Saint Seiya's Mu of Aries


Well i wanted to convert a known anime's character to PF, Mu of Saint Seiya. The Gold Saint of Aries possesses Psionic abilities, he can create sometype of psychic wall, he can speak by telekinesis, he can float, he can repair armors and he can throw potent "magic missiles" at it's target. He also can use heavy gold armor, which boosts his "KI" powers. Is there a way to make this character without going Homebrew?

Wanted to use the Aegis 3pp class and mix it with the Aether Kineticist of Occult Adventures. How would that be?


Psychic class from Occult Adventures would work. Nothing stopping you from going into Heavy Armour.

A battle host occultist can cover a lot of those bases. Your "gold" armor will be your implement.

How did it go?

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