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A creature with the Rake (Ex) special attack gains two free claw attacks against its target under special conditions (generally pounce & grapple). Looking at grapple in particular, it looks as if it gets these two attacks in addition to anything else the creature wants to do after it successfully maintains the grapple:

eg. The creature who started its turn grappling its target successfully maintains its grapple. It then decides to pin the target, and also gains two rake attacks against it.

Is this correct? If so, it should also be able to instead move itself and the target (as part of its standard action action only), and also use its rake attacks. It would also have a move action to do whatever it wanted.

I am fairly certain that is exactly how it works. The rakes are in addition to anything the else the creature decides to do, such as pin, move, damage, etc.

Yes. That's correct. Or with greater grapple he could grapple as a move and a standard and gain two free rake attacks as long as one grapple check succeeds. For four attacks.

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