Pathfinder—Origins #2: Kyra (Standard Cover—Stjepan Sejic)

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Story by James L. Sutter
Interior Art by Kevin Stokes

To prove herself to the legendary Pathfinder Society, the holy warrior Kyra recounts a tale of heroism from her youth in the distant land of Qadira. When a village of desert ratfolk is massacred, only Kyra and the paladin Seelah are willing to take up their cause and hunt down the bloodsucking monstrosities responsible. From Pathfinder co-creator James L. Sutter (Pathfinder: Goblins, Death's Heretic) and artist Kevin Stokes (Pathfinder: Goblins, Secret Origins) comes an adventure of blood, sand, and redemption. Contains a pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!

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It's probably not terribly important, but this cover appears to be incorrectly priced.

Webstore Gninja Minion

Fixed—thanks, Steve!

Wow never realized how tall Seelah is supposed to be.

Silver Crusade

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sees artist's name


sees which characters he drew


punches Add To Cart button

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Yeah, my only complaint about this is that it isn't the exclusive cover - cause I'm not getting two copies.

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