Why did you delete itmes from my order?

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Where are my Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Hardcover and PDF, that you already charged me for? Where is the Deluxe edition I preordered? I see none in either my orders or my downloads. I have tried contacting you in the past and you have been nothing but rude.

Paizo Employee Director of Sales

I'm sorry to hear that our past interactions have not been satisfactory. I hope this time will turn out better.

To reiterate Erik's response to your email, we do not have any record of a purchase of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition on your account. I've checked your Order History, as well as our credit card processor. If you have the order number for your Anniversary Edition order, then I can help you find it. Do you, possibly, have another email address that you might have accidentally created another Paizo account under? That is one case where an order would seem to "disappear" and we could not find it.

You do have a preorder in place for the Deluxe Edition, though. You preordered the Deluxe Edition on order 2153222 on 7/22/12. This preorder is currently sitting in your sidecart, waiting to go out with the first available subscription shipment. You can view your sidecart on your My Account page. Because you currently have a Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription, you will get access to the PDF when the book is released and ships out in November.


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