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I a tier 2. I should have gotten the Pathfinder and Starfinder Society PDFs for free, yet my cred card was still charged. I have already emailed you twice about this and have gotten no response. Refund my credit card the erroneous charge and fix my account so I get these for free and am not charged going further.


I was reviewing order 7916925 and it looks like I have duplicates of some items. I'm guessing it was because I placed an order for the items before the subscriptions for PF2 were finalized. Would it be possible to cancel the duplicate, non-subscription item for the following?

Pathfinder GM Screen
Pathfinder Character Sheet Pack
Pathfinder Combat Pad
Pathfinder Condition Card Deck

Many thanks.

Sorry to be a bother, but I noticed that due to my subscriptions I qualify for both the Starfinder and Pathfinder Subscriptions for free. I am currently subscribed to both. Would I need to cancel to get them for free or do I need to be subscribed to them to get them for free?

If it is the former then would you be so kind as to cancel the subscriptions so I don't end up paying for something I would get for free?

Many thanks.

I never received order # 7580867, even though it is marked as completed. You charged my credit card for it on February 8, 2019. You never even sent me an email indicating it was shipped. Not only that but today I received an email that my February order is shipped and there is a pending charge for it.

Where is my January order?


Sorry to be a bother but my order # 7580867 has been pending since Jan 10. Is there some issue that is preventing it from being shipped?

Thank you for your time.

I have not gotten either of orders for April or May. All of the items are still in my Sidecart.


I noticed something weird when I placed this order. Upon completion it showed all of the items being added to my sidecart twice. (Unfortunately I did not grab a screenshot.) When I checked my order history to doublecheck that I didn't mess something up it only showed the items once. When you have a moment could you please confirm that the order was placed for only one of each item?

Many thanks.

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I didn't get the card even though I've gotten them in the past. Is it still possible to get a copy? I like to collect them and put them up each Christmas.

It was not sent with my November order. I received an email that it was being processed prior to the email about my November order being processed but then I received another that it was cancelled so it could be included with my November order but it was never included.

Order #4014582 was shipped with $23.18 postage due. Why? Please refund the extra money I had to pay to receive my order.

There was no option presented whatsoever for me to apply any coupon code. Please apply the holdiay16 code to this order.

I'm on the final screen and I click on Place Order and nothing happens.


I was wondering why order 3636593, which looks like it includes my subscription items, is still pending. I never received an email regarding this order nor was there any pending charge on my credit card. Is there something wrong that I can help with?


I have some concerns.

First, order # 3594408 is still showing as pending. None of the physical items are in my sidecart nor have I received any of the physical items in the order, even though the site is showing all of the items in stock. To add to the confusion, I placed an other order after this one yet the items from the second order were included in my July subscription order.

Second, my sidecart - there are several items that have been there for several months. Some of the items were originally in my invoice for my July subscription order but were removed and replaced with other items from my sidecart.

Could someone please take a look and send out the items that are available as soon as possible? Some of these items I was hoping to have already.

Thank you.


Would it be possible to get confirmation that this order was successfully entered into the system? I haven't received the confirmation email.

I have not received the email notification that my May order has been shipped. In addition, when I check on the status of the order I find that it is still pending. What is going on?


Could I please get an update on this order? I have not yet received any of the physical items form the order. I understand that some are preorders but I have not yet received those items that are currently in stock nor have I received any email indicating when they will ship.

Thank you for your time.


Could you please confirm that order # 3458794 was shipped and my credit card was properly charged? When I checked my credit card account last Friday I noticed that there was only a pending charge for $20.99 but when I just checked the status of the order on here a few minutes ago there were two charges for the order because it was split - one for $103.73 and one for $20.99. I want to make sure that part of the charge did not fall off my credit card and it was just a timing thing when I was checking my statement (the company was in the middle of doing some work on their site).

Many thanks for your help.


I am having difficulty placing an order. Whenever I try to proceed to checkout it keeps logging me out.

# 3355114

Where is it? This is infuriating! I have tried calling you and been hung up on. I have emailed you and been ignored. The PDFs that should be in my download from this order are missing.

On 08/29/2014 you charged my credit card $28.47. On 08/30/2014 you made two additional unauthorized charges for $2.97 and $13.59. In fact, on 08/30/2014 you charged my credit card three times - only one payment, one that I have not stated the amount, was authorized and legal. This is a grand total of $45.03 in unauthorized charges. None of these charges correspond with any items I ordered or received. Refund this money immediately.

I am unable to complete my order - it keeps getting bounced back to the shopping cart.

I have several items that there is limited stock available and I would like to make sure the order is processed in time so I receive the items.

Thank you.

I finally received my Skulls & Shackles Adventure Card Game subscription but there were no promo cards. Where are the promo cards I was supposed to get as part of my subscription?


I was wondering what is going on with these two orders. I understand that there are items in the orders that are pre-orders. Those aren't the items I am asking about. I haven't heard anything about those items that are currently in stock being shipped.

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I have placed this order for Changemakers.

Please make sure that it gets sent to the correct address as I am unsure if I have entered it correctly. Feel free to adjust the shipping cost if necessary.

The address I would like this shipped to is:
Ben Parkinson/Alex Obeni, Chrysalis Centre, c/o Life in Africa, P O Box 28825, Kireka, Kampala, UGANDA.


I noticed that there are 2 of Mythic Monsters XII: Fairy Tale Creatures (PFRPG) Print/PDF Bundle. There should only be 1. Please cancel the duplicate item.

Thank you.

I am trying to place an order, however each time I click on "Proceed to Checkout" the page sits idle and does not load for 15-20 seconds and then prompts me to re-enter my password, even though I am still logged in. Whenever I re-enter my password I'm taken back to the main page where clicking on "Proceed to Checkout" results in the same process of sitting idle for 15-20 seconds and then prompting me to re-enter my password.


What is happening with this order? I received an email over two weeks ago that this order was being processed and yet I have not received anything nor have I received any communication as to why it was delayed. This is the fourth order where this has happened.


I am unable to place an order. Whenever I try to place my order it loops back to my shopping cart. This is the second time this has happened. :(

Forgive me - I realize this is minor but I noticed that on the home page the number of products listed under Exclusives is 162. When I click on the link on the All Products tab it says 163. When I add up the numbers on the Available Now, Preorder, Backorder/Special Order, and Unavailable tabs I get 164. I realize there's probably some items listed under more than one tab but was just curious as to what the exact number should be.

Thanks for your time.

What is happening with this order? It has been pending for 2 weeks now. Most of the items in it are subscription items that others have already received. Those items that are not are items that are also in stock.

When I checked my credit card online 2 weeks ago there was a pending charge for this order.

I used to be able to determine when items were sent to me, including the option to include an upcoming monthly shipment. I liked this option because it I was able to save money on shipping. Now I find I no longer have the option to determine when the items are sent to me.

For example, I placed an order today. Two of the items were pore-orders. As a result the order was split into three(order #'s 3033046, 3033047, and 3033048). I was not given the option to include any portion of the order in my upcoming shipments. I want the orders to be included in the next monthly subscription shipment when each item becomes available.

Under federal law you are required to honor the original purchase agreement. All you have to do is reprint the items and send them. They have already been paid for. Why are you refusing?

What is going on with this order? It has been pending for over a month now. When I placed the order all of the items were available. And now when I check some of the items are no linger available. When will I get the the complete order?

Where are my Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover and PDF, that you already charged me for? Where is the Deluxe edition I preordered? I see none in either my orders or my downloads. I have tried contacting you in the past and you have been nothing but rude.