Dwarven Bear rider


Is it possible? I had a character like this in 2E once, and I have a couple of really awesome bear-riding dwarf miniatures... but I can't figure out how to do it in Pathfinder.

Cavalier, Ranger, Druid... it seems that bears just aren't viable for riding which I consider very sad :(

Is there a route I'm missing that can make it work?

Cavalier, since they have the beast rider archetype.

Beast rider has an option to make medium animal companions large for riding purposes. Ergo, perfect for riding, nad a better bear overall.

Also, cavaliers focus on mounted, which lets you focus on you and still do great. Less need to focus on the bear.

There is a feat: Undersized Rider which allows a rider to use a mount of their size, Medium for a Dwarf. This way a 4th level Druid could ride a bear.

Liberty's Edge

Paizo still has yet to create a large bear animal companion. Because of this you have to jump through some hoops into order to ride a bear as a mount.

Option #1: Undersized Mount

Option #2: Beast Rider Cavalier archetype.

Option #3: Be a small race. =(

None of those are particularly good but if you've got a theme stick to your guns!

beastmaster ranger can take any companion , with undersized mount it's possible at level 4.

bear's are great, good STR, decent defence.
ranger allow the favorite enemy to be active on the mount - very nice.
also - order of the sword cavalier , with str to damage are great.

I thought that said Dwarven Beer Rider, and was imagining a dwarf riding an animated keg.

Lol, I thought it said dwarven Bare rider. That's enough to grant an aura of cause fear in all enemies, I think.

Another thing you could do, if your GM's amenable and you're not playing in PFS, is to reskin another existing type of animal companion as a larger species of bear. Just based on the stats a spinosaurus should fit pretty well.

Either that or just request that the GM bumb up the bear's size by one and increase the str and con a bit and reduce the dex a bit.

So I'm imagining Bear Cavalry.

5 levels in Musket Master Gunslinger
X levels in Beast Rider Luring Cavalier with Order of the Land

Hunter taking Undersize Mount feat. Take four levels of fighter there is a feat that allows your animal companion to still go up in abilities up to four levels. Four levels of fighters gives you armor training one and three bonus combat feats. Use all three gets you Spirited Charge triple damage on a charge. Get Mithral medium armor counts as light.

Depending on your GM:
- Dwarven Druid, Ranger, Hunter or Cavalier (Beast Rider)
- Bear animal companion
- Mammoth Rider prestige class

Ok, so "bear" isn't a selectable mount for the Mammoth Rider, but the GM can expand the list to add it (it's even written in the description :P ). A Huge dire bear... isn't a farfetched idea, so... ;)

I'm sorry, my self-control was not strong enough.

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