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I come back from time to time, to get some greatness from the best at this character building stuff, good that you guys are still here, i love y'all.

One cool idea would be to add a themed boss at the end of each dungeon in the towers.

- Resurrection (Ram/Aries): The first tower's dungeon could have a lot of bludgeoning traps, as an analogy to a charging Ram. The last boss could be in a place with a lot of holes and Pits, and the boss is some sort of Ram demi-human specialized in pushing PCs onto them.

- High Priest (Fishes/Pisces) [a water based tower]: The Second tower's dungeon would be focused on fish based monsters such as sahuagin as aforementioned by another guy, the last boss obviously could be two sea serpents of appropiate CR.

- Lawgiver (water bearer/Aquarius): This water based dungeons would be focused more on water survival, and could have certain puzzles to solve on time limit, the last boss could be a big water elemental, or a summoner of water elementals.

- Sacrifice (Goat/Capricorn): This tower could have a lot of goat inspired demons like Capras, Schirs and the like, you could add class levels to them, or more HD if needed. The last boss could be a high level demon.

- Savior (Archer/Sagittarius): This one could have a lot of high grounds for ranged snipers, you could use some dirty archer builds for this. The last boss could be a group of switch hitter centaur rangers, arcane archers, archer magus, fighter archers and the like.

- Judge (Scorpion/Scorpio): This dungeon could have a lot of poison traps, you could add a puzzle which would overload them with hundreds of scorpion swarms if they fail. The last boss could be a giant Drider xD?

- Redeemer (Scales/Libra): This Dungeon could involve a lot of riddles about philosophy, you could take the riddles from Socrates who liked to do weird analogies. This dungeon could have no battles at all, and be based around knowledge, the last boss could be a Glabrezu trickster.

- Messiah (Virgin/Virgo): This one could be a nature based dungeon with visions about how the forest was destroyed by the orcs, by checking different versions of the story, and discovering certain phallacies in it (you could add discordant versions to the visions) they could reveal exactly what happend in the forest. The last boss could be a Dryad or a Banshee.

- King (Lion/Leo): The dungeon could be a Castle full of soldiers, the group would have to stealth fight or be overwhelmed by their ridicolous numbers, the last boss is obviously an Half-lion (Custom Race) Paladin.

- Deliverer (Crab/Cancer): This dungeons could be full of Ghosts and monks, and ghost monks, it could deal with a treasure horrocrux and a lich monk. The last boss could be a Marilith Monk! There could also be a Shipwrecker Crab (

- Sons of God (Twins/Gemini) [Donny is a twin with Danny, who became a vampire): This is my own zodiac sign, and could involve having two different sides of the dungeons and PCs need to coordinate to find the solution for the puzzle in both, (you could even add a illusionist wizard manipulating all from the shadows) the last battle could be two spellcasters, one Evocation and the other Shadow. Or you could make this one of the encounters, the one against Danny being the last boss one.

- Lord of Hosts (Bull/Taurus): I guess this is pretty self-explanatory as a maze, the last boss being a Minotaur, but what if you made a different maze? like a dream maze a la inception? and the objective of the maze could be to escape the dreamscape by saving the minotaur trapped inside, who is a wise druid Minotaur. This could be an interesting twist to an otherwise cliche dungeon.

I come back from time to time, to get some greatness from the best at this character building stuff, good that you guys are still here, i love y'all.

Ravingdork wrote:

For anyone who is interested in Starfinder, I just finished my first Starfinder character: an android daredevil and reformed biker gang member turned space explorer.

I won't be posting Starfinder characters in this thread, but if I get enough of them made up, then I just may make a sister thread similar to this one over on the Starfinder forum. :D

Thanks for this, somehow i knew you would be doing this, watching your character ideas is the best brainstorming i have for creating my own ideas. :D

Nice, nice--one question Raving. Do you use a particular software to create the statblocks or you just type them manually?

Naruto, DBZ, Saint seiya and anime in general. Games i liked are general fantasy or Steampunk like Chrono Trigger.

