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Not voluntarily.

The same character has also had the distinction of having been shot in the face...with a hammer.

3rd Edition D&D had the Shadow Plane as a way to travel between different Prime Material Planes. Move in the Shadow Plane with a destination plane in mind and you could get there in something like 2d6 hours.

Alternately, something like Baba Yaga's hut. It goes to different places and the inside keeps changing.

Reign of Winter - Fey, cold, and a chicken-hut TARDIS while working for the lesser of two evils
Rise of the Runelords - Return of ancient, sinful spellcasters

I picked up an intelligent Rod of Splendor, since no one else in the party wanted it. It seemed to think that it was quite the smooth operator and was always ready to give advice on wooing the ladies.

I became much less interested in keeping it after I lost an ego contest with it and it decided to activate the apparel function of the rod.

This consisted of a royal purple outfit with bell bottom pants, fur-trimmed coat, wide brimmed hat with a peacock feather, and platform shoes with gold fish in them.

Dressing up like a pimp didn't really help me with the ladies.

The Black Vault is a realia, an enormous teaching device. The Black Vault represents the epitome of dwarven craftsmanship in the realms of engineering and security.

Each door designed to show how to integrate it into natural tunnels that might have potential structural weakness.
Each trap designed to show how to meld it seamlessly into the surrounding stonework so as not to be noticed before activation.
Each triggering device designed to show off how to be indistinguishable from its surroundings while able to be easily accessed for deactivation and maintenance.
Each hallway designed to teach various defensive military architecture and security misdirection away from the true vault.

Intact, it would be a magnificent find for any engineering, architectural, or mechanical guild. It's too bad the party will likely break most of the traps trying to get to the center.

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That Colonel is the one that should be yelling, "Halt!"

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An empty pedestal with the plaque:


Getting tired of adventurers shattering and looting the giant gold statues I keep erecting to show my greatness.

I was of the opinion that you couldn't spellcraft a wand since it was a spell trigger. Perusing the FAQ has made me reconsider this. Not as useful against spellcasters.

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I am also of the opinion that spellcrafting Silent Image gives you a +4 and automatic save attempt against it, if you can see it when cast or readily identify it once you see it (i.e., this room is narrower and missing several doors).

The spellcraft issue is why I like wands of Silent Image.

Make it look like you cast a spell that blocks line of sight, like Fog Cloud. They can't spellcraft it to see if it is a fake, so they can't see through it without interacting with it.

Sure the DC is 11 and they can get a +4 depending on how they interact with it; but I'm not expecting this illusion to be useful for more than a round or two anyway.

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SmiloDan wrote:
Is there a hurry to spend all the wishes right away? They would make some pretty great emergency options.

They must be used in a number of minutes equal to the number of wishes received. DM should grab a stopwatch and popcorn and watch the fun.

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"LSD is not an appropriate chemical to put in your splash grenade, even for your friend's rave."

City-state of Soligovich

The kingdom that once surrounded the port of Soligovich fended off the demonic invasion through the use of powerful planar magics to summon assistance from various inner and outer planes. The aftermath of this can be seen across the forests and mountains in pockets of land displaying the planar traits of different realms. The area has had many small portals to other planes open over the years; disgorging any number of hazards or nuisances. Some of these portals have become permanent, with trade being established across them.

The biggest planar pocket is a mile-wide blue hole that consumed the coastal edges of the Soligovich. The city rebuilt the dock area to take advantage of the deep water port it now had. Pontoon docks float far into the lagoon; the depths of which connect to the Elemental Plane of Water.

With the collapse of the surrounding kingdom, Soligovich now makes its money as a trading port of exotic terrestrial and extra planar wares. Farming around the city walls supplement food imports and harvesting of the local forests provides building materials for ships and city.

The most important decree of the current Prince was the creation of the Inquisitors. Tasked and trained to handle unwanted planar creatures that make their way into the city or surrounding areas. The Inquisitors have teams trained to track down and deal with mischievous fey, insidious aberrations, diabolic influence, and many others. Those that wish to harm the city are dealt with harshly, and those that can be bargained with are handled fairly. Most of the time.

