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Hey folks

Bit of an odd one for you.

I'm trying to see if there is a way to create new life from scratch using spells and magic items.
I've got few ideas, but have ran into a bit of a wall.

Step 1:
Collect together a suitable amount of biomass. Eg. corpses, plants, insects (dead), other meat

Step 2:
Use the Fabricate spell to craft a completely new corpse from the biomass. [Is this spell capable of this?]
Alternatively, is there a way to create the new corpse using Necrocraft and then just kill it after so as to just have the fully formed corpse (will need some repair) without it being undead?

Step 3:
Cast False Resurrection on the crafted corpse and let the duration elapse.
This specifically leaves the body "alive but soulless (like that created by clone)"

Step 4:
Somehow create a soul??????????
I know you can Craft Ooze to create a living creature from scratch and then steal it's soul, but I'm hoping to do this with spells and magic items only.
Is there a way to steal a fragment of a soul (like in Soulbound Dolls) but not the whole soul?
Can I use Soul Transfer on an attuned Black Soul Shard? Probably not...

Step 5:
Cast Parasitic Soul to transfer the new soul into the crafted body.
Is there an easier but still permanent method of doing this, since the body is currently uninhabited but alive?

Step 6:
Tinker with the newly created being's memory using Modify Memory.
Depending on how the soul was obtained we may need to cast Amnesia first.

As you can see, there are definitely some issues with this, especially Step 4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Off topic but interesting...

Step 2.5:
While the corpse is complete but not a living body yet, it counts as an object.
Can I use Craft Wondrous Item to give the corpse SLAs? I suspect the corpse would then counts as a Magic Item and not a corpse, so be an invalid target for step 3 :(

Polymorph any object could turn an object of a creature into that creature for an hour. During that hour, you might be able to make the creature more permanent.

That could certainly be useful for moulding the corpse into the new shape, but I suspect the "cannot create material of great intrinsic value" would cover not giving the new creature a soul.

After reading more of the lore regarding souls, I think the only way I can create a new soul from fragments stolen from other souls is to release them into the First World to form as Fey, and then steal the Fey's whole soul.

So I think for the soul aspect, I'm going to need to come up with some other idea.

Some creatures don't even have a soul. Is the creature having a soul important to the process? But a polymorph any object spell can turn a marionette into a human for an hour. Who knows if that creature has a soul, but it has intelligence, wisdom and charisma.

There's also the case with androids, where they weren't even intended to have souls, and yet souls moved in anyway.

Oozes can be created using the Craft Ooze feat. Splitting an Ooze makes two of them. And Simulacra are living creatures too, only reverting to sludge upon death.
Do Leshys meet the requirement of "new life" too?

there is a spell that restore corpses (at least if you have the bones) for step #2.

You're hosed at Step 3, as you have no "dead creature touched" to target with false resurrection. A meat sculpture is not a corpse, and a meat sculpture is the best you'll get from fabricate, same as if you tried to Craft (meat) the biomass yourself.

Scarab Sages

Well you have this joke 3.5 spell.

Create Life Necromancy
Spellcraft DC: 500
Components: A raw piece of the sun
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: The entire Campaign World
Area: Anything in the campaign world
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 1,017,000 gp; 221 days; 40,680 XP; seeds:Conjure (DC 21), Life (DC 30) Factors: change target to area: 20 ft radius (10), increase area: 1,029,920 ft [radius of Earth] (51,496), increase range: 1,032,000 [to center of Earth] (86), burn XP: 20,000 (-200), requires Knowledge (Arcana): 24 ranks (-24), increase casting time: +9 minutes (-18), additional days to research x200 (-40).

Create Life allows the caster to create any and as many species as they wish. They may specify size, alignment, intelligence, and all other statistics. It cannot be used to create Outsiders, Elementals, Constructs or Undead and all species created must be native to the Prime Material Plane. The caster may create as many beings of that species as it wishes, and may place that species anywhere it wishes on the Prime Material Plane.

Material Component: A raw piece of the sun.

Focus: A piece of crystal costing 1,000,000 gp.

XP Cost: 20,000

and there was another serious one that created one creature that it might be possible to dig up.

Isn't that an epic spell (10th level spell) from the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook?


Scarab Sages

Canadian Bakka wrote:

Isn't that an epic spell (10th level spell) from the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook?


Its epic yes but i thought it was a joke given the DC/components didnt realize it was an actual spell.

New Process:

Step 1: Cast Polymorph Any Object on an inanimate object similar to the creature you want to create. Like some of your own hair clippings to create another being of your own race, or a peice of humanoid flesh to create a whole new humanoid race that is close in lots of ways to the race you took the flesh from. Make sure whatever you create is close enough to be permanent.

Step 2: Enter into negotiations with the GM to see what the result will be.


Step 9: Get destroyed by own creation.

That’s an interesting idea. What if you did stitch a bunch of monster parts into a new monster and then cast polymorph any object on it to make that monster. It may still only be a 1 hour duration, but the base object is certainly very close to being the creature, so I could see a GM maybe making it slide. It’d be limited to owlbear-like monsters though.

Senko wrote:
Canadian Bakka wrote:

Isn't that an epic spell (10th level spell) from the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook?


Its epic yes but i thought it was a joke given the DC/components didnt realize it was an actual spell.

Epic spells with really high Spellcraft DCs were possible if you have additional participants in the ritual of casting the spell. Depending on the level of the spell slot any given additional participant spends as part of the casting the spell, the Spellcraft DC is reduced (anywhere from -1 to -19).

That being said, the one you described above is not in the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook (or any other official product from Wizards of the Coast). You are right that it is a joke - it's from a 3.5 homebrew campaign. I mean, they even have an epic spell there that will make a deity your permanent slave, with a ridiculous Spellcraft DC of over 2,000. *rolls eyes*



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