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Hunter (Primal Companion) 1/Boon Companion Monk (Sohei) 1/Spirited Charge Monk (Sohei) 2/Trick Riding/Power Attack Hunter 2 Fighter (LW) 1/Indomitable Mount+ Wheeling Charge Fighter (LW) 2/Pack Flanking Hunter 3/ Outflank

Halfling race. Deinoychus mount. Rhino hide barding means, raw, an extra 2d6 damage on each of its five attacks with a successful pounce. Your charge damage is so-so but between the two of you the DPR can be in excess of 150 at 7th level. Pack Flanking + Outflank gives you both static +4s to hit, ensuring all those pounce attacks go through.

I'm happy with the concept, just uncertain on the feats...most of them aren't 100%. Also looking for some other ideas...the idea of using the PC for trip attacks to set up the mount for even bigger bonuses to hit/AoOs appeals, as does a stronger focus on teamwork feats.

I'd also like suggestions on increasing PC survivability...between trick riding and indomitable mount the deinoychus should be set.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Also steer clear of trip attacks. You want to be a damage powerhouse and not get fancy. Your fanciness is riding a raptor. Focus on dpr > AC > saves. Once you feel comfortable with dpr I’d start investing in dodge, toughness, iron will, etc. You will have massive GM aggro when you ride in and splat somebody.

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Mounted skirmished should be one of your sohei feats. Otherwise you will have to wait until 14th level to get a full attack charge. Unless you plan on dipping sohei two more levels. If you do that though you might as well go 6 to get weapon training and then gloves of dueling for another +2 to hit and damage. Of course your mount will suffer greatly being 4 levels behind but mount damage will drop off rapidly anyways. In my experience past level 7 mount damage is pretty worthless due to damage reduction/ low static damage and ends up wasting table time.

But if you’re planning sticking with hunter I definitely suggest mounted skirmished for one of your two monk levels.

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Also are you getting mounted combat from somewhere? Trick riding works great for it and the fact you will be negating two attacks will prevent most GMs from even targeting your mount.

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Mounted Skirmisher seems poontless when the DPR is already this overkill. I've honestly tossed around the idea of dropping power attack.

I'm confused why you would think mount damage would drop off when the majority of this build's DPR is from the mount, directly contradicting that. Your average experience doesn't change the numbers laid out here. Sure, the occasional DR10 creature will take a chunk out of my damage, but I have evolutions from Primal Hunter and buff spells to circumvent that. And not many things have that kind of DR in PFS. DR 5 won't slow my roll in the least.

Totally forgot Mounted Combat, Will definitely work that in. Cheers

Edit: Actually this is one of those awko taco situations where the Sohei's ability to skip prerequisite feats begs the question whether, RAW, trick riding would just let me make those negating checks without mounted combat.

I would like to say that teamwork feats do not lend well to Lancer type builds. Not many of them do much to increase your damage you multiply on spirited charge.

When I did a Lancer in PFS I went with Beastmaster ranger. Skills and full druid mount list. I wanted to fully optimize a Gecko Rider but PFS is so strict on mount choices being RAW I was stuck choosing Beastermaster archetype. Was fine tho as I had plenty of feats and was 1 shotting everything at level 8 when I stopped playing him. That was just lancer damage 1 shots things...I was not trying to pull off a pounce mount build.

Best mounted feats:
Mounted Combat-> Ride by-> Spirited charge
Wheeling Charge
Power Attack
Risky Striker (Halfling Only)

I took boon companion but was planning to retrain at 12 when the ability kicked in. But Rarely was my mount targeted so being a few levels behind is not as big a deal as if it was a companion that was dedicated to standing ground and fighting.

When it comes to gear do not worry about the Mithral etc. Go straight for Rhino and Mammoth hides. Boost your charge damage every chance you get. Use enchants that will multiply on a spirited charge.

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There is one one teamwork feat that is amazing for a mounted character and its mount and that is escape route.

For small characters I find myself going back and forth on risky striker and steadfast slayer. For most levels Steadfast Slayer outperforms Risky Striker for 3/4 bab characters. Risky Striker is better for full bab classes like Louise Bishop's build because you get to 12 bab quicker. This is where Risky Striker outperforms against large and huge enemies.