One way I would describe a 7 Cha with +9 diplomacy as an introvert who, through training and study, knows what kind of key words, phrases, lines of reasoning will guide someone to see things the Investigator's way.

The Investigator might normally be a reserved person that people don't pay much attention to, but he knows the words and tones that will make an impression. It's just something he has to turn on an apply, unlike a gregarious extrovert that people might gravitate towards naturally.

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
MageHunter wrote:
You all walk into a dark room and shudder at the creaking of the door and floorsteps. You brush off the cobwebs and make your way forward; yet smell something incredibly putrid. Make a DC 17 Save to avoid being nauseated You look in horror as you see your own bodies hacked apart with axes...
This is actually horror gold. I am genuinely just going to steal this idea.

This would work better if a dead simulacrum didn't turn back into snow and melt instantly.

You should Veil some undead as the desecrated party instead. Nothing says fun like seeing horribly mangled versions of yourself attack you. Undead can also wait for a long time for the party to wander across them.

CannibalKitten wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Druidzilla sounds good for this
Sounds awesome, elaborate?

3.5 Druid wildshape works a little differently than Pathfinder. You don't modify your stats based on the size of the animal/animal you change to, you simply take all their physical stats. This can be pretty powerful since you can take the stats and abilities of any animal equal or less than your HD. Master of Many Forms prestige class opens this up even more creature types.

MoMF Example: Tendriculos is a Huge Plant (Lots of immunities) with a 28 Str and 22 Con (+14 Attack and 105 hp for a lvl 10 druid), a Swallow Whole that also can Paralyze (and deal acid damage), and Regeneration 10/Blugeon or Acid (so cast Resist Acid).

Druids in any kind of natural arena also have access to zone of control spells with large areas (entangle, spike growth, poison vines, wall of thorns)

I recommend Druid. Elemental Wildshape has a lot of versatility and spellcasting can help with invisible and area control.

This tournament should be done using the Traveler ruleset. You'll eliminate 1/3 of the characters before character creation is complete.

Druid can be pretty awesome with spell choice and elemental wildshape.

38. Dragons doing the darndest things. President, CEO, Freedom Fighter, Dictator, Organized Crime Boss, Decker, Club Owner.

39. Ghouls that are people, too! Sometimes.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
...putting the toilet paper on the roll so it comes from the bottom instead of the top?

You. Monster.

It would only get the extra attacks from high BAB with manufactured weapons, like a ghost touch longsword.

"Well, you could come quietly and stand trail for your crimes. We've collected more than enough evidence for the courts to convict you of something that will get you executed.

Or you could resist, which is what sincerely I hope you choose. As I said, we've personally collected more than enough evidence for a court to rule your death justified. All we have to do for our pay is to come back with enough of your mutilated corpse to confirm your identity and maybe cast Speak with Dead. I'm fairly certain that you would die at some point during the mutilation process; it is a long way back to the province capital, and we're not in a hurry to get back."

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So Baba Yaga is an ancient immortal who wears many faces, travels around the universe wreaking havoc for personal power, and has a sentient house that's much bigger on the inside and can travel between worlds in an instant?

We've found Missy's next regeneration.

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andreww wrote:
Michael Hallet wrote:

"No, you can't. You have absolutely no idea what the creature is and thus what resistances it has."

"Well, they look the same so I'll conclude they have similar resistances, that at least sounds logical."

"That would be meta-gaming."

This bit really isn't true. If I describe a creature as a walking skeleton it isn't metagaming to consider that using a club might be more effective than a spear. It may be an undead skeleton, it may be an animated object, either way players are permitted to react to observable features without being accused of metagaming.

Likewise, if I find myself facing a column of mobile flame 15' high I am unlikely to throw a fireball at it and may consider something like Snowball to be a better idea. I don't need the requisite Knowledge Planes check to identify it as a fire elemental to see that a thing made of fire might be resistant or immune to fire.

