Cower? Stunned? How do I make this happen!?


Just picked up Dastardly finish, which looks REALLY cool on paper... But Stunning fist Only lasts till before your next round... and Stunning critical doesn't happen until BAB =17... Soooo since I'm a level 13 rogue... That's still not ever going to happen...

How can I make this work? Are there any fun things that 'stun' people? I've seen MONSTERS do it a few times... but not PCs.

Also, what is 'Cowering'. I see frightened/panicked/shaken... but I've never seen 'Cowering' in any status description...

How do I make this feat work?


is this just a useless feat? :(

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Cowering is a condition which makes the sufferer frozen in terror, losing their dexterity bonus, taking a -2 penalty to AC, and being totally unable to take action. Generally, it occurs when a Panicked creature is prevented from fleeing.

It's far from useless, but as far as I can see, it's difficult for a rogue to set up those conditions on his own. You'll need to enlist the aid of your party casters, or a monk flanking buddy to set up Dastardly Finish kills. Which is fairly in keeping with the flavor of the feat.

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