I'm almost finishing the Gambler Quest with one friend, and i'm preparing the Star of Olindor to go all the way with the Olindor Continuum. All of them are 4 adventures set for one-on-one.

Advice: IF you need to fudge the dice do it, the important is that PC doesn't know and the illusion of randomness is kept. Also that the story keeps flowing.

I would like to see, appreciate your hard work

Will take my time to once again say how much i love this thread, may Ravingdork live for ever!


Or Ranger Crossbow Style.

Would love to learn how to create documents such as this one :O

Normally i love LJP design--but this class is not necesary.

There are some things i do like--and yes, Pathfinder Fighter Needs a rework, it's way too weak. I'll play a Slayer all the way instead of a fighter. Still there are abilities such as "Man at Arms" that i don't like, Also becoming inmmune to certain status is not the way. Solo Tactics is a lovely ability, other thing it would be cool to have is the items feats.

The Battle Dynamo could be more fitting to have a power such as Man-at-Arms and Fearless.

Why esoteric?

I can't believe i didn't know this thread before, it's soooo amazing what you guys are doing!

Keep up the good work, something that is missing definitely.

and as a suggestion is one of the things that split WoW from PF the most.

The Shaman class.

How to convert this to PF? --> VAYNE

I find this so fascinating!!130&authkey=!ANG SYLOUVrzGnWI&ithint=file%2cdocx

Ravindork, i appreciate your obsession with Kineticists.

Ok Paizo really needs to make Vilderavn, like i will buy the book just for him, DUDE!

Super Genius Games gotta be one of my least favorites 3pp, they always make crazy stuff, just saying.

How did it go?

There is no ACG classes in the guides D:


how about Kineticist/Aegis?

Less talk and more Stats guys.

he's a freakin GESTALT get over it.

> Always remember to scream "all heretics burn by my holy sword" before every encounter, never lie, never be subtle with injustices and don't choke on evil people that you target with detect evil, slice 'em up with your greatsword, because shields are not for true godly flagmen.

> If your un-enlightened teammates try to convince you to follow a dark path of lies and passiveness, smite them with your holy wisdom hammer, never lose a moment to share the word of your god with weaker races and never share your money with infidels--or weak people in distress, the valuable goods you carry are set upon the unique purpose of smiting the foes of humanity, you are not a queer cleric.

> Never take out your armor, even if it's for sleeping--take the punishment as the weapon of holy destruction you are, don't take a single point in diplomacy or any charisma skill other than intimidate, let the rebels and the enemies of the divine law, suffer and fear the wrath of the mighty deities!

Remember this careful advice and your journey as a Paladin will be a happy one. Excelsior.

Been trying to make Arcanis from HoN for a while, but there is no possible way without a 3.5 supplement.

How about the chi blockers like amon?

Well i wanted to convert a known anime's character to PF, Mu of Saint Seiya. The Gold Saint of Aries possesses Psionic abilities, he can create sometype of psychic wall, he can speak by telekinesis, he can float, he can repair armors and he can throw potent "magic missiles" at it's target. He also can use heavy gold armor, which boosts his "KI" powers. Is there a way to make this character without going Homebrew?

Wanted to use the Aegis 3pp class and mix it with the Aether Kineticist of Occult Adventures. How would that be?

Thank you very much, i think i will take them--half construct sounds good.
In the game Eyvind healed Yngvar as if using a cure light wounds spell.

SO just ended the game and had 3 questions.

How to adapt Dredge.
How to adapt Varl
What is The Mendr, a Mystic Theurge or a White Mage Arcanist?

Elans are OP though.

So found this in the GotP forums, what do you think of it for PF?

Magical energy follows a continuum, but it is generally divided into two main kinds by function:Od, the colourless energy, provides form. It is a passive energy existing in all the universe, and when concentrated it becomes physical matter.Seidr, the coloured energy, provides shape. It is an active energy produced by thought and movement, and when concentrated it becomes spirits and concepts.

