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Michael Sayre wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
GM Lamplighter wrote:
Rysky wrote:
We really need to take care of that Cheliax problem.
Might be time to think big, the Society is bound to have a doomsday device or two they could loan for this purpose.
If we were a little more or a little less responsible, we'd find a ritual to drop the Blakros Museum directly on top of House Thrune and let a bunch of problems solve each other.

Even as someone who is not against cheliax I am for every solution to PERMANENTLY solve the museum situation.

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Well of the goblins I had at my table 2 were pyromanics that got an infamy warning during the session and one was a "mechanical character" so the race was choosen for purely mechanical reasons and did not come into play.

I still think it was a BIG mistake to make goblins player characters without a lot and well written in world reasons as to why they are no longer kill on sight. It does not help that my first contact with Goblins in Pathfinder was Rise of the Runelords 1 aka "Why we have to kill goblins".

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...then I seriously doubt it represents 1/4 of the community...

Auke, Nils, Benoit, Dave are 4 RVCs that are (mostly) active in europe, exactly 1/4th of the available RVCs and so at least 4 RVCs would have to work exclusively on exceptions for their premium conventions.

Sorry, just saying let's try to stick to verifiable numbers.

The three biggest events in continental europe I have numbers of (I do not have conctact to the French so there might be one convention I am missing) AB-Con, Confusion and Gardencon all have less than 75 tables.

So if for your region 5-6 events meet the criteria how about a rule like "The biggest 5 (or 6) events in an RVCs region + events specifically chosen by the RVC to promote organized play are premium conventions"

This is just a quick and dirty suggestion as I have no access to the numbers of the other RVCs.

Ask me again next year and I may be able to tell you precisely which events ranking high in tables counts.

While this might be interesting this still creates a big problem for the smaller regions as they will never get to these big table counts.

It might be also the case that in europe there is a differenct convention culture. I am helping in organizing the one of the 4 big RPG-conventions in Germany and we have around 1500 Attendants, with quite a lot of them being there for tabletops and not RPGs, so if we get 100 to organized play (which has also competition by the organized play for DSA, which is a quite big RPG in Germany) we are quite lucky.

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If we simply leave it at RVC discretion, there will be a lot of questions as to what parameters they are using to determine which event gets designated and which doesn't. In more than one discussion I was involved in the subject of tier 1 came up as a possible toggle for premier status.

How many of these came form persons out of high density areas (like America)?

As I asked eralier how many (non premium+ (so paizoconUK and UK-Games Expo) 75+ table conventions are there in Europe (which is now the sphere of 4? RVCs)

So you want an whole continent to work on a "exception" basis? Maybe just use a rule that also fits for at least 1/4th of the system.

I gave you the answer-talk to your RVC about it.

I did.

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So to put it in friendlier words:
Please consider that there is currently no 75+ table convention in the whole of continental europe and that means all of continental europe will have only one speed to get ACP as there is also no premium+ convention there.

So if this gets implemented as you suggested you tell all players in continetal europe that there is no difference (regarding ACP) between going to a convention or GMing for your buddies at home.

You can also look at James Hargraves post who is raising similar concerns.

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...and don't be surprised if they don't have an immediate answer as we are still figuring out exactly how the new system will work. Tonya is still traveling quite a bit which makes communication slower.

So why are these things not decided BEFORE a system launches? It is not that PF2s release happened outr of nowehre.

And are these numbers you told us final or are they a work in progress?

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Please don't shoot the messenger*.

Thanks for completely ignoring the raised concerns bob.

If you want to be involved in the community and give back to all the awesome GMs who run for you, by running games for others, great, go to a convention and earn a trunk-load of AcP in a few short days.

How do I do that?

1.) As I wrote earlier there is NO convention that qualifies under this system.
2.) I get more ACP for running 2 tables in the time it takes me to drive to a con and gm 1 table there (if I look for the next premium + convention there is still no relation between effort needed and output in ACP.

Rewards/boons are icing on the cake and shouldn't be the end-all, be-all, of the reason someone attends an event. Some will disagree with me and that's fine.

As someone who has to do conventions (with less than 75 tables) I will have no incentive for my GMs to show up.

