Order # 7580867 Marked as Complete but was never shipped.

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I never received order # 7580867, even though it is marked as completed. You charged my credit card for it on February 8, 2019. You never even sent me an email indicating it was shipped. Not only that but today I received an email that my February order is shipped and there is a pending charge for it.

Where is my January order?

Customer Service Representative

Hello Uncle Teddy,

Our records show that the order left our warehouse on February 7th. This is the point at which you should have received email confirmation of the order shipping. I'm sorry that this communication did not come through successfully to you.

Based on it's 4-8 business day estimated shipping time, the order is expected to arrive before the end of tomorrow. It is possible that the package may be delayed a few days. February 7th was just before heavy snow fall in our region and has slowed some delivery services.

All signs indicate that order 7580867 is in transit to you and will arrive soon. If the package does not arrive by the end of this week, please let us know and we will set you up with a replacement for your missing items. Thank you!

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