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Is that bad advice because mechanically it doesn't work or because it its not interesting to do so ? @ Gray Warden

You just need to wield the hammer to use Torag patient strikes...

choose chivalry inquisition to be mounted invest to get another proficiency (if you are human military tradition to get another cool weapon prof) and wield a lance one handed mounted and use the other hand for the hammer...

The problem with it is that inquisitor damage output is highly dependent on bane and you now have to weapons... It might be a better fit on another class...

Crossbow man with overwatch style VMC order for the blossom cavalier for sneak attacks on all attacks

Ryze Kuja wrote:
There's an ioun stone that causes Fatigue to become Sickened. If you can figure out a way to become immune to sickened, you're effectively immune to fatigue as well.

Immune to sickened is quite easy with oracle curses but the OP asked for non class/race ways

Hi i am trying to make character for an upcoming pbp campaign. I am starting level 3

I have decided upon the above because I really like the idea of a reach cleric but as the game will likely not go into the super high levels I wanted to play that style with an immediate return and play that game out of the gate instead of only at level 7-9

Duergar why: because it allows me to enlarge and recharge innate ability spell allows me to do it more than once per day. reach is good, enlarged reach is better.

point buy 20
STR 16
DEX 16
Con 13 (4th level stat increase will go here)
int 8
Wis 14
Cha 5

Conversion inquisition keys bluff, diplo and intimidate of Wisdom so I can be the more than the silent type

I intended to take FCB on skills as the game allows for max HP

so I have 3 more skills to invest in

So at third level I will have combat reflexes (1), intrepid rescuer (3) and paired opportunists (3 bonus teamwork)

I have decided upon adopted - tusked as a trait so I can threaten and attack whats in front of me as well

I don't know what to take for second trait, Im tempted to go for an heirloom weapon so I can take a bardiche as my weapon instead of longspear but dont know if that is worthwile

The difference with this build is of course that once the monsters I have summoned have attacked, they will drop prone, meaning that if they are attacked outside my turn by an enemy I can reach they also trigger an AOO.

So I want to know if there are in glaring holes in the character concept and how to grow the character after char creation. I think if I have bane I wont really miss power attack, I actually think to go for exotic weapon profiency flying blade for flavor enlarged thats 3D6 gets to +2 on AOOs and together with bane that should be pretty good in to hit and damage

I recently started a goliath druid 1/high guardian X and I havent regretted it yet.

Sure I am feat strapped but enlarging and having a 20 feet reach and combat reflexes keyed of strength is all kinds of cool on 15 point build. I went for half orc to be able to threaten with a bite attack on whats in front of me and went for the sacred tattoo + fates favored to further counter the restrictions of the point buy

Instead of Druid, how about a hunter, primal companion take wolf or something and use anthropomorphic animal to make the AC into wolfman, then use the evolution points to give weapon proficiencies to wolfman, then give it a lance and let it ride the centaur for a double lance charge...


What could be more powerful than the Charger archetype is to keep Centaur and to go fighter (dragoon) and with het takes the natural jouster (centaur feat) and handwave the having to be mounted for spirited charge.... You can REALLY hit freaking hard with a lance as a dragoon

"When you make a ranged attack with an appropriate thrown weapon, the weapon returns to your hand immediately after the attack is resolved. This ability does not allow bullets, thrown ammunition such as darts
or shuriken, or thrown splash weapons to return to you.

Improvised thrown weapons don’t return to you unless you have the Throw Anything feat".

HOW can you get the pre-req Weapon Training class feature on improvised weapons though, or is this "waved for improvised weapons.

Don't know if this advice (if its possible) or rules (as it seems impossible I think there a rules issue here).

Another option is the sacred huntsmaster inquisitor...

very similar to hunter except for two things.

*Very easy to be a good intimidator, bluffer out of combat (heresy, conversion inquisitions)

For damage in combat there is bane. Sweet, sweet, sweet bane !

Meirril wrote:

Continue on leveling Paladin. At 8th you pick up 2nd level spells. Righteous Vigor looks good. 2nd level paladin spell, you get +1 to hit each time you hit an enemy until you miss, up to +4 max, and you get 1d8 temps that stack to 20 total each hit. The paladin exclusive spells tend to be very good for their level.

If you want Gravity Bow star throwing points into Use Magic Device. While it isn't a class skill for Paladin, it is based on Cha. Activating a wand is a flat 20.

