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Just found this. Will this new monster be included in an upcoming product? If so will this encounter be mapped into an adventure

Glad the season is over. Love Capaldi but wasnt a fan of Mr pink and maybe the Dr becomes less of a jerk. The master and her plan reminded me of something the joker would do in batman and was disapointing.

Favorite episode was the orient express

Did love the knod to the classics and unlike the Dr the painting brought a smile to my face.

Lets see if its better than Avengers

The reason i use MM is its auto. No chance for 1/2 damage or even a miss. Most creatures dont have immunity to magic damage

For others who have played low level wizards what are your goto spells?

i dont see a full repeal but i do see some major changes (removing the medical device tax) etc.

I dont see any changes to immigration. I think the threats of i have a pen/phone are over. I think the threats werent real to begin with though as he could have done this before

Demococrats are going to have to make major changes to party. Debby Wasserman Schultz is gone/fired by early next year. Message is going to jobs jobs jobs. Harry Reid is truly going to regret the nuclear option. Going to be really interesting to watch Elizabeth Warren and how senate democrats react to her

Repulicans now have to work on a PR campaign to win over more independents and moderate democrats. Having more governors on board will help along with more women republican senators/governors

Gone is the talk of the Redskins logo change and other issues that have no bearing on the day to day lives of regular americans. Gone is the talk that the republican brand is finished and wont win another major election. Gone is the talk that radical republican like Scott Walker can win and stay in power. Gone is once blue it never changes to purple or red (massachusetts, Illinois). Gone for now is is the smugness/overconfidence of Biden/Reid/Pelosi etc.

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I expect Bruce to have a more active role and maybe he starts some training (More of a clark kent in smallville).Hes going to have to leave the mansion at some point.

Going to disagree on Penguin/Victor/Etc. The mob angle right now is what is carrying this show. No doubt the penguin grows and the Riddler is introduced.There are so many cool villians that can be introduced and im hoping Gordon grows into something similiar to the Nolan movies.

what are the options for local coop? any zombies? i like playing the local coop infected with friends on xbox

loved the episode! I'll be curious to see if we see Victor again. Was pleasantly suprised at the amount of violence. Will be curious to see how Gordons department reacts

We are currently 5th level party

2 rangers
barbarian half orc
halfling cleric
2 wizards
1 rogue

last night we fought a flaming skull and the battle was difficult and some previous battles have also been difficult.Campaign is a low level magic campaign and as of now most of us have a +1 weapon

Things that i have noticed that are not overpowered

saving throws- dc is moderate

AC-at 5th level most acs are around 15? even with say mage armor its easier to get hit . hard to get above that as a rogue with high dex?

sneak attack rogue-3d6+ damage is good but not always overpowering

wizard attacks-i find myself using magic missile a lot and often in a higher slot. my wizard is a necromancer and other than flavor it hasnt been a factor in game. Fireball is usefull but you have to be careful of when to use it

halfling cleric-using cure wounds at higher slot. has some other nice spells but at 5th level not super effective against moderate undead

things i found to be more effective

characters with higher speed-they can cover more ground and are slightly more effective in closing with enemies further away (hurts dwarves). Can take dwarves an extra action to close with an enemy

barbarians/rangers and i assume fighters-more hit points and more attacks. maybe its me but i dont feel my wizard would stand a chance against them

As a long time who fan i was not shocked at the villian. Was not a fan of the children forest episode. Felt like one of those episodes they make for charity.

I hope they explain a ton in the season finale. Also after next week when should we expect new who?xmas?

i wonder if we get a cameo of panther in the avengers movie

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based on the trailer it appears thats theres a ultron that gets smashed by "superior ultron"?

Any chance that Black panther gets introduced if the villian is Klaw? I havent heard any rumors of a panther movie but he is tied to the storyline?

based on the old avengers cartoon series at one point hulk goes crazy due to a device being put into his ear. I have a theory on thats why the others could be hunting him?

whos the guy with the beard? love what im seeing so far but confused on on storyline. this follow any comicbook storyline

if the show is to follow the comics how powerful/influence should the penguin get? does he control a large gang . Ive only followed him on the batman cartoons and the old 60's tv show/tim burton movie and in all cases hes got a small gang or penguin subjects

loved the special effects of venom and the development of Bruce.

