Mantle of the Rider with tougher PC's.

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I'm DMing this AP with PC's that have pretty decent ability scores (I didn't learn from Carrion Crown :P). I am hesitant to give them the +2 to their ability of choice, but I don't really want to shortside them (they just stepped into the portal and went to Waldsby, and one of them is familiar with the ability boost).

Should I go ahead with the boon, or give them something else?

I played through with a group of 5 to 6 veteran PFS players and GM using a 20 point build, and we also got the boon. Our GM usually maxed the HP of our opponents and I think he sometimes added monsters or the Advanced Template. We still had a fun and moderately challenging time.

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I am GM'ing this for 6 people who used the 4d6 roll method and one of the players got 55 points worth of rolls... I'm also giving them mythic for the black mantle and no issues thus far. However, I, alter each and every encounter to match their power level. It's definitely more work for the GM but I kinda like it.

On the flip side, it's completely your call. If you don't want to give them the bonus then don't, doesn't matter if someone already knows about it.

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Fair enough - I'll just retcon the attribute gain in a dream sequence. Adding extra hp might help - I was holding back on adding extra enemies, as that just gives more xp.


We did not track XP, we just leveled around the point the modules say we should be level X.

One group I gave them the boon and a few groups I didn't. It did not impact the game from what I can tell.

One disappointment I have had is that the AP didn't do much with the Mantle of the Black Rider past the first book (I've only run thru the beginning of the third book so perhaps I've missed some uses in the later books I've only skimmed)

I think if you want to make it do more (or less) that's fine. I've modified it a bit in my game to be more transferable (so PC's joining later either as new players joining our group to replace players who haven't been able to continue or as new PCs for characters who died) so that all of the new characters have gotten it as well.

If I had more time I think I would have looked at using it to represent mythic advancement - but I don't have the time to add mythic levels to later opponents. I think emphasizing role playing aspects and offering a small mechanical boost might be sufficient.

One easy option - make the boost to CON instead of a stat of the PC's choice. That would give everyone a direct benefit (more HP, better FORT save) without further imbalances if you are concerned that letting the PC's pick their stat will be overpowered. Sure this would help any Barbarians a bit disproportionally but I think it is the route I would take if I were concerned about giving players that level of flexibility.

I think for later levels and books I'm going to include a few elements that the Mantle grants that other NPC's won't have - for example I may have Mantle bearers be able to recognize keys for the Hut when they are nearby without any special checks.

You could also give a diplomacy bonus to wearers of the mantle when they are negotiating with Baba Yaga's allies.

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