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Premier conventions are spotlight events probably at the tier 1 (75+ tables) level. In addition to more vouchers, the value of the AcP goes up per the Guide. As I understand it, these events must be designated by the RVC and approved by Tonya. As the Premier Event Coordinator, I may be involved in that approval process and will be working with Tonya and the event organizer to make sure the event is classified correctly so the participants receive the correct AcP values. AFAIK the Paizo system will have to be manually notified about these events so it can trigger the higher rate of AcP. Generally, 1-2 Paizo staff members will be present at these events.

Premier Plus conventions are significant spotlight events that generally include direct sponsorship from Paizo. Currently, this includes Gen Con, PaizoCon (US), Origins, Pax Unplugged, and UK Games Expo. These events receive an even higher AcP value (see the Guide) as well as perks such as volunteer t-shirts, physical product support, and other bonuses. Numerous Paizo staffs generally attend these events.

Bob please list me the number of events in the last 5 years in continental europe that would quailfy as a premium event. This aproach is b#$!+#$%, as it encoureages something I would be happy to get rid off: Cheesing your tablecount upwards. And there are a lot of ways that can be used to inflate your table count.

So the "benefit" of the system that events get more ACP will not be available on a continent because the limits are stupidly high. Additionally with the boons being retracted to the ACP system there is literally no incentive left for anyone to GM at a normal convention as they get the same number of ACPs (read: boons) as if they would run the game non publicly in their cellar for their friends. So I strongly recommend to not limit premium above anything that was not already a convention becasue if not this will lead to a lot of conventions dying becasue there is no incentive to GM on a convention.

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For the area B5 encounter, what is the savebonus of Tavvar and her aides?

Dark Archive

And where is the guide for organized play?

Or a functioning link to the pregens?

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@BigNorseWolf: There are some scenarios where you do not get a specific item the boss was usiing on the chronicle if they manage for flee (mostly semicharged wands) but you still get full GPs for the encounter. (You might not fulfill part of the secondary sucess conditions if that happens)
But even then this is more of a rare case and beating the boss so he flees will give the same rewards than killing him most of the time (and if not it is specifically written in the scenario -> For Example: If BigBad manages to escape cross the wand of greater Invis (4 charges) and the wand of dimension door (1 charge) from the chronicle)

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Regarding the "Scaling Encounter A" sidebar, does gunnery count as skill check? (As gunnery can also be a BAB+Dex check)

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Pathfinder Society members might recognize her as a slightly less windswept Janira Gavix.

How did she get rid of her shadow corruption?

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Have: Alien Associates
Free Agent x 2
Inside Manufacturer
Hauler Bot
Emergency Resupply x 2
Society Rebuilder
Free Captains
Manifold Host (Minor Faction)
Second Seekers Roheas (Minor Faction)

Want: Uplifted Bear

PM sent

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My advice is talk about the great T-Rex chase (from the season 6 adventure) with the players before unning this scenario: They will immediately know what to do and not even think about challanging this poor helpless little creature. It worked when I played and both times I gmed it.

The only "downside" is that the final fight is completely and utterly underwhelming for the buildup.

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I can see your argument but if I think this argument trough it gets WIERD:
So you can not repair a broken gun as long it has no damage.

So you misfire, then hit your gun with something that can only deal between 1 and HP of the gun -1 damage and then the mending works?

This does seem quite wrong, that a spell can not fix a problem but would be able to fix it once you have added another problem.

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"Slim can you activate my CLW wand?"

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I think I need one page to upload my monster stats agian. (As the old one is no longer visible)

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I will be limited in posting tomorrow as I will be GMing at B-Con.

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Well against loaded dice you can (and I have) let players roll with YOUR dice. I had to do it once during a game and I require it when rolling for the 10% chance at a boon at conventions or RSP tables and the numbers got FAR closer to 10% than before that change.

With the deck there NEEDS to be a way to check for cheating (full list of all cards and effects) as operating on a honor system requires a way to check if something is correct. (Audits exist for a reason)

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I had the mess up quite a lot in ACG. It was not intended but as we have 2 base games at one of our locations I was shocked when I tried to take one to a convention and it took me around 4 hours to make sure both base games (Skull and shackles/Mummys mask) were seperated again.

