I have not received my November Battles Mini Subscription

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It was not sent with my November order. I received an email that it was being processed prior to the email about my November order being processed but then I received another that it was cancelled so it could be included with my November order but it was never included.

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Hi Uncle Teddy,

Sorry for the confusion with this! We had a hiccup with November Battles orders which caused some folks to have their minis (and in some cases comics) generated to a separate order, rather than holding them for a monthly subscription. If a subscribers minis or comics were set to hold for a monthly shipment, they were meant to go with December's orders, rather than November's. To avoid charging customers extra shipping, we moved those items back to sidecarts so that they'd go with December shipments.

It looks like this is what happened to you, which is why your minis were back in the sidecart for a bit. However, we are in the process of generating December orders now, and it looks like these items have been included with your December shipment #4135845. Sorry again for any inconvenience that this may have caused!

You should have received a confirmation email for order #4135845, so just let us know if anything needs to be adjusted and we can take care of that before the order is shipped. Likewise, we'll be glad to answer any further questions you might have.


The minis order was processed before the November subscription order. There is no reason why it couldn't have been included with the November order. In fact, because of this, I was unable to tell if there were any minis I didn't get that I wanted that I would then purchase separately and now the singles are being sold out before I have that chance.

That was not the only thing missing from my November order. I had ordered several items before the November order was processed and they were not included either even though they should have. In fact, one of the items is now on back order when it was not when I placed the order.

I tried calling your company on three separate occasions regarding both during your regular business hours and on all three occasions I was cut off before I could talk to anyone.

Let me just apologize in advance - I am feeling a bit frustrated right now. The item that is on backorder was going to be a birthday gift for a friend and now I don't know if I'll get it in time.

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