existent in the Lore and just hadn’t really made it into the mechanics of the game due to PF1 being a revised version of D&D 3.5, something they corrected when they moved into PF2.

The main theory on why Humans are able to breed comes with Aboleths.
Ancient Alghollthu wall carvings claim Aboleths are responsible for humanity’s creation. They would have been created as an adaptable slave race. When the ancient Azlanti came close to discover this, the Aboleths tried to wipe the slate clean and start all over by triggering Earthfall.
It can be speculated that Humans are adaptable genetically because the aboleth experiment was left unfinished. They just happen to be compatible with Orcs and Elves “because reasons”. Maybe the Aboleths took some notes by looking at those two ancestries when creating humans. But that’s entirely someone’s guess and falls into the fan theory territory to explain a real world reason for why we have Half-Elves and Half-Orcs.

With all that said, it’s still entirely the prerogative of any GM to modify the lore of their world as they see fit.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk."

From Bastards of Golarion:
Although humans can have children with
many other races, there are limits to this gift.
Half-dwarves, half-gnomes, half-halflings,
and numerous other combinations are
all but unheard of on Golarion. Biological
incompatibility is the first and foremost
reason that such half-races cannot exist.
Simply put, dwarves, gnomes, and others
just aren't compatible with other races,
even humans.
In a realm shrouded in magic, it would
be foolish to assume no spell in the known
multiverse could produce a viable child
between a dwarf and a humanoid of
another race. Indeed, dwarven aasimars
and gnome tieflings are known to exist,
arising through the influence of outsiders or
because of magical anomalies understood
by few. A miracle or wish spell
could likewise result in the birth
of a half-dwarf, though the
individuals able or
willing to practice
such spellcraft
are few and
far between.

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Just to clarify.
Warden spells now scaling up to master doesn't mean all Rangers will go back to having spells, right?

We can still build a fully martial, no magic Ranger?

Did no one proof read this?

I don't know if it's just my copy but the editing seems non existent.
I've read two pages and already found like 3 cases of bunched up together words and lack of punctuation between sentences.

Zaister wrote:
Unikatze wrote:

I'm about to preorder them and just want to confirm there's a single version only, right?

No Deluxe/Collectors edition?

After receiving this item this week, I would say this is as deluxe as it gets.


/Add to cart

I'm about to preorder them and just want to confirm there's a single version only, right?

No Deluxe/Collectors edition?

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I'll probably still wait a year for the hardcover version but I'm very happy to see this line isn't abandoned.

Really enjoyed running all these One-Shots.

Any clue if we'll be getting more?

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How will this differentiate from the previous PF1 version?

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Really like the change to changes, it will enable a much more fluid and adaptable system. Specially for you're also making changes to APs and Lost Omens, which earlier ones had many errors that needed fixing.

I'm sure some people will not be happy with the ability score changes to ancestries, but you can still just say that's not how it works at your table and problem solved.

Any news on the Special Edition (Not the Beadle & Grimm's Gold one).

Was there a Collectors/Deluxe Edition for this one as well?

Will the Deluxe Cover version be available at launch or after all the previous books catch up?

Anyone know if this will be available in the new Blue Covered Deluxe Edition format?

I'm holding off on Lost Omens and rebuilding my collection with the Deluxe ones.

Who remade the maps?

It seems they used assets from Forgotten Adventures. The quality is amazing. I'm very impressed.

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Necro post. He's gotten fixed in book of the Dead.

This is a very smart move. Well done Paizo!

Also, if I'm GMing for the Beginner Box weekend, will I need to buy this set if I want to use it?

Will a Deluxe Edition be made available at launch? Or should we wait for the product line to catch up to the previous ones first?

Very cool.

Not sure what I'll do with my old ones, likely sell, but still, very cool that these are an option.

This is the second pre written adventure I see where the spellcasters aren't given Read Aura to identify magical items.

The other being the Beginner Box, which I guess may get a pass for simplicity (still ignoring a core mechanic though).

Is it assumed when a character already owns an item with a +1 rune, it's easy for them to tell other what other +1 items are by just noticing the runes look the same?
Or is Paizo just low key ignoring one of the more cumbersome mechanics in the game on purpose?

(Read aura is in Dinner at Lionlodge. So I'm assuming not)

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Man, this looks incredible. And my character is actually from Absalom too, so I'd love it.

Unfortunately that price tag is way more than what I can justify spending on a book. I'm sure you get your money's worth, but dang... that's pricey.

H2Osw wrote:
Unikatze wrote:
CaffeinatedNinja wrote:

I get that people don't want to re-buy content. But realistically you can't expect that every new service will be free if you got your content elsewhere. That is a guaranteed way to make it fail.