So I know involuntary mishaps can happen and I know for a fact at least 2 players who I would fully expect to have only a 40 card crit deck (with the "bad" ones missing) or to by 2 decks and double up on the "best" cards. So trust is good but we NEED a way to control it.

But I am very against the idea of including the critical deck into organized play as it will cause balancing concerns and will be most likely a logistical nightmare to use, especially if the full rules are not available to everyone.

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"I am fine at the moment, but thanks for the offer. If you find something I can most likely identify it without any problems."

Elric can take ten for a 41 spellcraft to identify magic items.

Dark Archive

"Well do we finally get some action?" Elric says while looking from where the sound of the Explosion came.

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It might be the local metagame but all our powergames seem to have no problems in spaceship combat:

It helps tremendously that our local meta depends largely on unsing Longarms on everyone but the operative so everyone can at least be a decent gunner as they will have maxxed or near maxxed DEX. It also "helps" that the class most players view as the "strongest", the operative, has to actively try to be bad in spaceshipcombat as most operatives will have DEX maxxed and most of them will also have ranks in engeneering and computers.

But after a game with newer players yesterday I completely agree that a "starhip" part of a character and/or pregensheet would help a lot with explaining what to roll and especially where to find it.

Thursty, have you though about changing scenario design so that starship combat might be the best option but not the only option for the players. (Starship encounters seem to take less then a page of space so scenario word count wouldn't be a big issue).

Please do NOT do this, this will not only mess up the slot time most of the time but it will also lead to toxic discussions between the players who like Starship combat (and might have invested quite a bit into it) and those who hate it.

Additionally as a GM those "choose 1 of 2 encounters tend to be double the work for next to no benefit.

Dark Archive 5/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Germany—Rhein Main South aka schattenstern

I have to say the starshipcombat difficulty is ... wierd. There are some encounters, especially yeasteryears truth, which gave the system a VERY VERY bad reputation (we called it after around 3 hours and 11 killed drones).

Most spaceship combats work out rater well in the region but we are VERY clear to all level 1 characters: What does your character do in spaceship combat and what does he do if that role is already taken (and captain is not a role (see below)).

It helps that we have a very DEX based meta so everyone can at least be the secondary/tertiary gunner and with a LOT of 4-Player tables the usual setup is: Pilot (neccessary), 1st Gunner (neccessary), Second Gunner (Better than all alternatives) and the engeneer doubling as science officer for the first turns till the scans are done.

One problem is the ammount of stuff you can do in spaceship combat:
The pilot has to make meaningfull decissions every turn and has the most important roll in the combat (initiative)
The gunner can shoot (and roll crits)
The engeneer will almost always want to repait the shields or patch up crits in relevant systems.

The 2 problem children are the science officer and the captain (especially before level 6):
The science officer can scan (very important but doen after 3-4 rounds) and redistribute shields (helpfull but not always needed)
The captain has the least ammount of decission as he has 1 taunt per combat and after that he is just another mk2 mononode computer that can sometimes fail to work. I have seen a FEW captains go completely afk as they had nothing to do.

The best spaceship encounters were the encounters where either the setup was great (cries form the drift) or you fight against multiple ships and do not get into a routine as fast (Dead Suns 5)
The big problem is that some classes are just BAD in spaceshipcombat (solarian/meele soldier/Mystic/STR Vangaurd) and even with investment they will be at most passable. Trough SFSs nature another problem is that even if you can do one role great that role might be taken by another player so everyone with not much DEX or INT will be hosed sometimes (As with DEX you can be pilot and gunner (and yes I see the piloting skilltax as real) and INT can do the other 2 jobs reasonably well.
And the Boon for WIS/mysticism to gunnery is NOT distributed widely enough to matter in that calculation (Maybe if it were a buyable factionless boon in the guide (that can be bought at level 1))

