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People outside the grapple get to hit people grappling better because the AC is lower. You are right. I said that wrong.

But the point is still that the penalty to hit and penalty to dex wash.

"2. As a part of standard action used to maintain the gapple your tiger may choose the damage option. The damage dealt should be equal to your natural attack (ie. bite, because your tiger si grappling by means of his maw)."

I don't think you have to do bite damage. You could do claw damage. Once you initiate the grapple, you can choose to do damage from any natural attack you choose. But the bite damage is better.

There's no penalty to hit the person your are grappling. The dex penalty and the penalty to hit are for people who attack from outside the grapple.

Or if you prefer, the dex penalty the defender suffers eliminates the attack penalty the attacker suffers. So applying a penalty is moot.

Other than that, I agree with Husserl.

I don't think a modified swarm, with a few more hit points, is really a big deal. The hit point increase would be negligible, from a cursory look at the various swarms. Since swarm damage is not based on strength, it wouldn't affect that at all. So I don't think it's a big deal personally.

It might have worried me if it were applied to Planar Binding and the like. But those are not conjuration (summoning) spells but conjuration (calling) spells. And of course, a bonus to constitution is pretty wasted on undead.

Verbal (V)
A verbal component is a spoken incantation. To provide a verbal component, you must be able to speak in a strong voice. A silence spell or a gag spoils the incantation (and thus the spell). a [sic] spellcaster who has been deafened has a 20% chance of spoiling any spell with a verbal component that he tries to cast.


There is nothing in the rules that says the command part of command or the suggestion given as part of suggestion is part of the verbal component of the spell. It's the incantation that is not required as part of the silent spell ability.

Dave Justus was right when he said: "A normal spell caster would say 'Bibbity Bobbity Boo Drop'. You would only say 'Drop'."

"Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack for the purpose of determining any familiar abilities that depend on the master's level."

That. Core rulebook. It's been discussed to death. General opinion is only ever one arcane bond.

I would disagree that you can write down a command. It says if the target cannot "hear what the caster of a language-dependent spell says" -- it doesn't say anything about reading it. I think you are taking this into the realm of fairy tale land.

Setting aside however we disagree on that, it still fails to explain why you keep insisting that the deaf oracle cannot cast the spell and cannot voice the command.

Dave Justus' original post -- the third one down -- answers this question as far as I'm concerned. The oracle just speaks the command, and ignores any other verbal components required as part of the casting.

Right. But silent spell doesn't allow you cast a language-dependent spell without speaking. It also doesn't allow you animate dead and control the skeletons without speaking. And it doesn't say that you *can't* speak to meet the language dependent requirements. It just eliminates verbal components of the spell but doesn't restrict you.

I'm still lost as to why the deaf person can't speak a single word. it's not like he's asking for the ability to bardic perform or give a rousing speech at Magnamar. Does the curse say he can't speak at all?

"I cast a command, and then I perform an interpretive dance of what command I issue. I'm a really good dancer. He understands."

And in this case understand = "not sharing the same language" or hear = "unable to hear" does not open up a realm of possibilities where you could be understood without a language.

Telepathy might work if you share a telepathic language. Drow hand signals might work, but definitely not in combat. But no way I'm considering charades a "language."

"If the target cannot understand or hear what the caster of a language-dependent spell says, the spell has no effect, even if the target fails its saving throw."

I think it's pretty clear speaking and being understood is part of the spell. I don't get how you can quote a line that references "says" and claim speaking isn't part of it.

You can never have more than one familiar. That answers that.

It's based on the spell subtype. For Creeping Doom, the damage dealt wouldn't change though. A spider swarm, for example, has a Strength of 1. The swarm damage is based on the size and type of swarm, not on the strength of each insignificant creature. I'd probably let the total swarm get the bonus hit points based on the swarm hit dice though

Ah. Had to go to the rule on fear. I see.


I don't see the FAQ, but the current SRD quotes demoralizing an opponent as not stacking with other effects.

Success: If you are successful, the target is shaken for one round. This duration increases by 1 round for every 5 by which you beat the DC. You can only threaten an opponent this way if it is within 30 feet and can clearly see and hear you. Using demoralize on the same creature only extends the duration; it does not create a stronger fear condition.

All NPCs are CR = Class Levels -1. So his CR is correct. I think we were second level when we fought him and survived fine.

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Like channel energy, they don't stack.