The closest analogy might be a videogame. I have Dark Souls on my playstation. It is also available on PC. But I don't get a free copy on my PC because I have the playstation version. It took time and money to convert, etc.

But in that same vein, why would I want to repurchase the same PC I've already paid for on Playstation?
Are you telling me you only own 1 version of Skyrim?

Yup. For PC.

CaffeinatedNinja wrote:

I get that people don't want to re-buy content. But realistically you can't expect that every new service will be free if you got your content elsewhere. That is a guaranteed way to make it fail.

The closest analogy might be a videogame. I have Dark Souls on my playstation. It is also available on PC. But I don't get a free copy on my PC because I have the playstation version. It took time and money to convert, etc.

But in that same vein, why would I want to repurchase the same PC I've already paid for on Playstation?

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I'll probably get on board for the PF3 version of this. If it comes out at launch.
2 years is too late for those of us who've been buying the material already.

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The interface looks fantastic. But I see them having an uphill battle.

The fact is D&D Beyond works because there's no other free options.

There's a lot of great options available for PF2 already, and we have all the actual content available for free on AoN.

For character building we have Pathbuilder and Wanderer's Guide.
And while it seems Nexus has a much nicer interface and a few other options, I don't see that many people willing to pay (likely) hardcover price just to get art on their character builder.
Also, Pathbuilder still has plans for Connecting sheets into a single session so the GM can manage equipment, loot, conditions, etc.

Speaking of which, HeroLab Online already does many of the things Nexus does, at probably a very similar price, and it's one of the least used Character managers due to its hefty entry price point.
Seems to target the same audience (ones willing to pay a lot of money for convenience) and I don't see any of them switching over if they need to buy the whole thing again.

Then you have Foundry, Which for $50 one time buy (often on discount) you can access everything freely and have a really great character manager. Albeit without the ease of accessing it on a tablet or phone.

With that said, it does look awesome. And I wish it had an easier entry point.
But unless it was priced at PDF price and not Hardcover, and include the PDF, then it's a hard pass for me. I'm already buying all Hardcovers as is.
And I'd need to convince the other players at my table to buy into it if I wanted to connect our sheets? That definitely wouldn't happen.

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I am obsessed, so I made some Invoices for the repair of Citadel Altaerein in Book 2.

It helps me keep track of repairs and payments but mostly made them for fun.

Maybe they'll be useful to someone else. sp=drivesdk&ouid=103092972014883318551&rtpof=true&sd=true

generaltwig wrote:
I posted this in the GM Reference thread, but here again: Here is a quote from Tuskhead Stoneworking for the renovation of the Citadel. My party didn't want to do any of the work themselves, so this contains all the costs if outsourced 100%. The special requests were things they specifically wanted added to the Citadel. Link to PDF is on dropbox over HERE!

Seems the file has been corrupted :(

Fumarole wrote:
Unikatze wrote:
Has anyone made a different version of the overland map of the Mwangi Expanse?
I posted one in this thread here, maybe it is what you need?

This serves the function I wanted.

I was thinking of remaking it in something like WonderDraft to look like a paper map. But this works for hiding the stuff we don't know about.

Has anyone made a different version of the overland map of the Mwangi Expanse?

Nice player's guide. Definitely less spoilers than the AoA one.

James Jacobs wrote:
Unikatze wrote:

Where do Apsu and Tiamat for in all this?

It's said they are the creators of the multiverse.

They're not. In fact, we've shifted Tiamat out of our setting since she's so D&D. (And we should have never included her in the first place, honestly, since the incarnation of her as a 5 headed dragon god is 100% the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast.) Dahak is our evil dragon god.

That said, the point of creation myths is that they're myths, not creation facts. That's why I include the little blurbs at the end of the blog to help encourage people to make their own decisions on these sorts of stories and how they work in their settings.

This one is my preferred version for the dawn of creation for Golarion, though and Apsu and Dahak came along after the events this one focuses on. Neither of them were among the first deities, according to this creation myth.

Guess we should remove Tiamat from the pathfinderwiki then.

Thanks for the clarification!

Is there a list of the items it has?
A friend playing an alchemist uses up a lot of time asking us what potions he wants us to make everyday and then everyone writing them down and remembering which ones are infusions and such.

I thought it'd be cool to just hand us a card for whatever item it is and then we give it back when the in game day is done.

Where do Apsu and Tiamat for in all this?

It's said they are the creators of the multiverse.

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We've had lots of ups and downs. The Cleric in the game I described above turned out to be one of the worst players ever.

We continued the campaign as a Homebrew in Sandpoint. We were playing pretty regularly until I went on vacation. I made a story for Valeros being absent for a while, but turns out they never played when I was gone, and when I got back the GM never wanted to play, so that campaign died there.

