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"His name is Alyi'ensi Windborn. He is elven in heritage. Fair sailing may your journey be fruitful and arrival be timely."

Astri mentioned 800 gold earlier.

Father Zalen chuckles when he sees the dagger in the collection plate, he removes the item and hands it back to Ptahh. "Watch her hands...I know it can be difficult at times as other parts of Miss Jalia are easy on the eyes too." He pats the man on the back, "good to have you onboard. watch their backs they will need it. Danger follows them like a diseased prostitute." He laughs out loud.

Ptahh has his warrior stance going, he moves with the shaking floor but does not fall. He sees father Zalen emerge form the room a few moments later giving directions to staff and checking to see if everyone is ok.

"You alright there?" He ask Ptahh and Astri. "Explosion or earthquake?"

Chell Silves wrote:
Chell flails on the ground for a moment in impotent anger. "Seriously. One day. One day without a crisis. Ugh. What in the nine hells was that?"

Pulling himself up, then lending a hand to Chell the cleric responds. "That was either an explosion or an earthquake.' he hurries to the doorway, "I agree just one day without a crisis...one day."

He works his way through the Chapterhouse checking on people making sure they are ok. He yells some directions to his acolyte and some of the staff.

"I hope the healer can help and for the Tulita they are wise. Their gods are the old gods and their magic once was strong. As he saying this the chapterhouse shakes and dust from the cracks fills the air, he stumbles but falls on his arse. "W..w..wh...what the..."

reflex: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Chell falls on the ground as the earth moves under her feet.

Father Zalen listens closely to Chell, nodding on occasion. "I actually cured three cases myself. Mostly little bites, clearly meant to infect not kill. I've been gathering up all the wolfsbane that I can get." He frowns a bit as he contemplates the information. "Two of the victims mentioned it was a black shark that bit them. Did the boys say anything about the shark. But I hear the attacks have happened up and down the coast. Hunting the black shark down would help."

"We still have time, a lot can be accomplished in five days, I'm waiting on word from Sharkjaw Docks, I heard they have healer down there who has some experience with shapechangers."

I'm pretty busy right now.

Zalen a bit startled at first by the intrusion regains his manners and formally introduces his guest to the party, "Lady Jalia Ramires, this Chell Silves, a priestess and a god-send that Quell sent to the Chapterhouse. Her comrade, Lady Astrianna Sparacello, and I'm sorry I do not know you." He smiles widely at the half-orc. He then looks at Chell. "Is everything alright?"

Zalen has a striking resemblance to his father.

"I was able to heal the wounds, it seems like two or three people each day get bit. Some are vicious others are bite and release." he'll fetch the scrolls and put the money away. "well I have some work on the docks today. One of the Captain's wants me to bless his ship and crew before they head out.' He'll depart.

Father Zalen joins you for breakfast. "good morning...its going to rain today, clouds moving in. So, how are you holding up?" He says kindly.

You can get those scrolls from Father Zalen and he'll only charge you 400 for them. a slight discount. Plus, did you spend time scribing your own scroll today? Make the Spellcraft check. It's DC 5 +CL

spellcast: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (13) + 15 = 28

"Hmmm, polymorph?" he nods and shakes his head racing through his memory. "Well, it could be some sort of monster something like a familiar, or demon, or maybe even some sort of dragon." the acolyte rushes into the room at that moment, "there's been two more shark bites ....fisherman just off the coast...Father you're needed."

He blinks a few times and puts a reassuring hand on Chell's forearm. "You can handle this your friends are strong and your faith stronger." He provides her with a dispel magic scroll. "We can settle up later and by the way, I've been in danger the since the day I came into town. it's a family thing." He laughs loudly trying to break the tension. He then followers his acolyte. His last words, "Well, talk more later."

Fathere Zalen listens to Chell's story nods a few times then rummages through some scrolls grabbing four for the Priestess. "Sounds like some sort of plague, and they put the men on the dory to avoid the spread of it amongst the crew. Do you need help?" He waves off the money offered.

