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As you can probably guess from this profile, my soul would go to the LN plane of Axis. I prefer an organized, detailed campaign. Small rules that most people ignore will be enforced instead. Formatting will be standardized. This increases the workload on GM and players, but I believe that the improvement in communication is worth it.

Frequency: I ask for one in character post per weekday, one per weekend. Even when your character has nothing to say or do, a quick post showing her nodding her head or twirling a dagger prevents uncertainty and delays.

Botting: Character profiles should include botting instructions and dice macros, and it is the players' responsibility to bot each other. Once the next GM update is posted, missing actions are lost.

Post Formatting: Outside of combat, a spoiler is only necessary if rolling more than one check, but during combat, all mechanics should be behind a spoiler, with all actions explicitly listed, including weapon and damage types. And links are a nice bonus. The clearer you make things for me, the more time and energy I have to be creative for you. For example:

Move Movement
Free Draw a weapon
Swift Activate judgment (destruction)
Standard Attack (red)

Longsword: 1d20+11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25 Magic, Slashing: 1d8+5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Map Formatting: Each character's token should be outlined in a different color, and that color used for all of its associated actions (movement arrows, flight altitude, spell templates, summoned creatures, etc.) Instructions for doing those things in Google Slides are under "Tools and Tutorials".

Post Location: Gameplay is for game play. Brief OOC notes are okay, but when one person responds to another, that is a discussion and should be in the Discussion thread. Plus, I check that thread more often, so questions will get answered faster there.


  • Spell Templates for Google Slides
  • Drawing Arrows for Google Slides
  • Cropping Tokens for Google Slides
  • Types of Information for Monster Identification
  • Chronicle Sheets for PbP
  • Character Template for Paizo Profiles
  • PbP Template for GM Prep

    PFS scenarios played and GMed: link