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I have been messaged by our local store to DM at a Tabletop event called "Spielwiesn". After asking them they said they would like if my game would not go longer than 1.5-2 hours and be suitable for all ages, meaning not too gory.
OF COURSE I want to spread the magic of the Society, so I was wondering what I should play that fulfills these requirements.
I was thinking "House of Harmonious Wisdom", play the beginning and then one of the middle parts, when they leave say "if you wanna play more, E-Mails me at X, that way we can stay in contact and finish the story with other people interested", but I feel like that would result in many people leaving my table with a feeling of not having fulfilled their mission... I was looking further and found "The Silverhex Chronicles". From what I read, this is a "series of six Quests", but it sounds like they all need to be played for credit as well? I was unsure about that.
Finally I found "Ambush in Absalom", which is a single quest of 1 hour (if it takes less than the given time, that's fine, just more than 2 hours isn't fine). Ambush in Absalom seemed like it would be perfect, but om Paizo.com I always have one event open on my Organized Play area to check on things and was not able to find this Quest when "reporting" the event. Is Ambush in Absalom not reportable?

Anything, from answers to my questions to recommendations, is welcome,
thanks a bunch!

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Ok, my Society friend who is a way longer DM than me at least was able to tell me that Ambush in Absalom IS in fact society legal (additional Ressource page, easy as that, sometimes the easiest option is the right), but I am still open for more recommendations on what to run and how to run it, never been on a con before and never ran is such a public place

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I would suggest a Quest which parts can be run in that time frame.

For Pathfinder 1st Edition that would include:

Pathfinder Society Quest – Ambush in Absalom Tier 1-5
Pathfinder Society Quest – The Urge to Evolve Tier 3-7
Pathfinder Society Quest – The Silverhex Chronicles Tier 1
Pathfinder Society Quest – Fane of Fangs Tier 4-6
Pathfinder Society Quest – Phantom Phenomena Tier 1
Pathfinder Society Quest – Honor’s Echo Tier 1

For Starfinder that would Include:

Starfinder Society Quest – Into the Unknown Tier 1
Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario 1-16 – Dreaming of the Future Tier 1-4
Starfinder Society Scenario 2-03 – The Withering World Tier 1-4

For Pathfinder 2nd Edition that would include:

Pathfinder Society Quest 1 – The Sandstone Secret Tier 1-4
Pathfinder Society Quest 2 – Unforgiving Fire Tier 1-4

The biggest difference between them is that Pathfinder 1st/Stafinder you can only run part of the entire thing and only get the credit for what you ran (each includes 4-5 quests). For 2nd Edition you can run the entire Quest in that time frame and get full credit Quest credit (It is just 1 quest).

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What system are you looking for (PF1/PF2/SF)?

Additionally did you ask your local VO about supporting the event? The title of the event sounds very German(ish). (Especially bavarian)

Also what kind of event is it exactly?

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Thanks Steven for the recommendations, those definitely help

Alexander, I'm currently only comfortable with running PF1 (although I'm trying to get into the rest) so I'm currently only looking for that. And if everything goes well then I'm actually the new Venture-Agent of the Greater Munich area :D So that would be no problem then

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Oh and it's a tabletop (Brettspiel) Fair, calling themselves "The largest South German games fair"


Ambush in Absalom is a very short scenario, basically just a couple of encounters. As far as I've been able to determine, because it's so short, you don't get any XP or Prestige for completing it, just a thematic boon. (Leadership: If that's not the case, I'd love to know!) But it may be your best choice for such a short time slot when you haven't GMed at a con before.

The quest format Society adventures have 5-6 short quests that can be done in any order, though typically one is designed to be played last as the capstone. Each part should take an hour at most to play. Doing all the quests in one go can often run a bit longer than a normal 4-hour PFS scenario, unless the GM and players are all being pretty efficient with their time. However, if you don't finish them all, you just mark which ones were completed. As long as the player doesn't apply credit for another scenario to the same character first, they can go back and complete the parts they didn't get to. The Chronicle sheet has a chart showing how many XP, Prestige, gold, and boons you earn, based on how many quests were completed. (If I recall correctly, you get 1 XP for completing at least 1 quest, 1 PP for half of them or 2 for all, and equal fractions of gold per quest.)

In my experience, these quests work best if you either have plenty of time to run the whole thing, or have a second session planned to complete the parts you didn't get to the first time. I've seen a number of players who got partial credit because they had to leave early or some similar reason, but I've yet to see someone who put a character on hold until they completed the rest of the quest unless it was scheduled for multiple sessions in the first place.

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