Astri scampers into the tail end of a meeting with between Chell and Zalen, obvious that a conversation was taking place, when she holds out a note that she wants delivered. Zalen smiles and takes the note, "I'll have my acolyte delver this to the fort this afternoon." He uses this interruption to say his goodbyes feeling that he has spoken too much already.

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Chell's hug throws Father Trafalgar, it checks him off guard for a moment. Regaining his composure he embraces the Priestess and offers a soothing shoulder. "The spider spins a complex web and I fear Port Shaw is series of entangled webs."

"As far as Wave Riders. Razor Coast was not always submerged in scum and villainy. Once, proud heroes walked the piers and sailed the bloody waters with steel and spell prepared against the dark. The Wave Riders were such a band of brave adventurers and renowned heroes, who faced death without question or pause and looked evil dead in the eye with nary a blink. Five years ago, the Wave Riders planned to ambush the Kraken and rid the shipping lanes of this fiendish terror once and for all."

"Masquerading their ship, the Trident, as a cargo freighter laden down with gold, they sailed forth to battle the Demon Below. I believe there plans were divulged and the Kraken was warned. Warned of the intricacies of their strategy, Harthagoa brought a legion of bloodthirsty sahuagin warriors and ambushed the Wave Riders. In the resultant massacre, many of the heroes fed the Kraken, while others met brutal deaths between the sahuagin’s flesh shearing teeth." He pauses to regain control of his voice.

"My father, Solomon Trafalgar, a paladin of Quell and the heart and soul of the Wave Riders, fell in the massacre, crushed to death by Harthagoa. The Kraken dragged Trafalgar’s body to his deep demesne as a grisly trophy. The surviving heroes, viewing the defeat of their steadfast leader, fled in disgrace. Since this demoralizing defeat, none have dared face the Demon Below. Nowadays, the only precautions available to a captain who braves the sea are prayers to Quell. Most ensure their affairs are in order before they set sail."

His voice is but a whisper now, "So who is around still? I hear Jalia Ramires, but haven't seen her she once loved my father. Then there is Capt Donovan, he was Captain of the Trident and you know what happened to him."

"There is Belok Talorg, who once embraced his god’s teachings as firmly as he embraces his opponents in the ring at The Broken Skull. The half-orc was a mighty holy warrior and a feared priest of the God of Strength and Battle, who slew all manner of towering, terrifying beasts. Now he beats up people for money at a tavern in Bawd district. Sadly he is not even the champion of the Skull’s ring any longer, as a wandering monk put him down firmly the last two times they clashed."

"They once heralded Xander Brim as the “Archmage of the Razor Coast.” He provided the arcane punch behind the Wave Riders, and his services as ship’s wizard were sought by every sea captain to sail the Razor. The defeat of the Riders bore down hard on Brim. The wizard never failed to bail his companions out of danger before, and the citizens of Port Shaw blamed the death of his compatriots beneath Harthagoa’s tentacles on Brim. He's had a rough spot of it. I heard he charges per spell rates now even in the face of death. No-freebee Brim, so I've been told."

"Commander Aeron Chambers, now Sorcerer Supreme of the Dragoons, is the only one who made good and stayed out of trouble."

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, you are pursing the truth and have accomplished much in a short time. I'm quite certain that the Kraken has spies among the people of Port Shaw. I've heard whispers of the secret Ring of the Kraken, but have not yet obtained much evidence. Your findings have proven to contain valuable insights confirming some of what I've feared. I've suspected Barrett was tied into the Ring." He touches Chell's shoulders ease her nerves. "I will keep my eyes and ears open, you and your friends should lay low for a few days, Barrett's sudden disappearance will not go unnoticed." He looks at her with calming blue eyes, "You can not get to the end in a day's time, we need more allies and we need to have some patience."

didn't say which ship he'll be sailing on. korg may not like a man dealing in drugs and flesh. of course, no dragoons will follow.

"Too many differing suggestions are made, surely enough to confuse those under their own wits. i offer him this house's protection and a ship out without weapons, and 50 gold to start afresh. no dragoons to follow" the priest looks over the other others. "name those six under your pay.'