If you don't see any value in higher level Paladin spells, or mercies then go Fighter. Grab weapon specialization, and once you get Weapon Training go get the magic item that boosts it by 2. That is 5 levels of fighter to get weapon training 1. That will give you a ton of extra feats to dump into your bow. I don't know what you've spent your feats on, but the extra 2 or 3 feats from fighter can't hurt.

Righteous vigor seems very good, it does however specify MELEE, so it doesn't help the OP

Unfortunately betrayal feats has baked in it its own nerf right from the start


*“Teamwork” is a relative term. Many villains don’t concern themselves with collateral damage and make their plans with exceeding ruthlessness. Presented below are several teamwork feats with the common theme of reaping a benefit at your allies’ expense. All of these feats refer to an initiator and an abettor. The initiator is the one activating the feat (also referred to as “you”) and the abettor is an ally who also has the feat and whose presence and (perhaps unwilling) sacrifice allows the feat to take effect. Choosing one of these feats effectively grants consent for an ally with the same feat to harm you in combat, and vice versa, but evil characters are often willing to take big risks to get the upper hand. Some recruit devoted minions specifically to use in this way. Characters with class abilities granting allies access to teamwork feats (such as cavaliers or inquisitors) can select these teamwork feats normally, but allies who are granted these feats can use the feats only as initiators, not as abettors. An inquisitor could not grant an ally the Ally Shield feat and then use the ally as a shield, for example, but he could allow that ally to use him as a shield.*

I really wanted to play the inquisitor who thanks to cunning initiative and high dex and combat domain goes first and then gives callous casting feat to the Big Stupid Fighter and then acid splashes the BSF for 1d3 damage so he can get an immediate move and place himself next the target netting him a false pounce. Alas it doesn't work, maybe if you and your GM handwaves it...

Maybe an Eldritch guardian build...

Slim Jim wrote:

To be a "professional" reach martial, IMO you need four things: 1) rage, 2) 2hPA, 3) the ability to consume Enlarge Person potions faster than a standard action. 4) Combat Reflexes.

Done right, you are, in melee combat, one of if not the most destructive martial in your party. Consequently, expect everything bad will come your way (which is just the way you like it).

My favorite polearm thumper build:

Traits: Berserker of the Society, Accelerated Drinker (if not a Drunken Brute barbarian at 1st)
1. (your favorite rage class/archetype combo), Extra Rage, Combat Reflexes (delayed until 3rd if non-human)
2. cleric1 (Community + Travel domains)
3. fighter1 Power Attack, FEAT(g)
4. fighter2 ...etc.

Stats (20pt buy): str (15>17), dex/con/wis 14s, int 12, cha 7.

First belt upgrade is for dex, not strength. (This fills out your AC better, and grants an extra AoO, which you'll definitely want while forfeiting dex while Enlarged.)

1st round tactics (2nd onward): Cast Bless, move-chug potion & grow big, 5' as needed, grip polearm, enjoy 20' reach and prepare to make many AoOs.

You'll use a bardiche at low level, then pick up a fauchard and a cracked opalescent white pyramid ioun stone.

This is for myself not for the OP.. How do you feel about the high guardian archetype in such a build... I like this idea. I am currently in a game where my character is very likely to die and I want to prep a character a back up in case that happens. (15 points buy. Its supposed to be a very grim setting with rare access to magic items etc)

@AVR there are some more arguments on the pathfinder reddit.

Anyway I have no interest in rehashing it, just pointing it out. If you do think it works and your GM agrees another interesting take on overwatch is to combine with the betrayal feat:

https://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/betrayal-feats/friendly-fire-betrayal-teamwo rk/

you shoot as you normally do but with a +2 shooting through the location of the Big Stupid Fighter and only if you miss you hit BSF, in any case you always generate an attack of opportunity for BSF

It needs the investment of BSF to get going...

if you would go improved point blank shot and paired opportunist the number of attacks could get quite insane

I myself like an option that is not really explored. human Goliath druid with animal companion.

Eye for talent to give +2 intelligence to your beasty
both your dino take improved spell sharing right of the gate.

Share enlarge person from level 1, profit.

Even when enlarge person is not anymore a thing because you are running around as a troll you still can get mileage out of vine strike, strong jaw being shared cheating action economy 101

avr wrote:
Overwatch style readies standard action attacks and those can certainly use vital strike.

