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Carol Tierney wrote:

I am running this at the moment and wonder if I have spotted an error -

** spoiler omitted **

Am I right?

I'm pretty content to give the players the information as-presented because we're talking about legendary rumor and myth, and perhaps that single detail of the mult-faceted clue is just given incorrectly.


Why do both the low tier Elsharon and high tier Elsharon have the same listed damage bonus on their slam attacks? Is it because it's 2 slams instead of one, so it's only 1x damage and not 1.5?

Our demon expert was *real upset* that this thing spoke Abyssal and not Infernal.

Aratrok wrote:
JakBlitz wrote:
Liking the Lvl based DC chart.

I'm in the exact opposite camp. A chart of DCs with specific examples for each skill is a far better. I don't want to have to try and assign arbitrary levels to things like climbing as a GM, and I don't want to have to try and read my GM's mind to figure out how hard they think a free-hanging rope climb is based on their gym class experience or whatever.

The problems with static level based DC charts have been enumerated many times since they were presented in 4e. I'm not looking forward to having those arguments again for more months or years.

For example: I can't tell what Paizo thinks a task being "trivial" means, and it doesn't jive at all with my own personal definition. A 1st level trivial task in this setup is failed by a trained specialist of the same level (+4) 25% of the time, and an average attempt from an untrained character (-2) fails 55% of the time. This is almost certainly going to translate to comedy of errors gameplay at the table, with party members regularly failing the easiest possible tasks the system defines.

If a task is that easy, just don't roll any dice and say it happens.

skizzerz wrote:
They seem to be 21-3/4" x 33"


How do I find out what the sizes of these posters are so I can order poster frames? Just FYI I don't own them, it's a gift to the GM, so I can't make measurements.

Nathan Nasif wrote:
That is specifically why I was getting on here today was to see if anyone had issues with the picture quality of the main character on the front cover, but then I looked at the picture of the image on the product listing, and it is as poor quality as mine. I guess we get to pretend she is using Starfinder tech that does a digital version of Blur. jk

Same, came to check and see if it was everyone or just me.


I just noticed on page 15 the treasure lists a spell lattice in both tiers but no spells are mentioned being stored in them. The page of spell knowledge does mention which spell is stored in it.


andreww wrote:

So I am prepping this and from my reading of it destroying the Pact actually risks Liberty's Edge members failing their faction goal. As written they have to amend the Pact, not destroy it.

Is that an editing oversight?

It mentions that merely destroying the contract would free the Azers only in principle, and that another Efreeti house would likely snatch them up and re-enslave them. They need a piece of paper saying they are free Azers.


All my game stores do tabs, so I'm wondering how this'll work out since we close our tabs out at the end of the game...


Mitch Mutrux wrote:
The Seldon Plan wrote:

Getting ready to run this again tonight and I'm trying to figure out the A Encounter mechanics again... Last time went pretty well but I realized I made several mistakes.

** spoiler omitted **

When I ran this at GenCon, it went pretty much without combat so not a lot of this came up. There are folks that are signed up to play it tonight that are very much never interested in taking the diplomatic route (as players), so I'm expecting combat from the beginning.

Not to be a wet blanket, but you're running this as part of a con, right. Because, as I posted upthread 7-99 will be limited to 4-5 Star GM's (VO's are not exempt from this requirement, but get a bonus to their stars) and is restricted to Tier 4+ conventions (cons with at least 26 tables).

Safe call, but yeah, it was run during a local convention.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:

I ran the damage as occurring as they were thrown from the ship, hitting the railing/rigging/whatever part that was in the way as they went out.

The hazards are stationary due to not having subjective gravity. The only distances you need to track are how far each item and PC have moved.

I hope Targos doesn't die, then. 3d6 is pretty rough versus its 6 HP, but a +13 Fly check almost assures that it will negate the damage.


Getting ready to run this again tonight and I'm trying to figure out the A Encounter mechanics again... Last time went pretty well but I realized I made several mistakes.