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Father Zalen, do you know of anything that would implicate the dragoons or some faction of them in the madness that has threatened to swallow Port Shaw?[/b]

he exhales, "some of your words are treason, hargrove, the council and their appointed dragoons are the law. you my friend you just don't accept their laws and claim they are unjust or void...that is dangerous. what you speak is chaos and usurping the lawful gov't. that i can not support...at this time."

he pauses, "don't worry...i won't say anything, but i offer council, you talk treason."

"Well the only thing he is not being honest about is the Ring, it's clear he doesn't want to discuss that issue."

"Chell go to my quarters and get my high cloak." Chell you'd know which cloak he is referring to, it a symbol of his rank and office.

The priest looks seriously at the Garreg, "His aura has not disturbances in it, he is being truthful."

"Well he's not lying, there is no disturbance in his aura." He frowns slightly then continues. "Although I suspect there's something about the tavern or still that he knows."

Who's leading the questions?

Outside of Garreg's hearing. "I can offer a spell to discern if he is lying, but I need to concentrate for it, so one of you can ask the questions." He eyes Sorrin and Torgue, "Violence and threat of violence is not tolerated in this sacred place." He is very firm in his position.

"have you questioned this one yet?" He motions to Garreg. "What has his tongue waggled?'

Father Zalen reaches out to take a look a the ring shoved before him. He then looks at his own matching one. "Hmph...it's the ring given to priests that lead chapeterhouses." He examines the inside and shakes his head. "A.N." Exhaling. "Archibald Noeliss. Where did you discover this clue?"

A blurry-eyed Father Zalen stumbles to the doorway of the room where you have the prisoner located. 'Shhhhhh, a little more quiet, we have some people trying to sleep." His eyes focusing on the situation. "Dare I ask..." He frowns slightly while rubbing his forehead.

Chell Silves wrote:

"I think it would go along way to know the son of one of the Wave Riders doesn't blame him. Thank you sir. Do still keep in touch with any of the others? Maybe I can convince them to help again if Harthagoa is still on the move."

"Kracken gullet's a fine Inn, food delicious, lots of movers and shakers there. I've only been there twice once with Commandant Boneduece and once with a Korg and Captain Razor. Fun time...it can be stuffy but good in moderation. Lots of business takes place there."

He nods, "I was young when the Wave Riders hung out, but I remember being with Capt Donovan's ship the Trident. I still keep in touch of Belok Talorg, I've watched him fight in the Broken Skull a couple times and Captain Bethany Razor." He chuckles a bit, "Capt Razor's first mate, Korg, he's a minotaur, a good guy...not a Wave Rider, though. they were behind the hiring of your new friends when they went out to look at Thumb's Reach the night you stumbled on the group." He smiles. "Must be Quell's doing."

Chell Silves wrote:

Character sheet updated.

"Sir. If you don't mind me asking, how do you feel about Donovan and...have you ever said I forgive you? I know it seems strange to ask and out of the blue but the others are concerned over his drinking enough to concern me. An it seems to come from the guilt of what happened with the Wave Riders. I understand if you don't want to talk about it though."

At some point she also finds Astrianna, "Here," she says, handing over a scroll to her. "This is the scroll I promised Bonaduce. I don't plan to go because of all the Kraken...stuff, but give him this and my regards. I hope it gets put to good use, or at least use at all. I am not so sure anymore."

Zalen is bit taken aback at the directness of Chell's statement. "I don't blame Capt. Donovan, there were plenty of mistakes that day." he thinks a bit. "Perhaps, I should take your wise advice to heart and seek him out to chat."

He smiles, "Yes I'll make sure it gets to the Commandant today."

"Elder Hargroves hatred of the Tulitans is story for another time." He winces, "Safe to say his mother ruined his childhood when she ran away from his father and into the arms of a local Tulita man."

Chell is able to find Father Zalen when she gets back to the chapterhouse. He is hurried but has a few moments to speak, "Yes...we can go in my office, I'm quite sure it'll be private there."

