CMB vs Large opponents.


I seem to remember a rule about not being able to do grappling and Tripping creatures that are more than one size larger than you....

Is there any feats that work around that? Anything out there that lets your Halfling Luchador wrestler run though Giantslayer?

Because... honestly that thought makes me REALLY happy... (and I'm on my third character already and lowering my 'seriousness' for the fourth ;)

Actually I'm leaning toward dwarf right now who is still medium... but I have no idea how big these giants get :P

Grappling has no limitation. Tripping does. I dont know of any feats that get around it. I will tell you that around level 11 monsters get a lot more difficult to perform CMB maneuvers against.

Scarab Sages

Harder They Fall a teamwork feat from the Giant Hunter's Handbook.

"Prerequisites: Str 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Power Attack.

Benefit: When you use aid another to grant an ally who also has this feat a +2 bonus on the attack roll for a bull rush or trip combat maneuver, the ally can attempt that maneuver even against foes two or more size categories larger than herself."

There is also the Titan Fighter fighter archetype.

"Unstoppable Momentum (Ex)

At 5th level, a titan fighter gains a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks and to CMD while wielding a weapon sized for a creature of a larger size category.

At 9th level and every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1. When wielding over-sized weapons, the titan fighter can attempt to bull rush, drag, overrun, reposition, and trip creatures up to two sizes categories larger than himself.

This ability replaces weapon training."

Another example, this one from the Armor master's handbook.

Imposing Bearing (Armor Mastery)
Your armor allows you to push your opponents around.

Prerequisites: Poised Bearing, base attack bonus +11 or
fighter level 8th, armor training class feature, proficiency
with heavy armor.

Benefit: You treat your size as two categories larger for the purposes of determining the size of creatures against which you can attempt bull rush, drag, overrun, and trip combat maneuvers.

Grand Lodge

Ki Throw has the potential to let a monk trip any size creature.

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