Multiclass spell question??

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First time multiclassing spellcasters here...

I'm going Haunted Oracle and Diviner. Playing him as a fortune teller type. Now, Haunted lets me add Mage hand and Ghost sound to my spell lists... Am I correct in assuming that this is the 'oracle' list only?

And along those lines, as a specialist, I get hit with two opposed schools. I was thinking Illusion and Necromancy... Does having opposed schools on the OTHER spell lists get affected in any way? Or is that just for the wizard slots?

Opposed schools only applies to wizard slots, and things that are added to "your" spell list from a given class are added only to that class's spell list.

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Seebs is correct. As a first-time multiclasser, wanted to be sure you were aware that caster levels from different classes do not stack.

So if you are an Oracle 3/Wizard 4 you will be able to cast only first level oracle spells at CL 3. You will be able to cast second level wizard spells at CL 4.

Thanks for that.

Kind of what I thought, but wanted to verify. It's just kind of strange to see wizard spells added to my oracle list with that Haunted curse... and then have the same spells being disallowed on my wizard list.

They're not disallowed, just take up extra slots. And yeah, it is sort of weird. But you could have evocation as an opposition school, then not be able to use light spells easily even though another class gets them.

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