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For me the archetype has the very big problem of being dippable: For a 1 level dip you get:
->Dancers Grace for +1 AC if you are unarmored (possibly the least important for a dip)
-> Graceful Warrior (Weapon finesse as a Bonus feat and access to 3 new weapons to use it with, two of which have reach, one of them is by far the best x4 crit weapon to finesse and the katana is a straight upgrade to the rapier which is one of the premiere finesse options.) This alone makes this archetype highly problematic as it opens up options for Dex-based martials that are not that welcome in the campaign (see the bladed brush discussions).
->Skirmishers Challenge (Like challenge but a strict downgrade as it is worse if you fullattack, which is not that big of a deal in a dip but if you fully commit to the class it is a fair downside.)
->Order: The benefit of this is variable depending on the order and not limited to the archetype.
->Martial Weapon Proficiency + some exotic weapons, which are also boosted by the archetype.
-> 1 Flourish: This is the big elephant in the room:
Exodus of Jinin: No problem here, comparable abilities are easily available.
Harmony of the Tranquil Garden: Blindsense is not an ablility that should be freely available to 1st level characters.
Kitsune’s Mystique: This gives a useful feat and also boosts it with additional utility. This also messes a lot with action economy and can be used to (for example) set up sneak attack in places where it previously was not possible.
Petals on the Wind: NO, just NO. This has quite a bit of abuse potential if you have Combat reflexes, which is not that weird considering the kind of build this archetype encourages. This not only does you allow to take multiple non provoking “5ft-steps” out of your turn, this also can be used to ignore the penalty of reach weapons to have a “blind spot” area. (On a class that is highly encouraged to abuse reach weapons). If this would be made legal I would retrain at least one of my AoO based characters just to be able to use this ability. (It is a bloodrager who most of the time has around 15-25ft reach, which would make him massively mobile if this would be added.)
Additionally the interaction of this ability and difficult terrain/flying as well as the prevention of the triggering action itself (especially charges in areas with corners) is highly unclear.
Wrath of the Heavens: A level 4 feat with 3 prerequisites (2 of which are a feat tax) available at level 1 is wrong. If you are an archer and want this feat most of the time dipping the warrior poet is easier than taking the feats to qualify.

So the Archetype might be fine if taken single classed (But I still think Petals on the wind should be banned and Graceful Warrior should not unlock the additional weapons for finessability) it is too problematic if it is dipped, as the level 1 flourishes have some options that are too strong for some other classes to use.

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I've seen PFS Legal archetypes get completely broken.

This does not mean that new problematic stuff should be added in. I personally see a big problem for the archetype in petal on the winds and its possible rammifications especially with creative use of "foe". But I do not know why it was banned but I can see this, or the fact that this archetype is one of the best dips for certain builds, as a reason for it.

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@Dr Cupi:
Do you mean the example characters?
What should they build if they want to be full casters? Maximum casting stat+3 relevant casting feats? What else CAN they take to be better casters?

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Ok, to start off with: Yes I was wrong, the formula I used for weapon damage had a * instead of a + so there were some mistakes. Thanks Ade, AtlasSniperman and Blake´s Tiger for pointing that out.

But I will post the math here again (while not being sleepy) and include the way I got there so if there are any more mistakes we can pinpoint them.

Warning LOTS of Mathy Stuff:


DPR Shooting:
21*12/20+42*1/20=14.7 (Hitting on a 8 will mean, that you have 12/20 chance to deal your average 21 damage and a 1/20 chance to deal 42)

DPR Fullattack:
(21*8/20+42*1/20)*2=21 (Same formula as above but you hit 4 worse but have 2 Shots)

DPR Mind Thrust 4:

DC: 21 (10 (Base)+6 (Wisdom) + 1 Spellfocus + 4 (Spellevel)
Will +9 (Enemy Combatant), makes its save on a 12.
55*11/20+55/2*9/20=42.625 (55 Damage if you do full damage, half that if the enemy makes the save.

DPR Mind Thrust 3:

DC: 20 (10 (Base)+6 (Wisdom) + 1 Spellfocus + 3 (Spellevel)
Will +9 (Enemy Combatant), makes its save on a 11.
38.5*10/20+38.5/2*10/20=28.875 (38.5 Damage if you do full damage, half that if the enemy makes the save.

DPR Mind Thrust 2:

DC: 19 (10 (Base)+6 (Wisdom) + 1 Spellfocus + 2 (Spellevel)
Will +9 (Enemy Combatant), makes its save on a 10.
22*9/20+22/2*11/20=15.95 (22 Damage if you do full damage, half that if the enemy makes the save.

