Halfling Champion of the Enlightened - how to build?


Tl;dr I want to know the best way to do this with the new material from the two hundred splat books published since the release of any of the guides available for this prestige class.

Scaled Fist replaces still mind which makes me unbelievably salty. Tortured Crusader has some synergy. Any input? Maybe a Dex focused halfling pally with an agile AoMF, dumping CHA (ouch)?

I don't have the system knowledge to do this alone. Thanks in advance peeps

No one? Champion of Irori? Maybe it's not well known by the other name

well...if you're going to mix paladin and monk, why does it have to be that kind? Irori's kinda...meh, you know?

You've pinpointed that Scaled Fist monks get Cha to their AC, and paladins get Cha to their saves...so...

Scaled Fist 1/Paladin of, oh, Smiad

1. take Crusader's Flurry once you can channel energy, and now you can flurry a greatsword in battle.
2. Noble Scion (War) will get you +Cha to Init, which is nice if your Dex is otherwise not great
3. Make your greatsword out of blood crystal, and have fun with an armorless paladin waving around a 6 foot hunk of pink crystal sword (or 3 feet as a halfling, I guess).
4. Maaaybe get all the way to 3rd level for ki powers, but under no circumstances go to 5th as a monk.

Hmm, okay, not the best for a halfling with a Str penalty. Well, I'm sure there's a paladin-friendly deity out there with a finessable weapon for you. I like greatsword the best because I think it's the highest-damage weapon you can flurry, compared to an ever-increasing unarmed strike.

Caveat Risky striker is one of the best offensive tools for a martial halfling, it has one significant drawback that is often overlooked it only works with attack action or a full-attack action, a lot of the champion of irori special attacks dont full under this condition

My take. Go for sohei monk until the weapon training cut off, take monk weapons. Do paladin levels, go into prestige cless, take ascetic style. ascetic form, and leverage the hell and back out out of both brawling armor and gloves of dueling and a pimped out sansekuton.

If you go real high level, might be worth to get your buddy pony. Take mounted skirmisher because of sohei, casually have your mount stroll up to your opponent and flurry him to death using risky striker and an that sansekuton . Next turn do it again to another opponent across the battlefield.

Alternatively go for tortured crusader, with light armor and wis to AC you could go for a charisma dumped halfling paladin, being sad and SAD and getting more smite evils (albeit not super powerful ones) but you got that covered by the weapon training brawling armor and flurrying with a two handed weapon.

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The best way is a Wis/Cha build using Paladin's Smite Evil to deal your damage, using Wisdom or Dex to hit, gaining a ton of Lay on Hands or Smite Evil uses a day, and gaining Dex/Wis/Cha to AC. This sadly doesn't get going until late, as its Monk 4, Cleric 1, Paladin 4 or Monk 4, Cleric 1, Paladin 2.

Sensei Monk can give you Wisdom to-hit, but you give up flurry of blows totally for a bardic performance that doesn't scale. Take 4 levels of Hospitaler Paladin or 1 level of cleric.

The basic combo is Ring of Ki Mastery, lowers any Ki cost by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
You can now use 1 Ki for a Lay on Hands or a Smite Evil/Chaos. (2nd level CoI)
Bronze Gong Channel focus lets you use a channel energy for 1 ki instead.

You can smite evil freely, having a ton of uses. You have Dex to AC, Wisdom to AC from Monk, and Cha to AC from smite evil. Remember if Scared Fist Monk could work, the Paladin Smite Evil and Monk AC bonus don't stack.

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