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I am building a Monster Tactician Inquisitor and I need help picking the best options from the Expanded Summon Monster options it adds. I've never played a summon monster focused character and I have no clue what to pick. I've been able to find guides online for regular summon monster, but none for the expanded list.

So what suggestions do you guys have?

There is so many options... Its just a question to look out where you on what point you are weak (DPS, utility tanking) and try to counter it...

I wouldn't sweat if you mad a less than optimal choice on expanding the list you have which is plenty.

One trick that I haven't seen in any guide and that I would really like to try myself is to be Monster tactician Inquisitor for Kurgess.

You can take luck or travel domain both solid choices in addition to the domain choices but the reason I would take him is this:

http://archivesofnethys.com/FeatDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Intrepid Rescuer

This seems to me as an INSANE feat for monster tactician.

Your turn, standard action summon monsters. Monsters are put three next to each other of a target. Monsters attack, monsters fall prone (free action for them). You move right behind the monsters threatening your target.

Make your first teamwork feat paired opportunist.

Opponent moves away: it eats an AOO from you and three monsters.

Opponent attacks one of the three monsters: it takes an attack of opportunity of you and the three monsters.

The paired opportunist +4 is enough to counter their -4 from being prone and your -4 from the soft cover that the monsters are providing.

Get a flying blade or an elven branched spear as heirloom weapon and enjoy that +3 on all attacks of opportunity

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