Corrected Numbers:

Single Shot: 14.7 Damage
Fulltattack: 21 Damage
Mind Thrust 4: 42.625 Damage
Mind Thrust 3: 28.875 Damage
Mind Thrust 2: 15.95 Damage
This leads to a slight shift in the results as a Mind Thrust 4 and a Mind Thrust 3 now deals more damage than a Fullattack. This means (if you spend ALL your spells on mind thrust) you have 7 turns of combat in which you can do more damage than if you would shoot. This is still too few turns per day AND you sacrifice any utility you would gain from spells if you do this.
Also these numbers are comparing a longarm with less than the most damage with the only viable damage spell (excluding Magic Missile). If this was a comparison to the technomancer instead of the mystic it would seem FAR worse as the technomancer is severly lacking in single target spells.

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The point is that in our area the only ones using small arms are operatives, everyone else is getting longarm acess as smallarms do no damage.

At level 10 you will most likely have a 2d10 (average 21 damage)Energy weapon. This deals as much damage per shot (fullattacks are a good option if you get even 1 debuff on the enemy)
Additionally the enemy saves seem to scale better than the AC so you will get your mind thrust damage halved more often than not.
For example a CR 10 Combatant (which is not the boss but part of an encoutner most of the time):

Both characters are assumed to have 20 or 22 in the main attribute (Dex/Wis -> a lot of players seem to favor Dex over their casting stat on their second caster), the "shooter" has Longarm Proficiency, versatile specialisation and weapon focus (longarm).

The caster has Spell focus and (for the ease of math) Spell penetration and Greater spell Penetration which lets him (for this example) ignore Spell resistance. The weapon I used is the LFD sonic rifle, a weapon which will rarely be resisted but there will be stronger options if you just want the damage.
You hit him on a (EAC 23) with a 7 (BAB)+ 2(weapon Focus) + 5/6 (Dex) so a 8 or 9, in most parties on a 6 or 7 as the enemy will be flatfooted by the operative or envoy. This will lead to a DPR (against not flatfooted) of 24.255 if you single attack or 30.87 for a fulltattack. (You will get problems with one type of energy resistance)

Compared to that the Mind Thrust will have a DC of: 10 (Base) + 5/6 (Wisdom) + 1 Spellfocus + 2/3/4 (Spellevel). This leads to a maximum DC of 21/20/19. This leads to an average damage of Mt4 (38.5 Slightly higher than a fulltattack), Mt3 (25.98 LESS than a fulltack), Mt2 (14.3 Less than even a single attack.) And you will be completely useless against anything immune to mind affecting damage.
And this is the best case for your mystic as the combatant is the enemy array with the lowest will save. So the spells are mostly used to finish of enemies that just need to be hit (As the have (barring immunities) no way to deal no damage.)
But as you see even the second highest level spell is worse than just attacking with a weapon.

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I played with and Gmed for "casters" in Starfinder and SFS up to level 9 and excluding level 1 they felt very... disapointing. In nearly every siutuation they were better while using their guns (mostly longarms as time progressed) and spells were only used rarely.

A big problem is that only your highest (maybe second highest) level of spell is relevant damagewise.

Dark Archive 5/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Germany—Rhein Main South aka schattenstern

My hope would be a REAL caster (That can be played just with casting and not needing weapons.)

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While I like the prize table approach I think ifd you sacrifice permanent (race) boons you should get a permanent benefit in PF2.

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Also I think Starfinder has it VERY well compared to Pathfinder where the AR took 9 Months in the last batch (looking at potions and poisions)

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I am happy that the only case I have seen this were 2 times a wildshaped PC offered to serve as a mount (out of combat) and no player in the group was interested in abusing mounted combat rules so it did not devolve into this. (The biggest reason for this is that most players do not know the rules for mounted combat and noone will want to learn them on the fly)

If you think this far enough this can lead to some insane builds but there is little in the rules to prevent it (for bipedal mounts) and none for wildshaped/polymorphed PCs.(Which can be as bad or even worse than bipedals)

I would prefer if a solution like Bobs suggestion (PCs can not be mounts) would be added to the FAQ but at the moment there is not that much support for a ban.

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The bigger problem is WBL:

I know a LOT of players who would gladly play additonal scenarios per level to gain more gold.

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Bob at least here in Europe some conventions you would call "small" are also the only cons in the nation where specials CAN be offered. So even "small" events lead to long distance travel if you look outside of the US. For our big convention we have regulary players from multiple countries as this is one of the very few events that can offer specials in continental Europe.