This makes sense. It is also why Brown Mold is so annoying.

"Hmm, it does cold damage when we're near it. Kill it with fire!"

34. NERPS!!

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It will come down to what kind of game the GM wants to run.

I've used riding dogs for my druid companion because he was a Halfling and dogs never seem to get stopped at gates.

I've also played in Dark Sun, where 7 foot tall mantis men are allowed into cities and the guards have a specific introduction for them that helps translate their racial hierarchy structure into the city's structure.

Then their is my Venture Captain Deinonychus. His human companion has to remind him that town guards are not for eating, even though they move and it smells fear on them.

It is still not on the approved additional resources list, so you can't just make one. But I'm fairly sure that there was a chronicle boon that would allow you to make new character who was a thassilonian specialist or start taking levels in it.

Saffora wrote:
Dorothy Lindman wrote:

I've developed a very simple definition for my characters.

If you can talk to it, it counts as a person (so killing could be murder). If you can breed with it, it counts as a member of your race (so eating would be cannibalism).

Simple and logical. I might have to adopt this for my characters in the future.

Never eat anything capable of higher math, even if they don't know any.

That second rule is why Dark Sun halflings don't have a problem eating most humanoids, it's not cannibalism. Most humanoid races in Dark Sun would disagree, because they want to be higher on the local food chain.

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The party was trying to determine why one of their members was invisible to scrying and divinations, a very rare ability that usually comes from having...unusual parentage. So they went to her mother, the high priestess of her goddess.

Single Mother Cleric to her PC daughter: "Your dad? Well, um, you see. When a priestess loves her goddess very, very much...she'll, uh, agree to be polymorphed into a man so that she can get her goddess pregnant to fulfill and ancient prophesy."

Snowblind wrote:
BG:*casts suggestion* "If you betray and kill all your friends, I will give you...3 fiddy"

Tree Fiddy? TREE FIDDY!?

Does this aasimar look like the Loch Ness Monster to you? No, seriously, does he look like the Loch Ness Monster while merged with his eidolon? Synthesists are weird like that.

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Now all the PFS Chosen One's just need to coordinate their levels, sign up for the same scenario at Paizocon, and show up as the Disney Princess Pathfinder Party!

Caineach wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:

Warwick Homestead is weirdly absent sources of rubber. Fortunately nearby there are tires you can pick up and carry to the workshop.

I just wish I could build a bridge to Spectacle Island.

Spectacle Island is a huge build site! I haven't done anything with it though yet, can you assign a provisioner to it? I love the idea of an island fortress with settlers and such...
Yes you can. They swim

Word of caution. I think provisioners can also die of radiation poisoning from water exposure. Settlers can die from other radiation sources (rad barrels at the drive-in), so water immersion might kill them. I had a provisioner going between the Castle and Spectacle Island, and then I didn't. No idea why they stopped, might have been radiation. The provisioner was also a ghoul, so this seems odd.

I did that with Strong Back 4 on my first playthrough. This time I'm just abusing the vendor glitch and stealing shipments of materials. Keep one set in a container at my settlement and duplicate them as needed with Dogmeat to go in the workbench.

I've had lots of fun wild shaping into a celestial allosaurus (planar shape feat) and doing a smiting pounce with 5 attacks as a huge dinosaur.

Or the time I turned into a dire badger and burrowed through a barred wooden door.

During an aquatic adventure we went from being underwater to the deck of a hostile ship. The GM learned that holding your breath works both ways when my druid pulled himself out of the water as a giant octopus with animal growth, pummeling mooks with 8 attacks and 20+ feet of reach.

I am not in a place I can watch this right now, but only one thing comes to mind from this post.

'Hide behind the pile of dead bards!'

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Matthew Downie wrote:
For a level 9 party, a group of level 2 bandits is a good role-playing opportunity.

Ah, level 2.