To cast a spell the caster must provide both seidr and od, the first binding the second in a sort of lattice. While typically the seidr is provided by the caster himself, the source of od varies. Releasing and shaping seidr in the correct manner normally requires a careful series of movements - doing so from thought alone requires great willpower and skill. This structure is fragile however - breaking it frees the od and ends the spell. Fighting styles have been developed which take advantage of the seidr produced by a fighter's movements to disrupt the seidr involved in casting.

Clerics and similar casters receive od from their deity, in exchange for the seidr provided by worship. As such it is "tinted", closer to seidr than normal. Since it already has some structure it is easier to provide more (requiring less movement), but likewise harder or impossible to use it for tasks which do not fit the nature of the energy.

Certain creatures have such enormous supplies of od that they can release it in raw form, most famously dragons with their breath weapons. Spellfire is another example of this ability.

Psionic powers differ from spells, being a homogenous mass of near-od rather than a blend of multiple energies. To achieve the deisred effect, a psion focuses on a related concept or ideal so intently that the od of his body becomes coloured by it, then expels raw energy in a similar manner to the creatures above. Techniques which affect his body alone use only the first step.

Typically, concentrated od makes up a creature's physical body while seidr makes up its soul. However, some creatures have "veins" of seidr present in their physical bodies (whether by chance or purposefully inscribed). They may use these as a template in casting instead of learning to sculpt their own, resulting in magic coming easily to them. These are creatures with sorcerer casting or spell-like abilities, depending on whether the veins are wide or deep respectively. Usually these veins are hard to detect, but some families in Eberron display them visibly.

Antimagic fields consist of a net of seidr which binds to any od in the area and renders it inert. The od within a spell can be shielded from this effect if its seidr is sufficiently dense. (eg. epic spells) Force spells are resistant to antimagic due to containing a larger ratio of seidr to od, with the od entirely covered by the seidr.

One of the first things taught to any conventional wizard in the process of taming the power is the eight schools of magic, also known as the Eight Brothers. Representing magic as a group of people helps the caster visualise their power, and pick out the effect they want from the endless possibilities. Other traditions of magic use different representations, and thus the borders between different types of magical study do not line up between, for instance, a wizard and a wu jen.One influential wizard's school decided at some point in the past to teach cure wounds as part of the conjuration school, for political reasons; casters from distant regions still cast it as a necromancy spell.

Soundstriker, with net and trident.

Miracle or Wish, rock is OP.

So i was planning on a module in which a character's wizard has to enter Axis to retrieve the lost memory of his master, which sought to reach immortality without resorting to necromancy and finished being consumed by Axis god-mind computer.

Axis is full of automatons, like unevitables. Also constructs, but i would want something different and i thought ooof RX-78-2!!

It would have DR, Spell resistance, Ranged Touch Beam Rifle and a cool Beam sword. What else can i put? oh also a barrage of Vulcan and Slam.

Your GM is a douche, just saying. xD This was unnecesary but i had to say it.

Spheres of Power.

People tend to ignore this kind of questions here.

Don't expect him to be near drizzt capabilities ever, Drizzt is more like a 25 point buy noble drow, despite the fact that lots of my friends tell me he's not a noble drow, i think he is.

Drizzt will be a Fighter/Ranger and if you want to depict him correctly, he has mythic tiers for sure, 3 minimum.

How should i sing this?

Bring me good memories :}

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Akatsuki ninja would not work, because she would need levels in assasin prestige class, Slayer already gives that. Still i think she's more of a Ninja, she should be Ninja/Assasin.

Sasuke and Kakashi would be something like Ninja/Witch/Arcane Trickster, with permanency spell with some cool abilities on their eyes. Maybe some wondrous items that fill the eye slot.

i wouldn't take that, i would just go plain magus, but if--probably exploiter archetype and pick the dimension door exploit.

I read one ability, some months ago--that allows a creature to take out the smite evil from him/her/it. i don't remember it's name though and i haven't been able to find it. Can someone pls tell me it's name, i'm in a hurry for today's game. want to include that in a monster.!121&authkey=!ACS yv7BgNtAGp7o&ithint=file%2codt

Another one, this time it will be a Rogue Babau.

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