And the Gencon boons are causing a bad divide between the communities because if you happen to live on one of the other 6 continents your chance of getting one without going to spend a 4-Digit ammount is miniscule.

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While I am a big fan of everything that requires me to fill out less, purely online chronicles have one BIG downside:

A lot of conventions have shaky or no internet connection so they are worthless as a only solution as players will not be able to access the chronicle immediately. (And a lot of players will play more than one scenario per convention.)

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What boons are you referring to? Other than the GM and charity boons, there aren’t any Gen Con exclusive boons. All the rest are used during the season for support fulfillment.

The GM boon isn’t exactly exclusive either. Generally the race unlocks are released later through the season like the other boons above.

My problem are the race boons.

I have GMed at a convention every quarter for the last 3 Years, so I should have seen all race boons that are out in free circulation. So where are race boons like changeling, catfolk, rougarou (and these are the only ones I KNOW that were given out at Gencon and not at a charity auction) etc? Not to alka about the goblin fiasko that I think even paizo realized it went WRONG.

Additionally the Glutton for Punishment and the full rebuild would be VERY helpfull boons to motivate GMs that have enough race boons. And for Starfinder (where races are worhtless as boons) the manifold host was not made available in continental europe yet to my knowlegde.

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Regarding the boons, could we please adress the other elephant in the room?

Can we please get rid of boons that are completely unobtainable for 95% of the playerbase. With this I sepcifically mean the GenCon exclusive boons as these are boons that will almost never make it to the players outside of America.

For slotted boons:

While I somewhat like Starfinders approach it got diluted extremely fast as over 50% of all boons are slotless or "This might be relevant sometimes -> and the relevance was sometimes so low that we would have been better of slotting another boon but as we did not know the consequences we were not able to make an informed decission.

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Interesting, maybe I get to play siege finally.

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I had one character die in it and I think this hazard should NEVER be used ever again. As it also creates a LOOOOOOONG die rolling where everyone gets disinterested in it very fast.

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I think this is a good idea, especially as with the current system the items are all over the place and sometimes do not fit the flavour at all. A good example for that is the demon mask for intimidate, i found it very wierd that a paladin who wnats to be good at intimidating (which is encouraged by the need for CHA for some abilities and the spell points) needs to wear a demon mask to be viable.

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I also need to report doomsday dawn.

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How much weaker would a monster need to be to not be trivial at all?

I think their to hit should be lowered significantly, they should not be able to crit 25% of the time. (which happened against the animal companion when I played)

I think a to hit of +2 or +3 should be fine for the "normal" monsters and maybe a +6 for the boss (currently it is +6 and +10)

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I just finished GMing Doomsady Dawn part 1 (The lost Star). The party opted to play an “iconic” party so I had a wizard, a cleric, a fighter and a rogue. The scenario went relatively smoothly as we did not need to spend as much time looking through the rules as with the first Starfinder tables we had.

The encounters were all hard for the players; there were only 2 encounters (the fungus and the centipedes) where no player went to 0 HP. I had no kills but there were too many close calls and without the cleric the party would have definitely TPKed. (And I thought the “when do they die”- part would be later.) While the design philosophy of more “weaker” enemies seems fine it does require 2 things to work that were not given in this scenario:

1.) The weaker enemies have to be weaker. I hit my players far too often even with the mooks.
2.) The area needs to be so that the enemies can attack multiple party members. The worst offender was the A7 encounter where the enemies all could only attack 1 PC at a time and with the far too high to hit they had the bodies piled up. (At the end all but the cleric went unconscious in that encounter and if I would have played nastier there would have been kills here. For example the goblins had seen that there would be healing involved and they could have made sure to kill some PCs if they aimed their third strike each turn at someone unconscious)

The players were surprised how fast they could create their characters, but as they told me the biggest reason for that was that they felt there were too few options. Another big complaint I heard from all players was that the characters did not feel “competent” the difference between characters was really low and especially the fighter told me that if all he could do is hit stuff but everyone else can hit stuff nearly as good as he can but can also do other things why should he play a fighter.
The Cleric was also massively disappointed how the class evolved from a supporter who could also heal the party out of combat (for money -> CLW-wand) to a pure “healing-b$@$!”. There are too few spell slots at 1st level so she told me that she felt like she was playing a 6th-level caster in PFS but without the upsides. The support spells seemed all nerfed to oblivion, for example Bless is at the same power level than a CANTRIP. And with everyone getting hit the only viable decision seemed to be taking every heal spell she could.