Chell Silves wrote:

When she is done she helps out where she can and asks of Father Zalen "Any news about the disappearances?" Afterwards she meets up with the others at the cartographers. And though she seems at ease she is always on the watch for strange movement. She wasn't sure what was happening here but she figured the only way to find out was to let the enemy make the first move. She only hoped she could survive the ambush.

"No recent news...sorry." His narrow brow raises, "Have you found anything useful? How did that drug drop go, perhaps Commandant Boneduece will be pleased with your work."

He puckers his lips and continues, "Perhaps you want to look through Archibald Noeliss room, a fresh set of eyes looking for clues."

Zalen provides a bit of history as you walk...

"Fort Stormshield is over 100 years old, built long before the founding of Port Shaw by an elven shipping guild attempting to reclaim territory once held by elves during Sammerlock Sails’ ancient supremacy over the Razor. The elves purchased the plateau south of present-day Port Shaw and erected Fort Stormshield to protect them from pirates. The elves recently abandoned the Fort when their guild – overwhelmed by piratical predations – fled the area. Elder Hargrove purchased the fort some say for a pittance. Now the Municipal Dragoons of Port Shaw use the fort as their base of operations."

The cleric responds only when prying ears are not around, "the mysterious disappearance of Archibald Noeliss, the cleric who presided here for the past twenty years is of grave concern. By all accounts the people liked him, but I suspect foul play. Perhaps he found something he wasn't suppose to...I don't know yet." He looks around, "Even more troubling is the Church planned to fill Noeliss’ place with Dalang Jalamar but this respected missionary vanished without a trace two months ago." He shakes his head, "Two ranking members of the church up and gone...and...I've heard others in the field have gone missing. Be careful and give the appearance of being harmless, or you may run into similar fate, as I suspect there's a secret society in the town." With that he leaves you be as he scurries off.

After he removes the disease on Thrasher and Sorrin he chats with chell more, "So what brings you to town...priestess. I'm not complaining, we can use more church members here this city is mess. I need to tend to the food line and the those in need of assistance this morning, you're fne to follow and chat if you like."

Before he leaves the room a second time, he hands over a burlap sack holding the 300 gp to the Astri. He pulls the were-shack man's tethered. 'Don't even think it." He warns the man.

"well they would have had ghoul fever sometimes tomorrow." He shows Chell the restorative scrolls, "Only have three of these ready...we seem to use these cure diseases as quick as we draft them." He looks at her, "A critical spell for you to know...critical."

About five minutes later the cleric returns carrying a tube. "Sit down there." He points to a simple wooden chair. He opens the case and pulls out a scroll then begins to say a blessing.

CL: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

He touches Sorrin's forehead.

He repeats the process for Thrasher, touching his beak.

CL: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

'Both of you will be fine now."

DM roll:

Heal check
thasher: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (3) + 16 = 19

Before departing the room the priest does a once over Thrasher. He frown a bit as he looks a the reptile, "Anatomy's different obviously, but i think he's gonna be sick too."

DM rolls:

heal, sorrin: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (20) + 16 = 36

"We'll check Jessica out," he then examines the group, "Sorrin you're gonna be sick soon...very ill." Without warning he leaves the room.

Anyone else hit by the lacedon...Sorrin and Jenkie I remmeber without doing a search.

"I can send word to the fort and request an audience, advise that there are witnesses, testimony, and suspect captured." He pauses, "They may not be quick in responding, so rest if you can." He eyes the Gymmer. "I can keep him in one of the rooms until you get your audience."

The father looks from Chell to Astri a bit taken aback at her comment about it being an adventure. "Of course it was. I was commenting to the priestess, I figured you all," he motions to the others, "have had your fill of adventure for the day." He glances over at everyone including Jessica and Relgin. "Let's get the Jessica settled before we chat in earnest....you would agree?"

You arrive at the Que3ll Chapterhouse and the food line has already started for the morning meal. The side door is unlocked. Inside Father Trafalgar is chatting up the kitchen help as the work . He is surprised to see you back already.

"Oh, you're back." He smiles at seeing a priestess, "Oh...your mission brought back the glory of the sea, Quell's blessing I see." He greets Chell, "Was you journey uneventful...i hope."