Are the PCs not supposed to start near the airship wreckage? I understand they are hurled out of it, but there's a mention of "Each PC takes 3d6 points of damage from being thrown into the ship (DC 20 Fly check negates, then DC 18 Reflex half )."

How can they be thrown into the ship when they are being thrown out of the ship? What's the trigger for this damage taking place?

I also know that the three hazards (other than the wreckage) start off in a random arbitrary direction and are all within 100 feet of each other at the start of the encounter? How much do they move during each round? "at the start of the encounter" seems to give me pause that they should be moving is well, making this a substantially more dynamic encounter.

When I ran this at GenCon, it went pretty much without combat so not a lot of this came up. There are folks that are signed up to play it tonight that are very much never interested in taking the diplomatic route (as players), so I'm expecting combat from the beginning.


Not to gripe but any news when these secret stars are going to show up on our accounts? I didn't expect it before GenCon but I'd like to get that card printed out soon.


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On page 38, Fahaz can very possibly grant the wish of wrath, altering the next encounter's subtier lowering it by one. The most natural progression for PCs is to continue in the area they're in; the most immediate encounter is a haunt. Since it's not a creature, does that mean the wish of wrath doesn't apply to that, and to the first encounter with creatures? A twisted wish wouldn't make the haunt any harder since the Advanced Simple template doesn't change anything.

Also, heads up everyone, even though you only need to prepare the subtier assigned to you, you actually need to prepare the subtier immediately below yours, since PCs could trigger any unaddressed encounter after dealing with Fahaz

I made a call last night that the spell doesn't compel a creature with reach to move farther than its reach needs to make an attack roll, which ruined the intention of the player using it.

We moved on, but I want to get ready to source myself for being wrong and apologize about it (I didn't let the player recall the action because were subtier 10-11 when it didn't work out how they had intended).

"The target moves its speed towards you..." The 'you' was 15' away, so there's no way it can move its speed toward him since the distance was less than a full move. What demands the target moves beyond it's melee range to get close? Especially when it's a creature that does not want to be in melee in the first place? I know it isn't allowed to make an attack, but it moved into melee range. Should it have gone the additional 5 feet to be adjacent to the caster?


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Hooray to these other guys!


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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Sin of Asmodeus wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
The Paizo Community Team does not have the bandwidth available to moderate additional groups on other websites, given the amount of effort is already diverted to our own forums. However, I am interested in hearing feedback on what one would expect from an official Facebook (page, not group) for PFS in terms of content. Our review of social media accounts is pretty frequent, and we welcome ideas :)


Insider looks at upcoming product. Sketches of artwork in varied stages of design, a blast or blog from upper echelons every now and again.
Highlight some various conventions featuring paizo staff or the hot names in the company.
Chapter splashes from new (fantasy) books / novels to generate excitement over them with tie ins for society.
I could go on and on.
I suppose I should clarify with: content that wouldn't normally be featured on the Paizo page.

Spam memes, duh.


Wait a second, if the Spoils of the Siege boon is on a 6-8 Chronicle, how many people are going to have it for a tier 1-5 session?

Hey, everything is cool with the order, it was only a .pdf and that's all good and fine, but you triple-charged me!

imgur link:

For a house rule: If you add more time, it's pretty sensible that you could add a static +2 modifier for each additional hour you prepare your disguise. If you spend 5 hours setting it up, you're taking 10 with a +10 bonus.

But generally, I only allow the disguise check to be rolled when it's actually being tested, rather than having the PC roll it and the GM remember what the result was whether or not it even gets checked. I might, in hindsight, allow that static bonus to apply if they were especially mindful of allowing themselves extra time to apply the disguise.


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Is Paizo planning on having a presence in San Antonio for this convention? I know you have events at the coastal varieties, but I haven't heard anything about this upcoming convention. I messaged the PFS venture captain but never got any kind of confirmation either yes or no.