In my limited personal experience with high level play, teleporting past all the travel hasn't been a problem. In some cases we purposefully didn't use teleport to see some of the stuff in between; then we got attacked by an Ancient Blue Dragon. Good times.

The table wording combined with the FAQ for DR/Epic, I now have to agree with Java Man as well. I expect it would still come down to GM discretion; it doesn't outright state that the same process will work for material or alignment -based DR.

Not exactly. The base enhancement bonus needs to be +3 for it to bypass cold iron and silver, not just the effective bonus due to enhancements like keen and bane. On evil outsiders the base enhancement jumps to +3 because of Bane, so it would get through the DR of devils and other evil outsiders, but not fey DR.

This sword should be perfectly fine for killing many types of evil outsiders.

We did not track XP, we just leveled around the point the modules say we should be level X.

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Must be a King.

Nothing really to add here other than to suggest also looking in the Kingmaker portion of the forums for ideas and suggestions as well.


I played through with a group of 5 to 6 veteran PFS players and GM using a 20 point build, and we also got the boon. Our GM usually maxed the HP of our opponents and I think he sometimes added monsters or the Advanced Template. We still had a fun and moderately challenging time.

I don't know of any groups or stores on that side of the lake, but +1 Gaming in Metairie draws gamers from Slidell for PFS. The store and their website might be another place you can look for groups.

A reference to the Slavic folk story of Koschei the Deathless, a probable inspiration for a lich and his phylactery.

The biggest population of Kitsune would probably be located on the continent of Tian-Xia.

The next highest concentration would be Absalom, because Absalom.

RainyDayNinja wrote:

Hmm... with just a little bard, you're spending a standard action to throw up a +1 attack and damage buff, when you could be spending that on casting much better Inquisitor spells for yourself. The Archaeologist would perhaps fit better, letting you get luck bonuses as a swift action for those times when you can't cast buffs, but it replaces performance, so it sounds like it goes against concept.

I agree that VMC might be a better way to combine these, or switching to an Evangelist cleric for combining divine casting and bardic performance.

[SARCASM] Yes, because what every Inquisitor wants is a THIRD class feature needing a swift action to activate.[/SARCASM]

Archeologist was the first archetype I though of as well, then I remembered I play both in PFS and both are starved for swift actions. Combining both would mean having class features you don't get activated until the fight is half over unless your GM lets you use move actions as additional swift actions.

Despite not having a chance to look at VMC or the Evangelist, I agree that these are probably better options. Archeologist's Luck would only start being used early if you had a pretty large number of encounters per day and ran out of Judgements and Bane rounds.

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You're a young, independent wizard who doesn't need no help from no clichéd path to immortality; go the Baba Yaga route. She charted a path to immortality without resorting to the limitations of gods or the shortcuts of undeath and devil bargaining. It's not a well documented path, so you would definitely need to work with your GM to figure out details for your character.

I'm sure some of the costs, like casting several county-sized areas into eternal winter and rendering hundreds of your descendants down as magical battery juice, will not particularly bother a proper evil wizard like your character.

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Player: I suppose we'll need new and appropriate clothes for this party. It would be nice if Mortaine went with something beyond 'concealing black robe and hood' or 'black laminated full plate.

Warmage Mortaine: I don't have to be wearing all black, just as long as I have something black.

Me: Like his heart.

I think clerics are usually a subset of priests. All clerics of a deity are probably priests of that deity (with possible exceptions), but not all priests are clerics. Some priests are likely experts or other classes that often worship that deity (bards for Shelyn, druids for Gozreh and the Green Faith, fighters and brewers for Cayden Cailean).

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Wizard: I cast detect magic and scan the room.

GM: After a few rounds of scanning you narrow down that the irregular plinth at the center of the fountain radiates overwhelming magic.

Wizard: Really! What school?

GM: Universal.

Wizard: (Gasp) There's only one spell that could be! I HUG THE STONE AND WISH FOR A PONY!!

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Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, and if you use enough grenades one will get close enough.

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