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Like channel energy, they don't stack.

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"does this mean the Spellcraft DC is 19? [5 + item caster level 9th + 5 lack of True Seeing]"

That one.

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Based on the first four listings for Wish, I'd say it loses the evocation school if used to duplicate a conjuration effect and gains the conjuration school. Otherwise, why would it matter if the spell being duplicated is from an opposition school or not?

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I want to take the mythic rules out for a spin. My group is in Sins of the Savior now, which seems like a good place to become mythic after Chapter One, which also lets me make a few of the opponents mythic too, to really give a good challenge. I'm going to throw in a side-quest to Kaer Maga first, to have some fun.

I'm not sure what I think of the mythic flaws. I'm very against giving anyone bonuses to their saves, as this group already is pretty crunchy. So I am thinking about modifying them, since they are optional rules, and tying them to their sins and/or personalities (for those without a dominant sin).

Here's the three I have right now -- modified.

Pride: Whenever you confirm a critical hit on an attack roll, or roll a natural 20 on any other check, you gain the staggered condition for a number of rounds equal to your mythic tier, as you spend part of each round boasting about your prowess.

Wrath: Whenever an enemy scores a critical hit against you or when you fail an attempt to demoralize that enemy, you become enraged at that opponent. This limits the actions you can perform and gives you a -2 penalty to Armor Class (as the Barbarian rage ability) but without any bonuses to strength or constitution. This rage lasts until you kill the enemy, or a new enemy enrages you. At the end of the rage, you are not fatigued.

Gluttony: If you have not ingested any food and drink within one hour, you lose your ability to spend mythic power. After the first full day of absence, you can no longer regain uses of mythic power. After the second day, you lose all the powers and abilities granted by your mythic path. After the third day, you lose all of your mythic abilities, with the exception of ability score increases, bonus hit points, and bonus mythic feats. These restrictions end as soon as you eat.

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I agree. Where does it say you can't charge or run while flying or swimming. The fact that they included specific language when burrowing and did not include specific language for flying or swimming suggests to me that it was intentional, and there's no restriction intended. Citing the Fly spell, which says in the text you can't run while flying, is a weak argument. I'm on the side of charging while flying.

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Depends on the ability. Are you talking about a specific ability? Channel energy requires line of effect but not line of sight because it's a burst.

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"The rule system is complicated and at times contradictory, as this example shows. I don’t like a rule system that requires assumed knowledge and cross-referential analysis to understand."

That's really gonna make this game hard for you. I've been playing since AD&D, and even having played this version and it's derivatives since 3.0 was released, I can say that this is a big part of being a DM -- developing an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules. The feats break the rules.

You can use it as you desire in your game. But it's liable to make fighters with vital strike overpowered.