I'm going either way, but it seems that this PAX is supposedly going to focus on tabletop, rather than mainstream (PAX Prime) or independent (PAX East) video games.

I have a question about the statblocks in Room 2:

In the 6-7 subtier, the Ratfolk are listed to have a +4 shield bonus to AC. What gives them that? They're fighting with two weapons or spellcasting, with the only defensive spell being Mage Armor


Michael Brock wrote:
The Seldon Plan wrote:

Bumping since this is the top result for a "gencon" search string on the forum.

How do I purchase tickets for other events when Paizo is covering my badge? The GenCon website says that my registration doesn't allow purchasing tickets.

Contact Gen Con customer service since you should be able to.

Dang, customer service never got back to me past "huh, that seems weird". I was really hoping to get to play in the Kobold Special.

This is custom territory so it is pretty much up to your GM to dictate how powerful a lesser deity is. A good compromise would be to make a smaller portfolio that stems from the patron deity, and have the favored weapon be the same or similar and not distinct without a significant justified reason.

My personal intuition is those things don't exist because the deity isn't powerful enough to have portfolios or grant spells yet.


Bumping since this is the top result for a "gencon" search string on the forum.

How do I purchase tickets for other events when Paizo is covering my badge? The GenCon website says that my registration doesn't allow purchasing tickets.


Congrats, guess I made it just in time to Houston to soak up the honors!

Sharaya wrote:

I'm sorry to see that your book arrived in that shape! I've added a replacement copy to your sidecart to ship with your next subscription order.

If this is a regular issue, I would recommend talking to your mail carrier/post office.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.


I've changed my delivery address to my office rather than my home, so hopefully that'll be all that I need to keep things from being damaged. I wasn't expecting anything, so I'm overwhelmed to be getting a replacement copy!

I know this is -not- Paizo's fault at all but look how this packaged arrived at my mailbox!

The creases on the H-ish area are pretty hard pressed in and likely won't ever come out. I understand there's little you can do but fuss at whoever actually did the delivery.

Is there any particular reason when I try and extract the images from this scenario I get a "Bad Parameter" error message?


Hopefully all these "previously played in sessions" won't return an error message for the GM credit in the repeatable scenarios anymore.


I never got around to trying out a Mystic Theurge early entrance, but I'm not mad about it either. Its your ball anyway.

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I played Rise of the Goblin Guild and I have no idea who this Ekkie character is. I'm guessing something bad happened.


Ha, way to chase me out of state and hoard all the glory! Gratz duder.

DarkUnity wrote:

Feature Request: Rolling a check for all party members at once.

I'm an old school DM with player details on custom 3x5 cards and as a storytelling mechanism, there are a certain skills that I roll behind the screen, diplomacy, disable device, stealth, etc.

What I would like to be able to do is roll the same skill check or saving throw en masse for the party or everyone participating in combat. Even better is if I could Hot Key it.

I'll be running my first game with Combat Manager on PC tonight.

Great piece of software!

You can already do this, hold shift to select a group, or control to select additionally, just like selecting multiple files.

Jim Groves wrote:
She was then able to work on the pressure plate while not standing in the corridor.

So does this mean the actual person that sets the trap off isn't in the attack range?

Okay, that seems less IMMEDIATELY deadly, though the average HP for the group will be 10 so it could definitely put a hamper on tomb robbing from the get-go.

Hey the

obvious trap:
trap in A4, it does 10 simultaneous attacks at +12 to hit, doing 1d8+1 damage with each hit, targeting everyone in the hallway. I have every reason the PCs will spot and disable this trap, but assuming they don't and activate it, it's basically game over at this point, right? None of the party is a rogue, and only one character has disable device as a ranger.

I don't want to end it prematurely, but these are guys I don't intend to softball either.

