Duergar Kurgess Monster tactician


Hi i am trying to make character for an upcoming pbp campaign. I am starting level 3

I have decided upon the above because I really like the idea of a reach cleric but as the game will likely not go into the super high levels I wanted to play that style with an immediate return and play that game out of the gate instead of only at level 7-9

Duergar why: because it allows me to enlarge and recharge innate ability spell allows me to do it more than once per day. reach is good, enlarged reach is better.

point buy 20
STR 16
DEX 16
Con 13 (4th level stat increase will go here)
int 8
Wis 14
Cha 5

Conversion inquisition keys bluff, diplo and intimidate of Wisdom so I can be the more than the silent type

I intended to take FCB on skills as the game allows for max HP

so I have 3 more skills to invest in

So at third level I will have combat reflexes (1), intrepid rescuer (3) and paired opportunists (3 bonus teamwork)

I have decided upon adopted - tusked as a trait so I can threaten and attack whats in front of me as well

I don't know what to take for second trait, Im tempted to go for an heirloom weapon so I can take a bardiche as my weapon instead of longspear but dont know if that is worthwile

The difference with this build is of course that once the monsters I have summoned have attacked, they will drop prone, meaning that if they are attacked outside my turn by an enemy I can reach they also trigger an AOO.

So I want to know if there are in glaring holes in the character concept and how to grow the character after char creation. I think if I have bane I wont really miss power attack, I actually think to go for exotic weapon profiency flying blade for flavor enlarged thats 3D6 gets to +2 on AOOs and together with bane that should be pretty good in to hit and damage

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