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New draft, taking suggestions from some of you excellent folks and my own research:

Hunter (PC) - Boon Companion
Bard (DoD) - Dervish Dancer
Monk (Sohei) - Mounted Combat, Mounted Skirmisher
Fighter (LW) Escape Route, Wheeling Charge
Fighter (LW) Indomitable Mount
Hunter Pack Flanking, Outflank

Mount (Big Cat)
Combat Reflexes, Improved Natural Attack (Claws), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Narrow Frame

The move to Big Cat was done without hesitation once I discovered Narrow Frame. Massively higher strength patches up my shabby to-hit and honestly that was hard to deal with before, even with the constant +4 from Pack Flanking/Outflank.

Moving from a strength to a dex focus for the rider requires an otherwise useless dip but the focus on Dex improves our AC and, most importantly, initiative. Also a keen scimi sets us up for frequent crit triggered AoOs from the mount thanks to Outflank.

DPR vs. a CR7 threat at 7th level is approximately 106.4. I can solo a CR8 mohrg in one charge with average DPR.

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I have a mounted build in PFS that I've been super happy with. He's currently level 10, and he's my favourite. It's not exactly what you're asking for, but maybe it'll help you/give you some ideas.

Sacred Tattoo, +2 to STR
Alignment: LN, Deity: Smiad


Fate's Favored
Magical Knack (Warpriest)

Hunter 3/Divine Commander Warpriest 7/Sohei Monk 1
Favored Class: Warpriest (Human FCB: +1/6 bonus feat)
+1 WIS at 4th, +1 INT at 8th

1) Hunter | Combat Expertise
2) Hunter | Hunter B: Outflank
3) Hunter | Power Attack, Hunter B: Improved Spell Sharing
4) Warpriest | Warpriest B: Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
5) Warpriest | Monstrous Mount (Griffon)
6) Warpriest | Warpriest B: Pack Flanking
7) Warpriest | Monstrous Mount Mastery
8) Warpriest | -
9) Monk | Crusader's Flurry, Monk B: Mounted Skirmisher, Monk B: Improved Unarmed Strike
10) Warpriest | Warpriest FCB: Lunge
11) Warpriest | ????

The idea here is that I use Fervor to cast Divine Favor on myself, split the duration with the Griffon using Improved Spell Sharing, then pounce into combat on its back.

The INT requirement on Combat Expertise is a little annoying, but Pack Flanking is worth it, and the high INT helps to make up for Warpriest's low skill ranks.

Question marks at 11th there because I haven't quite decided what that feat will be yet. As is, the Griffon and I both have super solid combat. I do lose one companion level, but companions don't change from 10 to 11, so I don't see it as a huge deal.

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I can't remember where I saw this, but I'm pretty sure that things like Rhino Hide, like the charge bonus to attack, only apply on the first attack of a charge.

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If that's the case it's a brand BRAND new FAQ cause I've read threads as recent as three months old that agree it works RAW

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Fair enough, I think I might have been erroneously extrapolating from the 2012 RAGELANCEPOUNCE clarification, I can't find anything relating to what I thought I'd seen. Well, you learn something new every day, and I stand corrected!

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Now take this awful knowledge and go abuse it worse than I did.

Louise Bishop wrote:

Best mounted feats:
Mounted Combat-> Ride by-> Spirited charge
Wheeling Charge
Power Attack
Risky Striker (Halfling Only)

I thought risky striker didn't work on charge, a limitation on a fantastic feat.

Risky striker

...You can only choose to use this feat when you declare that you are making an attack action or a full-attack action with a melee weapon..

Charge is neither a full round action or full attack action but a full round action

Osmin wrote:
Mounted Skirmisher seems poontless when the DPR is already this overkill.
Your DPR is only overkill when you're charging. But you can't always charge. Also, at some point you'll have more than three attacks, and then Skirmisher will be better than Spirited anyway.
I've honestly tossed around the idea of dropping power attack.

Well, you definitely don't need it before BAB4 IMO.

The main problem with sohei is that it requires you to be lawful, which you can't dip barbarian[savage technologist] for crazy adrenaline.

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