I thought that was very much contested according the number of threads there are on that.

Ok that blows but its settled at least.

Imagine I take a single level in goliath druid (or other) with growth domain ability and I am nabbing shillelagh as first level spell.

I go on and switch to sacred fist or monk.

At 5th level monk my unarmed is 1D8, I enlarge so my bare hands do 2D6, with ascetic form tats now the base damage of my quarterstaff, now I use shillelagh on the quarterstaff tp flurry with it at 4D6, 4D8 if I get monk robes.

Is that correct or it doesn't work that way?

SortHac wrote:

As a side note, may I suggest adding in either the Crossbow or Elf section that the latter have a variant racial trait that can help out with the former, Crossbow Training?

Crossbow Training: An elf with this trait can reload a light crossbow as a free action and a heavy crossbow as a move action, provided that she is proficient with the weapon. If she selects the Rapid Reload feat for a heavy crossbow, she can reload the weapon as a free action. This racial trait replaces weapon familiarity.

Posted the exact same thing when OP asked for comments on this on the pathfinder reddit forum

Your level of optimisation is far beyond mine so im just gonna ask a stupid question.

What about whirlwind attack, wouldnt you in theory get a far greater number of attacks (yes spread out, not against the same target, I understand normally its better to take one guy out of commission than to spread the damage around, but the feel that I get its more of control build than pure dps).

Thing is whirlwind attack has the wording "when you do a full attack action" so difficult swings would apply.

Don't take exotic weapon proficiency on a human. Take the military tradition alternate racial trait to that gives up the bonus feat for two exotic proficiencies. That way you can also get dwarven boulder or armour spikes.

Backlash3906 wrote:
Wicky1976 wrote:
Backlash3906 wrote:

Related to this general discussion, what are the strongest options (especially feats) for Eldritch Guardian, for the fighter to synergize with their Mauler familiar? To the best of my knowledge, natural attack fighters are not a great option, even with Natural Weapons as a Fighter Weapon Group, and I'm not sure what other loadout is best to work for both of them.

Is Intelligence of 6 deemed enough for Exotic Weapon Proficiency, assuming the familiar has sufficiently compatible anatomy?

Monkey style, paired opportunist combat reflexes, intrepid rescuer (Kurgess followers only): every attack to you OR to the familiar generates an AOO attack from BOTH you AND the familiar

Oh My Strong Man I love this.

"Spot! Combat positions!"
*familiar falls flat to the ground*
"Good boy, Spot!" *also falls flat to the ground* "Now, advance!" *Fighter and familiar begin belly-wiggling across the battlefield*

I havent played it insofar its all theory to me.

Phalanx formation also potentially useful in this build

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Backlash3906 wrote:

Related to this general discussion, what are the strongest options (especially feats) for Eldritch Guardian, for the fighter to synergize with their Mauler familiar? To the best of my knowledge, natural attack fighters are not a great option, even with Natural Weapons as a Fighter Weapon Group, and I'm not sure what other loadout is best to work for both of them.

Is Intelligence of 6 deemed enough for Exotic Weapon Proficiency, assuming the familiar has sufficiently compatible anatomy?

Monkey style, paired opportunist combat reflexes, intrepid rescuer (Kurgess followers only): every attack to you OR to the familiar generates an AOO attack from BOTH you AND the familiar

If I ever play that AP, I would play a Sacred Fist warpriest or monk that leverages Earth Child Style and Ascetic form with a sansekuton... because why not...

Something different...

Samsaran royal accuser. Choose mystic past life ranger instant enemy, arrow eruption, gravity bow. Choose aberrations as your chosen enemy.

Prc into hinterlander, take dead eyes blessing, keying your longbow out of wisdom

By level 10 you have can have both bane and favored enemy 3 (+6 to hit *+ 6 damage) for high level targets. After you have those up you can enlarge as a swift action from the growth domain (your to hit is keyed of your wisdom so it doesn't harm you)

Against mooks bane + gravity bow+ enlarged + arrow eruption looks like fun.

If you take it to higher levels you can get another ranger level for another favored enemy level and take favored defense

JDawg75 wrote:

... I like the idea of an Aasimar Inquisitor ...giving them the celestial template.