Then Cleric wanted to GM. So we all made characters, but he never prepared anything, so we ended up using those characters in a new Homebrew campaign made by the original GM, Introduced a new player I had never met who's now a very close friend and I'm the Godfather of his new daughter.
This campaign took place in the Land of the Linnorm Kings and was pretty awesome.
We played it up to level 7, and then again it became very hard to get the GM to actually set up games and it died off.
I decided to try my hand at GMing.

I GMed Hollow's Last Hope, which went absolutely terrible. I was a little late and two of the players had started drinking. Worst game I've ever played and I almost quit GMing right then and there, but we finished it.
I then ran Rise of the Runelords, but only got to Book 2. This was the last time I played with the guy who played the Cleric in the Beginner Box... he was just awful. I also introduced a new player who was also pretty terrible for more personal out of character reasons.

After that it was mostly on and off one offs. We tried to play Mummy's Mask with the original GM, but in true fashion, she never called us for a second game.

The original player who played Ezren and I started dating and have been together for just under 5 years now (she's also the Godmother of that baby I mentioned earlier), she tried to GM Crypt of the everflame for an entirely new group. And was an amazing GM when she actually prepared. But must have kind of lost interest after two sessions because she ended up just going to the games to hang out and the story never moved forward.

I started GMing Dragon's Demand for some of those players, but only got to chapter 2.

Then PF2 released and I was ready to make the jump.
I had met a new guy who's heavily into TTRPGs and had been looking for a game to join for literal years.
Since I was bored of being the GM, he agreed to GM Age of Ashes for me and the other friend (the one who's daughter is my Goddaughter) since we were the more hardcore players.

The game was usually great until alcohol got involved, but it was still fine. When COVID hit the game got put on hold, and the other player lost interest even though we tried to keep playing in Tabletop Simulator. We finished Book 1.

After a bit when some restrictions started lifting I GMed Fall of Plaguestone for a new group, the GM of AoA and my Girlfriend.
This is the first campaign I actually ever finished.
We've now moved their characters into the AoA book2 campaign and have been playing that regularily.

So yeah, not still the Beginner Box :P

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5 Years in! Still loving it!

The new cover design is fantastic.

Still getting the Deluxe edition though :P

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This is really great news.
I'm convinced FoundryVTT is the best way to play PF2 right now. The developers over on discord have done an incredible job and it just keeps getting better and better.

What I'd like to see:

Portraits and token packs for Bestiary and Adventure creatures. Pretty much the same as those available as Pawns.

Some sort of package deal when you buy PDFs to include FoundryVTT assets as well, at the very least a discount when purchasing both the PDF and the FoundryVTT assets.

Thank you!

I'm just glad Pathfinder Comics aren't dead.

I just finished rereading all my hardcovers.

KroyTheGM wrote:

Book1 Map2 - Citadel Altaerein

Here is the map + tokens I made for Citadel Altaerein in Dungeondraft using FA and TC assets +custom ones. The google drive zip has a Foundry VTT export .json which includes walls and windows + Multilevel token drawings, for the upper area.
Zip: sharing

This is one of the best looking ones I've seen so far.

The Multi level token is a great touch.
Did you by chance do the Vault and Alseta's Ring as well?

What about a repaired version?

In Hellknight Hill areas B4 and B5 are called West and East Armory, but in the map they're actually North and South.

Same with B10 and B11. I assume the Compass on the map was just completely pointing in the wrong direction.

I made a Deed for Citadel Altaerein.

I aged it with Coffee using this method:
You could also just add a papyrus image from google to the background and print it in color.

I'm gonna go ahead and Necro post this to ask a question about repairs.

Odd situation, but right now I'm the only player in the game.
The previous party fell apart right at the end of Hellknight Hill, and now we're continuing with a new group in Cult of Cinders.
I have some downtime before the new players arrive into town for downtime activities.

My Character is trained in crafting, but has no Specialty Crafting. So he'll be needing to hire a Stonemason to repair the Staircase going down to Alseta's Ring.

Here's where my confusion starts.
When the activity says it requires a "Stonemason; organized workers" does that mean I'm paying the 5GP per day for the Stonemason AND 1GP per day for the workers? (Plus the 1GP per day for the materials).

The book says "a force of organized specialists" so I'm not sure if that means the Stonemason plus his workers or something else.

Also, would this mean it frees my downtime to do other things because I got a specialist on the job? Meaning I could go ahead and hire a different Stonemason to work on a different part of the Citadel at the same time (Roleplay might cause conflicts, but that's a separate story).


Any idea why the Fighter is a fighter and not a Champion?

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