I'm going to point out that zombies and skeletons are not animated by spirits, but only by negative energy itself. So there's no "soul" inside the dead zombie to speak to either way.

"Undead creatures are powered by negative energy. Only sentient undead creatures have, or are, souls."

They should get a Charisma buff, IMO. It's clear it's meant to mimic other rage effects by giving them a small bonus of hit points.

I was about to suggest an NPC healer too. Unless one of the party really wants to be a healer. I like Mage Evolving's way he handles it, with the passing of the sheet. Sounds incredibly useful. Maybe have him take a vow of pacifism, so he won't hurt a living creature.

Parties with five or six players could often walk through some of the encounters, largely because of the way actions effect a combat on a side. Your players may simply not have enough actions to get the job done quickly. So combats will go more rounds.

- give them toughness as a feat for free, particularly if they don't have a healer and you don't want an NPC healer, to let them have a little more survivability for the longer encounters.

- make them mythic. Most of the mythic abilities have ways for them to get extra actions, which could balance out the lack of a player.

- be generous with hero points and encourage the use of the extra standard action part of hero points.

Just some thoughts.

My party also took about 45 days to make magic items.

I didn't have any monsters get out into town, although I certainly understand the reasoning behind that. I did have the Scribbler take some extra precautions -- unhallow spells in the entire dungeon preventing dimension door in some places and invisibility in the others. You could have the Scribbler bind yet more summoned monsters to the dungeon, but I had a specific feel I was going for in the dungeon, so I didn't do that.

I changed this section up quite a bit because I was disappointed in the design. I had the dungeon be the enemy -- with the guards and wards -- and changed it to have more corridors and a maze. I also altered the Scribbler a bit.

NPCs like Elf Wizard or Human Cleric. There are named NPCs.

The initiative rolling was awesome in itself. It adds some time to not have to have people call out scores and write out a list. Also, since they don't know how well they rolled, the party can't try to guess when they will go. That alone is awesome. It adds some mystery to the combat.

I ran my first night using the app. It was awesome. I was running a module of lower level than the party and I decided to use the same number and type of monsters with three levels of the advanced template. Adding in the monsters took only moments. Adding in the party took a little longer and I still don't see the option to add NPCs on the iPad version. But I was very impressed. I'm sold.

I'll have to play and get back you. I didn't see an NPC section, but I'll explore some more. I'm running a Mac, and it didn't look like there was a Mac version. The parts of the couatl that didn't change was the attacks. The hit points increased. Thanks for explaining about poison and special abilities.

Yes. That's correct. Or with greater grapple he could grapple as a move and a standard and gain two free rake attacks as long as one grapple check succeeds. For four attacks.

Well, you are paying a high material component cost to cast legend lore as a standard action. So it's not a problem.

And learn to love the advanced template. It's your friend.

My group I run is also a five players and a level behind. Even at a level behind, I routinely up the challenges, and especially with boss monsters. Although Xanesha is super tough -- she should have killed them as written but I held back. But my group is super experienced at RPGs (all of us have played at least 20 years).

So in addition to what Misroi said, and I agree with all of the comment, you have to judge how effective the character builds are and how to change the encounters to keep them challenging.

My group has a super paladin smiting tank, a magus with an outrageous AC, and a sorcerer who focuses on haste and slow. So increasing monsters and adding the advanced template is required. Also spacing is essential -- keeping the monsters spread out when possible. Your group might be different. They might deal a lot of damage but be easier to hit. Or deal little damage but be hard to hit.

And expect the situation to change. At 4th level, the Magus with a 28 AC was a problem. At 12th level, his ability to continue getting a huge AC is hampered, so it's less problematic. Your balance issues at 4th level, 7th level, 13th level, and 17th level will be different.

Ninja'd. Dammit.

Assuming that works, you need eschew materials too. Because your materials meld into your new form. And you couldn't cast a spell with a focus or an expensive material component.

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"does this mean the Spellcraft DC is 19? [5 + item caster level 9th + 5 lack of True Seeing]"

That one.

I just discovered this and downloaded for my ipad. It's interesting. But I tested a few monsters and not all of them took the templates. Augmented Summoning or Advanced Couatl didn't change the attacks section. Also, would be helpful if there were a guide. Is there a way to start with a completely blank character for the party to add? I have a halfling and elf and neither appear to be in the monster list.

I misunderstood because I failed to realize he was taking the penalty to grapple with only that limb. I've never seen anyone use that because the penalty is too restrictive.

