Gestalt Centaur Cavalier / Druid advice?


One of my newer players (less than a year) wants to play as a Centaur Cavalier/Druid with the Charger (centaur-only) Archetype in an upcoming Gestalt campaign. He has been playing a Druid in the current campaign we're running and has been loving the Druid playstyle, so he's quite dead-set on playing a Druid again.

This is going to be a high powered campaign, where I'm going to actively try to pressure/challenge/kill the group with other Gestalt baddies.

The group makeup is: Human SynthesistSummoner/Dual-DisciplinePsion(Nomad/Telepath), Elf GravewalkerWitch/JujuOracle (basically ultimate necromancer), Fetchling GunAlchemist/Spy, Elf Bard/Witch, and Centaur ChargerCavalier/Druid.

I think for this new character he wants to have a bow and a lance and be proficient with the Lance. We're starting at level 1. This campaign will be a long one, I'm expecting to go to at the very least to 15-20, and I even have content planned if they go lvl20+. I'm looking for advice/suggestions to give him. Thanks!

Instead of Druid, how about a hunter, primal companion take wolf or something and use anthropomorphic animal to make the AC into wolfman, then use the evolution points to give weapon proficiencies to wolfman, then give it a lance and let it ride the centaur for a double lance charge...


What could be more powerful than the Charger archetype is to keep Centaur and to go fighter (dragoon) and with het takes the natural jouster (centaur feat) and handwave the having to be mounted for spirited charge.... You can REALLY hit freaking hard with a lance as a dragoon

It might be easier if he uses a nature fang druid (since it would allow the two sides of the gestalt to build up for the same purpose)... but I can understand the desire here if they just want to use druid as a utility class (spells and the ability to do things like turn into small animals).

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