agreed. last 2 episodes have been better. loved the hand and the train

ive heard rumblings of spiderman crossing over so maybe ? Probably not

best episode yet of the current season!. Must have missed something though as it was full of brilliant minds and yet the mother/daughter did not appear to be scientists.

true on backstory. the rocker and the lower level zombie vamps are scarier than him. Not saying they didnt put effort into him but even the characters dont flinch when they see him

what other game would you compare it to? hows movement and picking up objects. How is stealth? are there difficulty sliders? Thanks

Am i the only one that hates the look of the head vampire. He reminds me of a funny looking vampire muppet elf and is only semi scary when he moves like a wraith . Really hope the special effects budget improves.

They also need some more of the atmosphere/direction/acting that walking dead has.

Best episode of the young season. I think i missed the explanation in the end on why the moon was still there? I was glad she told him off and i did like references to older doctors (yo-yo).

Im an old school DR Who fan and i had high hopes for this doctor. He looks the part, acts the part (at times) but in my opinion these have been weak scripts/stories.

The constant attacks about what Clara is wearing and who her boyfriend is are not why i watch this show. We seem to be spending 2 much time on the lives of companions (outside of the tardis). I also feel this doctors hasnt been as challenged as past doctors but maybe that changes in future episodes.

Where the 2 bad guys robots? I liked the second episode better than the first

Also what up with penguin and the future predictions? Does he have any kind of abilities? Not big into the comics but not remembering him this crazy.

major change from books based on last episode

questionbased on miniatures (such as giant being huge sized?) any other changes that will make it more difficult to use older miniatures

was more detail given about other races such as (duergar) as possible player races?Do drow enemies have more racial bonus spells than players, etc.

Any new creatures introduce that could be new fan favorites? Especially low level encounter

Abington is a little far for you 93-rt3 but check out battleground games.

wow i dont expect Batman to show up at all. I expect to see lesser villins get arrested and eventually Fish to be replaced by penguin or others. Im thinking more Boardwalk Empire than superheroes.

I liked it. Its not an A+ show such as something that would be on cable but i liked it better than the Shield/smallville/Green arrow. Was the pill guy someone?

Some of the dialogue was bad and some of the city shots looked a little fake

Penguin A+

Gordons wife A

Alfred A

Cops B (waiting on Gordon moustache and not 100% sold on actor as Gordon)

Falcone B (Not enough screen time yet but i like the actor)

Fish and gang B (better than i thought )

young Wayne- C- (Didnt like acting or actions)

Story- C (suprised at amount of violence but lots of cheese and confused on almost all bad guys motives. Did like Cameos and potential)

wow really hurts rogues. Thats what i thought. My DM as some would has adventures outdoors in daylight so making a drow low level rogue just went up in smoke.

how does sunlight affect a drow rogues sneak attack or a drow assassins advantage?

Thanks. Would have thought there would have been more undead spells.

Liked episode 4 but i really wanted more from the ending. I cant tell if they forgot about the middle when they created the ending or are saving the middle for down the line.

As of right now the chemistry between some characters seems so forced that i cant figure out why they keep connecting.

Can i assume that each monster has a lair with a map and could be setup for a mini adventure or tied to a larger dungeon/adventure. If so it could be perfect for what i need.

With the necromancer specialization im trying to make my wizard a necromancer. I'm not finding a lot of spells but maybe im missing them

My character is currently 5th level so i just got access to raise dead. What spells would you recomend?

so if you are an assassin and you win initiative you automatically have advantage? and if say level 5 you could attack and dart into shadows?

I volunteered last night to roll up a rogue for a game in 2 weeks but i have some questions.

1) how does advantage/disadvantage work for a rogue? What should my rogue do to best prepare for it.

2) Optimal weapons for a rogue?

3) Is there any real advantage for an assasin under level 10? Im torn between a trickster and an assassin.

4) Speed was a factor last night for my dwarf mage as i basically missed a turn due to enemys being 2 far away for spells. This allowed the rangers and barbarian to get into the action before me. What race are the fastest rogues?

5) Any tricks such as poison/traps for rogues to use?

Did i miss the part where the sheriff knows certain things. It felt like there was a puppetmaster that was never really introduced. The sheriff's look did remind me of the original masters and made me a little nostalgic.

wasnt she a rebel? i wonder if he will be consistent if the newly introduced ex soldier becomes a possible companion

question on last dalek episode? Why did he turn down the request?

