Do any of the new shields in Treasure Vault count as bucklers?

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Otherwise, Swashbucklers would miss out on some potentially thematic shields that won’t work with their buckler class feats.

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There's one new magical buckler, the Sapling Shield. It has increased hardness and HP, though not as much as a Sturdy Shield, and with an action it can grow to a Tower Shield. Not too useful for a Swashbuckler, but it gives you an additional option if you need a bunch more AC or bonus to reflex saves against an AoE for a single round.

Level 3: 3 Hardness 24 HP
Level 6: 6 Hardness 48 HP
Level 9: 8 Hardness 64 HP
Level 12: 11 Hardness 88 HP
Level 15: 13 Hardness 104 HP
Level 18: 15 Hardness 120 HP

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Doesn't seem like it. Even the gauntler buckler (which has it in the name) says it's a "buckler-sized" shield rather than a buckler.

I feel like it wouldn't be in a home game to say that any +1 AC shield should work with 'buckler' feats since that's the main balance point, but it's not rules.

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