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With the decision to not create Pregens of higher level in PF2, has anyone noticed a drop-off in the number of players that are able to be seated at a 9-12 scenario(If such exist)?

There's been a similar concern over in SFS, with several tables of higher level scenarios not filling/folding due to a lack of pregens/players able to play them.

Are there any plans to remedy this in the future, looking ahead? Or is the plan to turn L9-12 into 'Seeker' Tier scenarios?

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If so that would be quite sad, as both systems had the intent to make high level "playable".

Note: I think PF1 had a very fun highlevel gameplay.

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If so that would be quite say, as both systems were created with the intent to "make high level playable"

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PFS2: The current plan is no Pregens above 5th Level, which would mean that the Tier 7-10 Scenario being released this year can't have Pregens in it.

SFS: The current plan is no Pregens above 8th Level, which means that the currently available Tier 9-12 / 11-14 Scenarios can't have Pregens in them.

It was explained in either one of the recent Blogs, or in the comments on one of the recent Blogs.

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I don't really mind this. The recent high-tier SFS scenarios were pretty spicy. I felt like you really had to have spent quite some time going through the extended list of equipment and augmentations to get your stats up to the level where you could cope with especially the save DCs against incapacitating effects. In one scenario several of the characters spent most combat rounds being Confused.

So while maybe the original design intent was that higher level play would be more easily playable; but we're now a few years of power creep/adventure arms race deeper into it and I don't think pregens would fare well.

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That's not conducive to encouraging folks to stay with Organized Play, though.

"Sure, you can play anything you want... Up until level *insert point pregens no longer available or recommended*, that is. Then it gets dicey, and not in a good way. Oh, and if you're new and looking for something to play, THESE tables over here aren't available to you under any circumstances. Might we interest you in our ACG/PF1/other offerings instead?"

I'll be honest, if I showed up to a convention (meatspace with all the hassles that would entail right now) and was told my higher-tier scenario wouldn't 'fire' because, well, we only had two people sign up for it and it's impossible to play with two there'd be some frustration and irritation (to put it mildly).

Alternatively, showing up (having managed to navigate the maze of time off work) and the only thing that has 'space available' is a 9-12 would also be very off-putting if I didn't have characters in that range.

I'm not saying there shouldn't be such options, and I'm not advocating for L11 pregens (The amount of work learning how that character would run would probably be as much as working a character up from scratch).

Just doing the dreaded 'big picture' of "Oh, hey, we had 'x' number of tables for people to play at -- that nobody could play at'.

Is it borrowing trouble? Maybe? But if I'm thinking about it as I'm getting characters in SFS to L7 (finally!) and PF2 to L6 what about people who think longer-term than I do?

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Didn’t the revised rule also allow for a 3 player table with no pregen at the levels that pregens aren’t available? It’s hard mode, but a table could still make.

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As much as I love inclusivity for newcomers, the 9-12 table is NOT the place to learn Starfinder. I have spent close to six months getting a number of people at Dreamers leveled, and am going to start running the 9-12 content.

But wow... the 7-10 content has been super challenging at times. When I think of the fights in Future's Fall, I would not want a newcomer experiencing that as their first SFS experience -- even though it was my most rewarding and exciting table of my SFS career to date.

Even being super savvy, Charli Poshkettle nearly met Pharasma in that scenario in the first fight.

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