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I have some concerns.

First, order # 3594408 is still showing as pending. None of the physical items are in my sidecart nor have I received any of the physical items in the order, even though the site is showing all of the items in stock. To add to the confusion, I placed an other order after this one yet the items from the second order were included in my July subscription order.

Second, my sidecart - there are several items that have been there for several months. Some of the items were originally in my invoice for my July subscription order but were removed and replaced with other items from my sidecart.

Could someone please take a look and send out the items that are available as soon as possible? Some of these items I was hoping to have already.

Thank you.

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Hello Uncle Teddy,

It looks like order 3594408 is waiting for one of the items, King of Tokyo Power Up Expansion, to get to us from a distributor. I have moved it to your sidecart and am letting the warehouse know the rest can go right away. You should be receiving an updated email confirmation that reflects that change.

As for your sidecart, all of the items in it except the two t-shirts and the messenger bag are pre order items. Those three did not ship along with your subscription because we are waiting for them to get to us from the manufacturer. They would have held up the order if they had been pulled out of the sidecart.

I hope that helped clear everything up.

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