Saint Seiya characters in Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Society how to do?


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Hi all,

I'am thinking and need advice to create a character closely similar to Saint Seiya characters, i believe that they need althought one monk level or more, but i don't know with what class multiclassing or what archetypes use to be my character closely with the characters of the TV and comic series like Pegasus (Seiya), Swan (Hyoga), Phoenix (Ikki, Dragon (Shiryu), and some more from Asgard Serie or gold and silver armor appearences.

They are monks or brawlers with medium or heavy armor (at later levels, with a great magic power (maybe sorcerers, wizards, magus or other caster classes).

What do you think about these characters? What could be the best combination closely with the tv-manga serie?

Thanks for all!!

My first thoughts are obviously thematic magical beast armor.

Second thought: Summoner Synthesist archetype. The class "wears" a fantastic armor from beyond the stars, and the power grows with the user.

And since the summon monster ability doesn't work while you "wear" the armor, you'd mostly just need to tweak the spell lists for each armor and up the BAB to get a close approximation of Saint-Seiya characters.

The downside is that being a synthesist automatically disqualifies you from PFS.

May I suggest the Iroran Paladin Archetype?

1: Charisma Mod to AC (this can be an aura thing, really) in light armor
2: Can sense other characters like him (with a ki pool)
3: Unarmed strike like a monk
4: The ability to power up in combat (personal trial)


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Prototype00 i don't find this archetype...

Thanks Cranky Dog but like you say Synthetsist...

What archetype runs better with the idea in a Monk/Sorc for Pegasus, Hyoga and Shiryu? I believe that monk of four winds and sorc bloodline elemental cold for Hyoga could be good, but brawler/sorc isn't too bad, what do you think about this?
Pegasus probably monk martial artist or maneauver master and a bloodline that gives him more power to attack like draconic or similar one.

Here is the "Enlightened Paladin" (The OGC site can't use Paizo terms like Irori, hence they use other names.


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Very nice Archetype, i read other posts where ypou advice people with monk builds.
What do you think about a monk (shoei)/paladin (enlightened) or best brawler/paladin (enlightened) for these builds?

I say brawler for armor but i read that you wear a mithral kikko armor or mithral breastplate (with Armor training trait) without penalties. Which or what do you think is the best option?

What feats are better for these builds? Feats for saint powers or for upgrade their unarmed attack.

Thanks for your help!!

You get armor profs from the Enlighted paladin anyway (light armor, but thats the best you can still use the Enlightened Paladin abilities in).

What do the Sohei and Brawler add to this?


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Nothing, you have reason, but enlightened paladin don't cast energy spells like saints (Ikki or Hyoga) or force spells (Pegasus, etc), and he hasn't monk flurry of blow for more attacks.

This is a nice archetype, but i think that i need Monk/Sorcerer for my Saint objective...

What are the best feats for unarmed combat like saints?

Thanks for all!!

If you want to do a monk/sorcerer think about Empyreal bloodline. It will let you use wisdom for all sorcerer abilities which would work will with monk.

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Interesting for a monk/sorcerer Vose but i want a bloodline more temathically oriented with Saint Seiya characters, but i can do with the spells too!!

how about Kineticist/Aegis?

How do people arrive at these threads to give advice a year late? That's an honest question, I don't know how you'd pick up on an old thread and decide to help out.

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