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As of June 10, 2018, I am inactive. I do not even log in to the Paizo website, so PMs will not get read. I do hope to return at some point, and if you need to reach me (i.e. for a missing chronicle sheet), Magabeus and Gummy Bear both have my contact info IRL.


My scenarios played and GMed: link


  • Spell Templates for Google Slides
  • Drawing Arrows for Google Slides
  • Cropping Tokens for Google Slides
  • Types of Information for Monster Identification
  • Chronicle Sheets for PbP
  • Character Template for Paizo Profiles
  • PbP Template for GM Prep

    I ask for one in character post per weekday, one per weekend. Even when your character has nothing to say or do, a little post can make a big difference. It prevents the table from stalling, wondering whether you need more time to post. For example:

    Skug pulls out a dagger and begins cleaning his filthy, fungus-riddled fingernails.


    Yliss waits quietly, curious what his allies will tell him to do.

    Outside of combat, a spoiler is only necessary if rolling more than one check, but during combat, all mechanics should be behind a spoiler, with all actions explicitly listed, including weapon and damage types. And links are a nice bonus. The clearer you make things for me, the more time and energy I have to be creative for you. For example:

    Move Movement
    Free Draw a weapon
    Swift Activate judgment (destruction)
    Standard Attack (red)

    Longsword: 1d20+11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25 Magic, Slashing: 1d8+5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8