"I will try."

do you want the lesser healing this evening or the better healing before dawn? He'll leave with you if you want the lesser healing options beacuse he has to get them from the chapterhouse.

"Odd you say right at home in the Church of Quell, he was a bit aloof and didn't seem to want to go to the outskirts to fulfill your promise to your captain. If memory serves he tried to get Sath or was it Darius to join him on some sight-seeing. The potential weakening of your party in dangerous part of town you may recall." He sits there refectively for a brief second, "Certainly not characteristics of community and helping a fallen sailor's family. Charity for the poor and destitute did not ring in his spirit." He lets his insightful words sink in. " Of course, I wish I can help more with Harok but every spare coin I have for that endeavor takes away from the my aid to people in this community. I have limited resources both monetarily and in manpower."

Finally he states, "If the dragoon leadership permit it, I will seek audience, but their agenda may not warrant such a meeting."

"I've put and gathered all the help I can." He motions to Korg and speaks in giant.

They want sailors, or the coin advanced to buy the rita.

Korg shakes his head and states he's done all he could.

"There is no more coin, nor can he help out with sailors."

The priest says, "I see your predicament about travel and hanging, if Quell desires your friend and Harok to die, so be it. obviously David Hawkins wasn't motivating enough to get you to move this evening withou more coin, but if it helps I do have few lesser potent healing remedies at the chapterhouse I can provide to you now."

"There are a lot of men locked up, but I did not see this David Hawkins, but the fort and prison is big."

"Stop by the chapterhouse before dawn and I'll have a couple healing remedies for you."

"Well, Harok's cousin Relgin lives out there nobody's heard form him lately. The haborbourmaster has him listed as the contact to sell Harok's fishing sloop, Rita, but nobody's seen him." The priest looks over a the First Mate, Korg, "There's been rumors of a strange black shark...talk on the docks, tidbits here and there. I spoke to Harok in his cell recently, he rambled on about a black shark ravaging the hamlet and devouring his wife. We are concerned about his daughter, Jessica's, whereabouts. More than that we do not know, but that is where you enter the picture." He states hopefully.

Korg laughs at Astri's comments.

Then the Zalen mentions, "We were talking about the pour Harok and the hamlet. I tried to get Quell's Whore to investigate it but the Captain has other thing going fright now but offered up 1500 gold help spur some interest."[b] A light bulb goes off. [b]"Would you all be interested in a little job, I'd even offer up a couple healing potions just in case."

He stops a second to let you all to think about it before he continues. "I can't prove it but I know Harok didn't kill those people...something fishy is happening."

Bri's heart flutters when she sees the large friend. :-)

"Good day ladies." he stands up and the minotaur does likewise. You notice he has a short sword on but that looks like dagger next to his body. "This is Korg, he is First Mate aboard the Quells Whore." Korg grunts out in very rough common a hello.

"The giant tongue is his native language." The priest motions to chairs and motions to a table which Korg easily lifts one-handed and places it down next to theirs, he then goes about and grabs chairs.

The father will lead the party back to the Chapeterhouse without further incident. "Well, Dontorian’s House of Haberdashery in the Silk district will be able to get proper attire for Mrs. Amaya and young Jack. Miss Molly’s Bathhouse and Laundry is in the Bawd District and there are plenty of inns for them. I'd suggest, perhaps, 'The Green Dragon' it's in the Silk District."

"Most certainly a few rows away actually, she's not far from Barrett"s Barnacle a dive of tavern." He makes sure the man is settled in then turns to leave.

Anyone else have anything to do or say with this man?

"Shouldn't take us more than 10 minutes to get there now."

"Come by the Chapterhouse for warm meal," he sees the children, "I'm sure we could rustle up a toy or two." He rubs the top of small boy's head.

"Gangs come and go in the outskirts, it's survival of the fittest. I haven't heard of this latest one but that's not surprising." He scans the area. "Kids learn early there 'some' degree of protection in numbers, if they survive they advance, if they don't they become mud." I places a hand on the man's shoulder. "We'll walk you home, then we will be on our way."

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