The Wizard had similar complaints as he said there were too few spell slots to really matter. And with enemies having this high boni on their saves the critical failure does not seem to be something that would happen realistically. But he told me that the general idea of variable degrees of success made spells very interesting and a promising upgrade to PF1.

In general the feedback was relatively negative, as the players found the combat too random and felt it was stacked against them. They would not hit very reliably and the enemies all had a better to hit which coupled with their numbers increased their feeling of “The enemy can do everything better than I can”. Another BIG complaint was the healing economy: The cleric felt forced to take all heals she could get and the rest of the party could only rely on her as there are not enough other ways of healing. After the sold some loot and got potions they got massively disappointed as these were far too expensive for 1st level players and they could not even heal full once with their resonance pools. So the party took a 1 day rest where the only thing they did was empty the cleric to get back to full HP and get back to rest. So if the intent is to have resonance to gate the adventure day of healing then the lest that should be done would be an way to fully restore HP for free (WITHOUT ANY CHECKS) once they rested for a day as without it some characters would have needed 2 weeks of rest to be back to full HP. The only system that was praised by everyone was the action economy as the “you have 3 actions”-paradigm felt very intuitive and seemed to solve some problems pathfinder 1 had.

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We had:
-Animal companion focussed druid (halfling)
-Archer Fighter (Elf)
-"Battle" Cleric (dwarf)
-Rogue (goblin)

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After thinking about it for a night (and reading the Module to GM it) I can see a glaring problem:

The enemy to hit is too high.

It seems like they used the same formula for starfinder (enemies hit very good) but they forgot to also lower their defenses to compensate it. The biggest offender was the goblin commando encounter, the enemies are having a BETTER to hit than any character could possibly achieve but their defense is also comparable. So it realy feels like the odds are stacked against the PCs.

The best AC we had was a 18 (from the fighter) and he was hit on AT LEAST a 12 from every enemy in the whole dungeon, the animal companion with its 12 AC had it worse as everything could CRIT it at least on a 16, some enemies even on a 12 (one enemy in its best turn even on a 10). Maybe a solution would be to drop the enemy to hit down a bit as with the current numbers there is never a reason NOT to triple attack if you have the chance to it.

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I just finished playing Doomsday Dawn 1 (The Lost Star) and as the Survey is not online (yet) available, here is my feedback.

Party Composition:

Goblin Rogue (meele) (me)
Druid (Animal Companion)
Cleric (meele focused Cleric)
Fighter (Archer)

We finished the adventure in around 6 hours (real time) and 2 days (ingame time). The combats all felt very random and disappointing, there was no real difference in the to hit between the characters so it only mattered if we rolled good. (The druid and cleric had a +4, the rogue had a +5 and the fighter a +6) The actions of all characters were also the same as most rounds were Stride/Strike/Strike or Strike/Strike/Strike, with only the druid deviating as he used mostly Stride/Strike/Command or Cast or heal Animal/Command. So all classes played the same and there was no noticeable difference. This carried over to the skills where there was no notable difference between the characters, as all had skillboni between -2 and +5 (and the skills the characters rolled were in between +3 and +5)

All the casters complained about that they had far too few spells, especially as taking a healing option felt forced as there is not a real option to buy healing at this level. Even with 2 characters capable of healing someone went down in every encounter (except in A3 and A10)[in total we had at least 10 cases of players down]. The characters felt extremely fragile as nearly all enemies hit us on a 10 or 11, with a lot of them hitting even better. The worst experience had the druid whose animal companion had a 25% chance to be critted by the initial encounter and be instantly downed by it (which happened).

This was not helped with the fact that nearly every encounter was a bottleneck encounter as there was next to no room to maneuver.

The consensus was that the experience was far worse than the low level experinece in Pathfinder 1 (and this comes from a player who does not really like low level Pathfinder 1)

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The best solution would be to finish it online. There are no pregens and the possiblilty of another player being able to join is next to 0.

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