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A +1 short sword with a thin, dull gray blade, this weapon provides a +4 bonus on its wielder's attack and damage rolls when she makes a sneak attack with it.

SO, whith sneak attack this sword gives you +5 (1+4) on attack and damage rolls or +4? I can not get it, so decided to ask here :)

I think it means it changes from a +1 to a plus 4. So it would only grant +4 total. At least I think so

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Actually scratch that I've changed my mind completely. +5 totally. Because its a +1 sword that also applys a +4 on sneak attacks.

I agree. It's a +1 enhancement bonus plus a +4 untyped bonus (which therefore would not apply to overcoming DR) when you sneak attack. That appears how it is written to me.


I've also always run it as a +5 bonus when sneak attacking.

It has to be +5. The +1 is the sword's enhancement bonus. The +4 bonus is untyped, and thus stacks.

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