Also, not to nitpick, but "It does the base damage of the attack that established the hold" is incorrect. It is true it does the base damage. But it does not have to be the attack that established the grapple. You can use any natural attack or unarmed strike when you are maintaining the grapple.

So a dire tiger could grab with a claw, deal 2d4+8 damage, and the next round, maintain the grapple and deal bite damage, 2d6+8, if successful.

Yeah. It's a special attack to vital strike. So you can't combine it with a grapple check, which is itself its own special attack.

Edit: With Greater Grapple, the round after using grab, you could attempt to maintain the grapple as a move action, dealing 2d8+5 damage, then make a second grapple check as a standard action to deal damage again, 2d8+5.

I'm not sure where your "free damage" is coming from because you don't indicate that you have any ability (like constriction) which grants "free" damage.

If you take Rapid Grappler, you can make three grapple checks each round as a swift, move and standard.

This is a philosophy 101 question. An evil person takes people you love hostage and gives you a choice -- you can pick one person to be executed or he will execute them all. So you can either be responsible for one death or many. The philosophical truth is that you aren't responsible for any actions of someone with that mindset. You shouldn't be forcing a paladin into a Hobson's choice, and making his abilities dependent on it.

The rule has always been that sneak attack can only be applied to spells that deal damage, and it was same type of damage done by the spell. You sneak with ray of frost and all your damage is cold.

If you aren't dealing damage, you can't deal extra damage by hitting a creature in a vulnerable spot.

"A wizard can add additional magic abilities to his bonded object as if he has the required Item Creation Feats and if he meets the level prerequisites of the feat."

So you must be 7th level to forge a bonding ring since the feat prerequisite is 7th level.

I suggest being a level or two behind if you have six players. If all eight show up, the module will be completely out of balance. I run my five player group a level behind. They do well and sometimes I still have to up the challenges or add the advanced template. When I played it with six players, we were two levels behind and it played fine. You'd have to really redesign many encounters if you have more than four players.

That's my experience though with a couple experienced groups.

But yeah, stop keeping track of XP and just do the level ups when appropriate. Why bookkeep things you don't have to track?

There are plenty of forums on here which deal with taking 10, including taking a 10 on crafting magic items. It's perfectly legitimate to do that. It doesn't take additional time. If you were in an acid pit, that would change the situation. But upping the DC because you think it's unfair that people could automatically succeed isn't fair. And climbing is really meant to be easy if it's not rushed.

He's wrong and you're right. I'm not sure what else to say.

I understand. I agree that Modules 4 and 5 are heavily weighted toward combat, with non-existant roleplaying.

I tried to do something similar after the first chapter of the 5th module, by sending them to the Therassic Spire in Kaer Maga, to find a book which would help them locate where they need to go to start Chapter 2 of Module 5. I expected a session of city exploration and information gathering and learning how to get access to the Therassic Spire's restricted archives. My players blew it up completely. It still worked out in terms of results. But the actual RP ran nothing like I expected. I guess they weren't in the mood for Roleplaying last night.

I agree. It's a +1 enhancement bonus plus a +4 untyped bonus (which therefore would not apply to overcoming DR) when you sneak attack. That appears how it is written to me.

Ah. Thanks. I misread that part then.

Actually, it's cost is 2 (for the dagger) 300 (for masterwork) 2000 (for cold iron) 2000 (for being cold iron which is enchanted) 8000 (for the weapon enchants, for 12,302. Correct?

I gave them 1/4 of the value instead of 1/2 because it's tiny. So they got about 3000 gold for the dagger.

I don't remember the giants having wagons. I played it as they were just carrying the loads -- humans in bags and treasure in bags. The *goal* is to get the greedy townsfolk to sacrifice. The treasure is bonus. If the giants are moving on foot and force marching, and the PCs are tracking them on the ground, the PCs are moving slower than the giants because they have to make sure they have the right tracks.

That should lead them up the Storval Steps to the next module nicely.

I also wouldn't have had them take Longtooth's body. I would think that would be cumbersome and (unless I'm wrong) it says nothing in the module about doing that. This seems like the butterfly effect -- you've made a small change and now that change has broader repercussions.

"If you wear one, it's doubled. If you wear two, it's still doubled."

"...bonuses of the same type general don't stack..."

Kinda what I was trying to say. Your way is perhaps more basic. It's been a long day. And a longer one tomorrow.

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