Also after watching episode 1 i thought the possible "big Bad" was going to create a team to go after the Dr but now i'm not sure whats going on

First time ive ever felt sorry for a Dalek! I for one love Daleks so i hope we see them once more this season. would love a Davros reunion and a return trip to Skaro.

the dalek shield/damage resist thing is all over the place

sometimes i dont understand the complainging about Moffat. I loved the 50th anniversary episode. Somehow the convinced Tom Baker to come back to Dr Who and to see him in an episode again was beyond expectations!

The show is more popular than ever. Its not water cooler talk like Walking Dead or Game of thrones but im running into more and more people who have dr who merchandise and like the show. the other night there was a show after that interviewed some of cast etc similiar to Talking Dead (same host) and that was great!

Now dont love everything hes done but i understand why hes done it. Theres been less depth to the show as i believe they tried to appeal to casual fans/bandwagon fans. they need quick stories with lots of flash to boost ratings especially a younger audience. It does shock me though that they didnt go young this time

ok my thoughts with players handbook so far

rogues can use magic-called the trickster. If you want a rogue/magic user thats the way to go. Cant comment on difference between bard and rogue but will later this week. As an experienced gamer it was quick and painless to roll up a forest gnome rogue. finesse style weapons allow a dagger weilding rogue to be as accurate as a fighter in combat. Have not used backstab yet

Fighters level 1-you chose your playstyle right there. Want the benefit of 2 weapons then done as early as level one. Want to be a specialized archer (done) want to be a shield maiden (done). You done need multi feats to get what you want.

love the optional feats instead of ability increases.

quality of book is best yet of any (1st-5th)edition.

Was good to get group back to D&D after losing interest fast in 4th edition. We had moved onto Star wars for last 2 years and nobody wanted to invest time/money into pathfinder campaign (wasnt my decision to make).

still waiting to get my hands on players. Based on whats in the players how difficult will it be to play as a necromancer?

Season 2 of the Bridge (second episode). One of the characters is painting what appears to be Fantasy gaming miniatures. Anyone else see this or what company makes them

for those of you who live outside the US and in Europe do you believe most are waiting for action from United States? Are your leaders going to do anything such as speak up at UN? Do you think US sanctions will work? If the US believes in any way that Russia is behind this then why haven't we done things such as closed embassy's in Russia? Is there any outrage of what happened with the plane?

so how long before Steve Rogers become Captain America again and Thor becomes a man again? At one time wasnt Thor also a Shazam type character where a kid got to become thor?

Is this just a 6 month publicity stunt to add more characters to a bloated universe and both Steve/original Thor return before the next movie?

I havent read comics in years but is Peter Parker still spiderman and/or are there still clones with alternate spidermen? Same goes with Hulk. Arenet there a bunch of them now including a red she hulk and a blue hulk plus 2-3 other people with hulk like powers and some hulk kids from other planets? Same with multiple wolverines?

So the thread has gotten a little off topic

For those of you who are against this what are your thoughts on the First Amendment in regards to religion?

If you truly believe IUD is murder then why should you have to pay for it. Cant these same people just go to planned parenthood?

Rush Limbaugh: you want your boss out of your sex life but you want him/her to pay for it?

Its very good. Season 2 dragged at times but got really good at end.

Saw the movie this weekend and i give it a D+

Good things
Some special effects including better transformations
Kelsey Grammer-Decent villian. showing a good range as an actor

Action wasnt as crazy and i could tell who the good guys were

Mark Wahlberg-Like him as an actor and as a fellow Bostonian. Cant pull off the super inventor/engineer role.

the 17 is the new 18 was disturbing

the lack of classic transformers. Hound isnt the Hound from the old tv show and im not sure if the other 2 good guys (not named Bubblebee/Optimus) were transformers from classic cartoon?

the plot-Still confused on so many things

Dinobots-Glad to see them but what were they?


Acting/script-was awful. From the bad guys comebacks to the father/daghter fights to the high wire tension

There are times the show is good and then there are other times i cant stand it. Some decent special effects, good acting/back and forth with the older cast but the plot has some holes in it and it strays alot into the teen angle more than i want it to. its about a c-/c quality show but that just my opinion. I wished they had gone a little darker

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