Gaining Shapechange


I'm playing a cleric, and was wondering if there is any way to gain shapechange as a spell that I can prepare. The campaign is going to end soon, but I just got 9th levels spells and wanted to know if I could get this spell.

As this is a currently existing character, I can only use traits and feats. The character is human, so there might be some shinanigans there.

Any help would be appreciated!

If you worship a Great Old One then the dreamed secrets feat'd work. That's unlikely I admit.

Dip 1 level into Loremaster and then take the secret of magical discipline feat. While it doesn't add any spells to your list of spells known, it will let you cast any spell once a day (per feat).

There are a lot of shape changing spells

Righteous Might
Beast Shape
Monstrous Physique
Plant Shape
Giant Form
Alter Self
Elemental Body

If you are able to throw money at the problem, a Ring of Spell Storing (major) could do the trick. Provided someone puts the spell into it for you.

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