Seeking advice on taking a level of Wizard for my Magus


I was looking over Arcane Discoveries that are available to Wizards and noticed one called "Knowledge is Power".

Benefit(s) Your understanding of physical forces gives you power over them. You add your Intelligence modifier on combat maneuver checks and to your CMD. You also add your Intelligence modifier on Strength checks to break or lift objects.

There's no prerequisites for this and to gain an Arcane Discovery a Wizard need only to select it as one of his bonus wizard feats or take it as a regular feat.

This seems pretty powerful for a 1 level dip into Wizard and use up a regular feat slot to get it. Since I'm running a Kensai Magus I won't be messing up Arcane spell Failure with armor anyway and my INT bonus is a +8 so I'll be able to prepare a bunch of 1st level Wizard utility spells too.

If I should do this, what spells would you recommend me taking, what archetype if any should I grab and I don't know how school specialization would work for me also being another arcane caster but should I focus on a school and which one?

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A magus will get a lot of benefit from the Evocation/Admixture school (Versatile Evocation to change energy types on the fly).

There's an archetype in the familiar folio that gives you a familiar with the BAB and saves of a different class from your own.

I'd take that and give the familiar the valet archetype. With a maneuver focused build you can really pile up the AoOs with only a few teamwork feats.

Also, you can grab mage armor without spell blending.

Exploiter is also pretty great for a 1 level dip.

Hmmm, I also have the Bladebound Archetype along with Kensai so its a no-go on the familiar option unfortunately.

If I come into a lot more coin I'd consider retraining out of Bladebound. It was great at low levels when we didn't get ANY gold or magic weapons though.

Is there any feat that would give me the Arcane Bond ability of a Wizard that would equal my HD or my Magus level?

I was reading the restrictions on my Bladebound archetype and it says I can't have a Familiar only, so I could have an Arcane Bond Item though.

Thoughts on this? I was hoping that IF I took the Arcane Bond Item through Wizard that I could use my Magus level to pretend I have the appropriate item creation feats to enhance my bonded item. However I doubt that I can do this.

Arcane bond already doesn't have a wizard level restriction. You can use whatever feats you want as long as your level is high enough.

As much as Exploiter Archetype is awesome, I think I'll get more use out of the Admixture Evocation School and stay a normal Wizard for 1 level.

Specializing in Evocation and letting me change damage types on my Shocking Grasp is going to very handy. Gaining an Arcane Bond Item and being able to enchant it will also be useful.

Instantly preparing 1 spell/day from my spellbook from the Arcane Bond item will be very useful. Tons of useful spells even if they're all cast as a level 1 wizard.

I'm pretty sure all the spells I get from Wizard I'd have to cast at Caster Level 1 even if I had them as Magus spells. That being said though, I get 1 extra Evocation spell from specializing in that school. I thought wow that'll do me good at Caster Level 1... Until I saw the spell Thunderstomp!

Range Close 25ft + 5ft/2 levels (this part is the only sucky part for being Wizard 1)
You stomp your foot or strike your weapon against the ground or floor, creating a ripple of power that you can use to trip a creature. Attempt the combat maneuver check to trip the target, but instead of your base attack bonus you can use your caster level, and instead of your Strength modifier you can use your spellcasting ability score modifier (Intelligence for magi and wizards). This does not provoke an attack of opportunity. This spell has no effect if you cannot reach the ground or floor, or if your target is not in contact with the ground or floor.

Now since it says "Instead of your BAB & STR you can use your caster level & INT mod" I can now choose to use my BAB of +7 and use my STR mod of +3, my feat spent on Knowledge is Power will gain me my +8 INT mod on Combat Maneuver checks too. So a +18 on my roll, not bad for being limited on spell choices in Evocation that suck as a Wizard 1.

Oh yeah and picking up Scribe Scroll and getting +1 damage on all evocation damage spells is pretty great too. Just a dip into Wizard for spells and access to the Knowledge is Power ability/feat is worth it to me. All this extra stuff is like Arcane Bond/Admixture/Scribe Scroll is awesome.

I made a wizard whos bond item was his spellbook. And he later made it into an intelligent item.

I'm going with Ring so it's even harder to steal from me. I'd not like the spellbook option. I'm paranoid enough as it is about mine getting stolen or ruined. I've got multiple copies now stashed around.

i wouldn't take that, i would just go plain magus, but if--probably exploiter archetype and pick the dimension door exploit.

In my opinion, long run, you are better off not doing the level dip to wizard. 1st level spells will rapidly lose their utility. Combat maneuvers are kind of niche - and you can get very good bonuses on them with a belt of strength (which is a decent investment for a magus anyway - or dexterity if you're more of a finesse magus) and by taking agile maneuvers (if you're a dex magus) and/or the relevant improved or greater combat maneuver.

That way, you won't be sacrificing the likely +1 BAB (well, +3/4) from another level of Magus, the lower HD, nor the higher level magus spells and powers just for the sake of being pretty decent at combat maneuvers.

In general, I've found that non synergistic level dips into similar classes don't pan out long term.

If it's for a module and not an AP, though - and you're focusing on combat maneuvers... forget everything I just said. It really is quite an interesting niche exploit. I just don't think it will pan out as you level up.

Zilfrel Findadur wrote:
i wouldn't take that, i would just go plain magus, but if--probably exploiter archetype and pick the dimension door exploit.

It's not Dimension Door. It's similar, but doesn't reference or otherwise call out the spell in any way. It also says it's part of a move action, counting as 5 feet of movement, which means it's great for if you want to take a huge stride, but worthless in a grapple since you can't move in a grapple.

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