[Dreamscarred Press] Path of War: Golden Lion Clarification.

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So recently my GM has ruled that unless specifically stated in the maneuver that golden lion maneuvers do not benefit me.

Citing this.

Golden Lion wrote:

The discipline of Golden Lion is a practice passed between war leaders, chieftains, generals, and militia leaders over the generations, meant to bring a group of warriors together into one cohesive unit. Golden Lion is a discipline that only greatly benefits a warrior who believes strongly in teamwork. The larger the group, the more who can benefit from the skilled leadership of a dedicated commander. Golden Lion benefits its practitioners indirectly, by aiding their allies instead. Because of this association with team work and working in groups with many differing people, the associated skill for this discipline is Diplomacy, and its associated weapon groups are heavy blades, hammers, and pole arms.

Is this how it's supposed to work? Or do I still count as my own ally and this is flavor text?

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Seems to me the RAI is that your supposed to be a party player, perhaps even buffer though I would have to look up the discipline in full, and as such wouldn't make as much sense for it to effect your character solo. I say that bolded line is mechanic not just fluff... unless the abilities themselves say differently.

I will take a look, perhaps the abilities of the decipline will show that you can count as your own ally.

Considering that in the format for all disciplines, every sentence from that paragraph except the last sentence is fluff, I think that the bolded text is fluff.

Always base the ruling of each individual maneuver on the text inside the maneuver.

I'm hoping to get something from either Prince of Knives or Errant X since I know they both worked on this. Personally I'd rule it Adam's way but I can see the argument for Jonathon's and my DM's way.

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I have a feeling you'll get a faster answer over on giant in the playground...so I copied your question over there. Third Path of War: Expanded thread - post made by radionausea

I actually already posted there. It's on the second page. But thanks regardless.

It's just intended to be fluff. It's not a hard rule that says that you do not benefit from your own maneuvers. Pathfinder rules specifically state that you are your own Ally. Golden Lion is fully intended to be able to benefit you and your allies. All other maneuvers that are done through almost every other school is primarily only benefiting the initiator. Golden lion benefits a lot of people. I hope that clears this up.


I just have to say, you guys are awesome for how often and how quickly you respond to questions about your stuff on the forums.

Your GM is a douche, just saying. xD This was unnecesary but i had to say it.

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