I ran this for some pregenerated level 7 players (2 of 5) without even looking at the boon sheet. We did the high tier, so

Because according to the Guide, pregenerated characters applying credit to a level 1 get 500gp but otherwise all of the chronicle boons, does that mean they also qualify for the 3,000gp free item for rescuing Zarta? I'm leaning toward the theory that they do, because it's a boon and not going to really break the economy in the end, since a free 3,000 gp item by level 7-ish isn't that gamebreaking anyway...

If there's some other way I'm supposed to do this, let me know.

slayer_of_gellcor wrote:
n o 417 wrote:

A player actually hurting the party instead of ever helping is a big problem in an AP. Players usually have to work together to survive such a long journey. I'd have a pric=vate talk with the player and tell her to change her act.
The only thing I'd add to that is to try to sell the player that you're not going to try to take the character concept she has away. You don't want to force someone who's enjoying playing a character who's a bit of a jerk into a lovable scamp. Rather, you're trying to find reasons for the character to work in congress with the party. Every evil campaign I've ever run, the players always began wondering why the heck their character would ever work alongside the other players. I feel that as DMs, we have to help them get there while still being true to their character, and as players, they have to put the overall fun of the group ahead of their individual enjoyment.

She's not really actively antagonistic, just actively detached. She genuinely, as a player, wants the group to do well and she never intentionally does things to harm the progress of the party. But whenever there is an opportunity to throw a bomb and miss and do extensively more damage to the party, it always without fail works out that way. Her social reactions in-character have caused a lot of conflicts but that's role playing I guess. She doesn't offer help without compensation and enjoys the suffering of others, party typically excluded. She gained the ire of Ameiko by during the rescue, laughing in her face during the news her brother and father had been killed. Sheriff Hemlock doesn't like the group already since when he came back from Magnimar with more men to fortify defenses, the group was actually in Magnimar putzing around for Raise Dead, when the party encountered the Yeth Hounds. They didn't tell him that's why they were there, only that they do what they want.

Hey OP here, wasn't getting notifications about responses.

It was Mithril Breastplate specifically. I can't remember what the total cost was but it was the same in raw materials as normally crafting (1/3) + 450 for spellcasting services. He made a point to buy the raw materials from a different vendor so the Wizard wasn't going to immediately object.

I randomly determined the amount of skill ranks he would have in craft based on the minimum level required to cast the spell, and from that determined his minimum bonuses based on having that many ranks and the required intellegence bonus to cast the spell in the first place.

I think the total bonus was either +5 or +6, and required two craft checks, one for the breastplate part (DC 20) and one for the masterwork part (also DC 20). He passed both checks as I rolled them in front of him. I went ahead and gave him the armor because it make sense to allow that greed to flow.

The rest of the solution hasn't really happened yet. Ironbriar basically threatened him with the option of surrendering himself to "justice" for the deaths of the Foxgloves and the WizardVender (a bluff by Ironbriar to put the armor on the table), to surrender the armor to Ironbriar (who as a cleric would extremely benefit by that armor specifically and would use it in combat against the PCs later) and be banished from Magnimar, or to become one of his agents and do his bidding "cleaning up Magnimar in ways he can't in an official capacity". The player was extremely offended by the idea of me immediately attempting to force him out of his armor, so he chose to work for Ironbriar as well as the Skinsaw Cult in general without realizing it. They brought him blindfolded to the sawmill and locked him in a room overnight. At this point I had to start making stuff up to get back on track, but it didn't work so well.

Ironbriar gave the PC instructions to end the life of a wealthy and influential banker in Magnimar, under the impression he had been ruthless in collecting debts and using it as an excuse to torture and enslave people. PC went back and met up with the "no help" alchemist, immediately recruited her for the murder scheme, and followed the son or their mark back to his house, end session. I have no idea what I'm doing making stuff up like this in what's already such a well crafted module.

The other two party members are desperately trying to piece together the clues in Sandpoint but are afraid to look into any of them until the party is whole again.


Oh man, no wonder I was having trouble getting people mustered for my game, we aren't using Roll20, we're using Maptool, and I wasn't able to get email addresses of the players directly from Warhorn. But we're starting now, at an hour late. Good luck everybody.

