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Backlash3906 wrote:

Related to this general discussion, what are the strongest options (especially feats) for Eldritch Guardian, for the fighter to synergize with their Mauler familiar? To the best of my knowledge, natural attack fighters are not a great option, even with Natural Weapons as a Fighter Weapon Group, and I'm not sure what other loadout is best to work for both of them.

Is Intelligence of 6 deemed enough for Exotic Weapon Proficiency, assuming the familiar has sufficiently compatible anatomy?

Monkey style, paired opportunist combat reflexes, intrepid rescuer (Kurgess followers only): every attack to you OR to the familiar generates an AOO attack from BOTH you AND the familiar

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I know the advantage of magic missile vs thunderstomp is that magic missile does damage and thunderstomp does not, but thunderstomp will treat your caster level as BAB so your to hit will be better.

Some ideas which may or may not work all together.
*Greater thumberstomp will do this against all creatures in the area, you actually would need to find a way to exclude your friends.

*If you are human, you may want the bred for war trait, which would give you a +1 on the trip attempts.

*vicious stomp. Every body that falls prone next to you triggers an attack of opportunity...

*Kobold groundling: everybody prone is denied its AC against you... You could sneak attack with that vicious stomp

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
The only way to get wisdom to damage with a bow is to use the Guided weapon property, which is technically a 3.5e effect, but in a Paizo published product so it's a bit of a gray area.

It's not before 14th level mostly but the third deific boon of Erastil also adds Wisdom to hit AND damage... ADDS as in you would do DEX + WIS to hit and STR + WIS to DAM... Mostly an endgame thing and not applicable for most games.... If the campaign starts at high level it probably blows other options out of the water though..