Instead of feather domain, just go for the sacred huntsmaster.

IF you feel like a celestial pet is cool: 5 words: Swift action Litany Of Righteousness


Grandlounge wrote:
I should have put wild shape in quotation marks. There is a lunar revelation that gives hour/lvl polymorph. It is called Form of the Beast. It has a bunch of caveats that I should have also included but I was being lazy.

Thanks I could have sworn that there is some polymorph spell for the hunter (so I either on ranger or on druid list) that transforms you into an animal equal to your AC (with some scaling restriction), but I cant seem to find it...

Grandlounge wrote:

Ravener hunter: see above but also get wild shape for TWO TIGER POUNCE (evangelist can make it THREE TIGER POUNCE)

Do you mean feral hunter archetype? How do ravener hunters gain wildshape?

Caveat Risky striker is one of the best offensive tools for a martial halfling, it has one significant drawback that is often overlooked it only works with attack action or a full-attack action, a lot of the champion of irori special attacks dont full under this condition

My take. Go for sohei monk until the weapon training cut off, take monk weapons. Do paladin levels, go into prestige cless, take ascetic style. ascetic form, and leverage the hell and back out out of both brawling armor and gloves of dueling and a pimped out sansekuton.

If you go real high level, might be worth to get your buddy pony. Take mounted skirmisher because of sohei, casually have your mount stroll up to your opponent and flurry him to death using risky striker and an that sansekuton . Next turn do it again to another opponent across the battlefield.

Alternatively go for tortured crusader, with light armor and wis to AC you could go for a charisma dumped halfling paladin, being sad and SAD and getting more smite evils (albeit not super powerful ones) but you got that covered by the weapon training brawling armor and flurrying with a two handed weapon.

VoodistMonk wrote:

You have to be an ogre to take Savage Critical.

You cant get it via human and racial heritage? If so, why not ?

IF you are going for furious finish with vital striking, consider going slayer VMC barbarian.

Furious finish maxes all your variable dice, with slayer you get sneak attack variable dice.

Human +racial heritage + savage critical

means that every time you vital strike you trigger sneak attack

That's a lot feats, maybe its not worth it

Joyd wrote:

I'm working on what was supposed to be a mini-guide to the Monster Tactician, but it's already ballooned to almost 30 pages of text.

I don't know if you know and like this trick.

Play for monster tactician for Kurgess (you have luck, strength and travel as domains so that is not too shabby)

You get access to the Kurgess worhippers only feat: intrepid rescuer.

Take the staple teamwork feats paired opportunist

Take the feat phalanx formation.

This is melee (reach build). So you do the normal thing where you summon and the creatures attack. Difference is after they attack you order them lie prone. If they are attacked, you can attack the bad guy initiating the attack provided you are positioned well, and so do all the monsters (because of paired opportunist). Sure they attack with -4 because they are prone (but its cancelled out because of the +4 because of paired opportunist). YOU however attack with the +4 of paired opportunist. Also you are probably having bane active so its well worth it.

page 198 of the Core Rulebook: "If you are able to take only a standard action on your turn, you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw feat. You can’t use this option unless you are restricted to taking only a standard action on your turn."

Sohei ability: Devoted Guardian (Ex): At 1st level, a sohei can always act in a surprise round even if he does not notice his enemies, though he remains flat-footed until he acts

Animal companion archetype: Bodyguard: At 3rd level, a bodyguard can always act in a surprise round (though it remains flat-footed until it acts). As long as its master is adjacent, a bodyguard remains conscious (though it becomes staggered) when its hit points fall below 0. While below 0 hit points, the bodyguard loses 1 hit point per round but gains a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks, dying only if its hit points reach a negative total equal to its Constitution score plus its master’s class level. This replaces evasion.

Teamwork look out feat (shared): Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you may act in the surprise round as long as your ally would normally be able to act in the surprise round. If you would normally be denied the ability to act in the surprise round, your initiative is equal to your initiative roll or the roll of your ally –1, whichever is lower. IF BOTH YOU AND YOUR ALLY WOULD BE ABLE TO ACT WITHOUT THE USE OF THIS FEAT, YOU MAY BOTH TAKE A STANDARD AND MOVE ACTION (OR A FULL ROUND ACTION) DURING THE SURPRISE ROUND

with this setup the cats 40 feet charge on the surprise round (normally)can becomes an 80 feet charge. 40 feet is not that much if you intend to wheel... Maybe its not an immediate priority but at higher level it could be something you want to build for

I read that if the recipient wears the hat there is an extension otherwise no

I had what I think is a cool idea for monster tactician: be a monster tactician for Kurgess.

