Keeping NPC's straight?

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Out of curiosity... does anyone have a good sheet or interesting method on keeping track of various notes on details like this?

Typically I'm 'ok' at remembering when/where I met an npc if he shows up again... but I'm starting Kingmaker right now, and as a player... there seems to be a LOT of them coming out of the woodwork O.o

Any have a handy dandy fancy sheet they worked up that keeps things organized? or do people just use lined paper... and call it good enough?

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As a gm I like to use campaign wiki's like obsidian portal to catalog all these kinds of characters for myself and so that players can look them up later.

As a player you may want to check out the character folio as they have a lot of space to jot down the various major npc's your character associates with. Another good option is the Dyslexic character sheets which have a nice chunk of space for things like that. Those can be found here.

Finally you could use a note program like evernote if your gm allows you to use your cpu's during play. I use to for brainstorming and jotting down all my notes for game including dungeon and character building so I assume it would work well for you as well. Upside as well is that you can have them synchronize with their terminals allowing you to instantly back up all your stuff off site and access them from any cpu with internet access.

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