So I'm about to run this for people who won't have any context of who this "information broker" is, and therefore won't likely expect to

do anything to alter or manipulate the plans. As a scenario the whole things progresses okay without the players foiling Torch in the slightest, but in terms of secondary success the module states if Torch doesn't detect two ruses, not that necessarily any were performed. Would a 100% helpful party still get that credit for Torch getting his way? I'm prepared to be like "this guy is bad news for the Society" but having a venture captain and a faction patron initiating the dealings, I think the "cooperate" tenant of the Society may be too strong a pull.

I fully expect no check marks to be placed at the end.

Latrecis wrote:

I'm a bit confused about the PC that wasn't arrested being "not interested in helping the party ever." Does that mean the character wants to leave or the player?

I'll assume that both players want to keep their characters and you're looking for a way to make that happen.

Its more that the character is actively antagonistic toward being helpful. Selfish mad bomber style alchemist. Typically does more splash damage to the party than being able to harm the enemies in combat. Party as a rule hates the character, Sandpoint hates the character, generally unliked by everybody.

The player is fine, just sits at the table and crochets and if a bomb can't solve the problem, she isn't interested.

Latrecis wrote:

I really like this plan, and it should be able to implement itself cleanly. The armor thing was just me punishing myself for agreeing to let him buy mithril at a third the price.

First off, I know should not have staged the ambush in the Foxglove Townhouse, but I did. Here's what happened. tl;dr at the end.

Before anything even got started, during the "between Burnt Offerings and Skinsaw Murders" downtime, one of the PCs decided to travel to Magnimar to purchase a casting of Fabricate to have mithril armor made rather than paying full price for it. I didn't tell him not to try, that there was a chance of failure, and that local guilds would be skeptical of doing such a thing. He couldn't convince anyone save one character to go with him, so it split the party, 2/2.

After they made it to Magnimar, and "successfully" paid a spellcaster to Fabricate mithril armor, the same PC remembered that Foxglove asked them to look him up while he was in Magnimar. They found his townhouse and visited him. This is where I messed up.

I went ahead and put the Faceless Stalkers there to open the door, not realizing the house was meant to be boarded up and abandoned. They let the players in like they were strangers. When the PCs brought up knowing Foxglove, the Faceless Stalkers attacked and were defeated, one escaped into the streets.

The same instigator PC immediately went to local authorities to report impostor monsters, where I made my second mistake. The local authorities were Ironbriar, aware of who the PCs were based on Foxglove already having selected his target. He placed the instigator PC under arrest while the other fled. Now I'm stuck.

I would "intend" for Ironbriar to have the PC executed for the "deaths" of the Foxgloves, as well as for the murder of the greedy spellcaster that Fabricated the armor for him, the last person the PC was seen dealing with. I can't come up with a semi-reasonable way for the PC to get out of his situation (he has access to a rage power natural attack worst case), especially considering half of the party doesn't know he's been arrested and the PC that accompanied him is not interested in helping the party ever.

tl;dr: I broke script and maybe ruined the adventure in order to punish a PC for powergaming


Technical issues aside, things went really well! I wonder how much of a nightmare it would be to try and organize "regular" online gamedays similar to a weekly or biweekly local game store night. I would definitely be interested in volunteering as a GM for that.


Joseph Caubo wrote:
If you sign up to GM, you will be given the PDF of what you want to run added to your downloads.

Hey I don't want to be that guy, but I was really hoping to get my module prep done this weekend rather than rushing it through the week, as far as making the maps and tokens and populating NPCs. Any chance the .pdfs will go out before the end of the day today?


Signed up to play and then run back to back. I sure hope I can power through comfortably and not end up going over...


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I ran 5-01 last night and it was very clear about whether you should check A or B, depending on PC actions.

So I got the PDF version of this to pull images from this like I do with PFS scenarios to play with online, but it doesn't work with these. Any idea how to actually get the clean map images out of this?

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