Take intrepid rescuer, phalanx formation, combat reflexes as feats
and paired opportunist as the first teamwork feat

Get your monsters between you and the enemy and let them full attack as usual. After they attack let them drop prone as free action. If the bad guy attacks the monster he eats an attack of opportunity from all monsters and you (sure the monsters are at -4 because of prone but they take a +4 from paired opportunist so its still as +0). If the bad guy moves, same thing. In your turn let the monster stand up from prone, if the bad guy A00s you get to interrupt with A00. Then let the monsters attack with their single attack, dismiss them, summon another group of monsters in the same location and do it all over again...

Matthew Downie wrote:
Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
Let's look at the Rogue, the Core Trapfinder. They trade out this ability 41 times across 57 Paizo Archetypes, excluding Racial Archetypes. This means almost 4 out of every 5 rogues doesn't need Trapfinding to still fill an effective niche in the party.
Hm. I wonder how many of the 41 Rogue archetypes that trade out Trapfinding actually make effective PCs?

Most notably knifemaster

and skulking slayer trade out trapfinding and trap sense,

both fairly popular archetypes

Louise Bishop wrote:

Best mounted feats:
Mounted Combat-> Ride by-> Spirited charge
Wheeling Charge
Power Attack
Risky Striker (Halfling Only)

I thought risky striker didn't work on charge, a limitation on a fantastic feat.

Risky striker

...You can only choose to use this feat when you declare that you are making an attack action or a full-attack action with a melee weapon..

Charge is neither a full round action or full attack action but a full round action

VMC cleric: plant domain or fist subdomain: Half your level to damage for wis +3 rounds per day, free activation cost, I would really like to make that work in ascetic build flurrying shurikens because I think its cool, might not be super effective.

If you would go Royal accuser you could go Samsaran with mystic past life, pile up all the favored enemies in one basket and raid the ranger spell list for instant enemy spell and another cherry pick, take two levels of ranger for an additional favored enemy and ranger style feat and a level of hinterlanter for yet another extra favored enemy and a bow feat and at level 15 you have +5 favored enemy aberration.

Then you can open combat with swift action: instant enemy for a +10 to hit and +10 damage with your bow because of favored enemy, full attack. consider favored defense for a nice +5 to AC to because between -2 to con from being Samsaran and being strapped for feats your defense will be probably not that great

Second round bane for another +2 to hit and another 2+4d6. Most stuff should be dead after two such barrages...

If you would go with Royal accuser stack it with sanctified slayer, at least you get two more ranger style feats that help getting all your bow feats

There is so many options... Its just a question to look out where you on what point you are weak (DPS, utility tanking) and try to counter it...

I wouldn't sweat if you mad a less than optimal choice on expanding the list you have which is plenty.

One trick that I haven't seen in any guide and that I would really like to try myself is to be Monster tactician Inquisitor for Kurgess.

You can take luck or travel domain both solid choices in addition to the domain choices but the reason I would take him is this:

http://archivesofnethys.com/FeatDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Intrepid Rescuer

This seems to me as an INSANE feat for monster tactician.

Your turn, standard action summon monsters. Monsters are put three next to each other of a target. Monsters attack, monsters fall prone (free action for them). You move right behind the monsters threatening your target.

Make your first teamwork feat paired opportunist.

Opponent moves away: it eats an AOO from you and three monsters.

Opponent attacks one of the three monsters: it takes an attack of opportunity of you and the three monsters.

The paired opportunist +4 is enough to counter their -4 from being prone and your -4 from the soft cover that the monsters are providing.

Get a flying blade or an elven branched spear as heirloom weapon and enjoy that +3 on all attacks of opportunity

If you put prestige classes like mammoth rider in the guide, also consider evangelist of Erastil...

A second Animal Companion as a standard action is crazy good on any class that is focused on its AC, but a second AC on an outflank hunter that AC that has bonus teamwork feats it must be obscenely good

( Twin fang ability Evangelist of Erastil level 11)

Alexander Augunas wrote:
For my outflank hunter, I like using the sense vitals spell in combination with Improved Spell Sharing. I ride my wolf, cast that spell, and split the duration between myself and him. That way we both get +2d6 sneak attack damage for a few rounds, and we're basically always flanking because I'm riding him.

Sense vitals is for manufactured weapons only, how does that work for the AC ?

graystone wrote:
Wicky1976 wrote:
Yes but you have feat (two handed thrower) that overrides that general flurry rule

No it doesn't... Reread the section I quoted: "whether the attacks are made with an off-hand or with a weapon wielded in both hands." So flurry doesn't allow damage changed depending of handedness which is EXACTLY what two handed thrower does.

Now look at dragon style once. Notice any mention of hands used? Nope, and that's why it can work as it just alters the modifier and NOT how you use the weapon.

So it's not that something can't come along and modify the damage but the fact that two handing can't do it.

Makes sense, Thanks !

Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
Clerics have a harder time intimidating people than maguses, but if your GM let's you take the Blade of Mercy trait, you have enough money to buy a merciful weapon, or you start at a high enough level to use cornugon smash, such a cleric would have more and better spells to save or die with.

In general you are probably right, but I haven't seen a single feat, or class feature that has the potential of adding a double digit modifier to an intimidate test, but the torture domain can do that

graystone wrote:
Wicky1976 wrote:

Of important note is that the two handed thrower feat doesn't require a two handed weapon.

A one handed weapon thrown two handed nets 1.5 str damage.

Can a monk with crusaders flurry (Gozreh worshipper), or sacred fist flurry- throw a trident AND use the two handed thrower feat to get 1.5 strength strength on his throw flurry.

If not, why not ?

Flurry: "A monk applies his full Strength bonus to his damage rolls for all successful attacks made with flurry of blows, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand or with a weapon wielded in both hands." So str x1, no matter how many hands you use with it.

Now unchained monk doesn't have any of that so it fine with an 'unchained' flurry.

Yes but you have feat (two handed thrower) that overrides that general flurry rule

Just like dragon style overrides the X1 STR of the first attack of normal flurry

Of important note is that the two handed thrower feat doesn't require a two handed weapon.

A one handed weapon thrown two handed nets 1.5 str damage.

Can a monk with crusaders flurry (Gozreh worshipper), or sacred fist flurry- throw a trident AND use the two handed thrower feat to get 1.5 strength strength on his throw flurry.

If not, why not ?

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I know the advantage of magic missile vs thunderstomp is that magic missile does damage and thunderstomp does not, but thunderstomp will treat your caster level as BAB so your to hit will be better.

Some ideas which may or may not work all together.
*Greater thumberstomp will do this against all creatures in the area, you actually would need to find a way to exclude your friends.

*If you are human, you may want the bred for war trait, which would give you a +1 on the trip attempts.

*vicious stomp. Every body that falls prone next to you triggers an attack of opportunity...

*Kobold groundling: everybody prone is denied its AC against you... You could sneak attack with that vicious stomp

You took this trait already, right ?


Bladelock wrote:
How can you get Ascetic Style with a katana?

crusaders flurry ?

Monster tactician.

There are teamwork that are good with solo tactics but there are also feats that are good when its not carving up your own flesh but just the ones of the monster you summoned, like wild flanking

There is specific disarm build with hunter or sacred huntsmaster where you stack so many modifiers against yourself you intentionally fail the disarm.

However with improved disarm partner and paired opportunist you trigger both an AOO from your pet (who can make an attack at full BAB) and yourself (who makes another disarm attempt that is doomed to fail).

The idea is that essentially your pet attacks for 1+combat reflexes amount of times each turn and every attack is at full bab because the combat reflexes.

the basic build is here...

https://www.reddit.com/r/Pathfinder_RPG/comments/3xl61z/build_math_improved _disarm_partner/

the build can come online at level 8. I would do away weapon finesse, dervish dance and piranha strike, and invest in two weapon fighting, two weapon defense and weapon trick arm bind and attack with arrows from a quiver (improvised weapons when used in melee). If you go weapon trick arm bind you can even attempt and fail disarm against monsters and spellcaster that don't hold weapons so you can do this in every situation. If you ever get separated from your pet you are truly and completely useless though (except for the hunter, inquisitor spellcasting that is).

You can definitely play this like the character is utterly useless but still be very effective because will do the killing.

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