Venture Lieutenants in Scenarios?

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So it’s interesting that in most scenarios it seems the Venture Captains are very hands on with the occasional Venture Officers being mentioned as entrants or new recruits. Can we get some mention of the Venture Lieutenants and what they might be doing in some scenarios? Seems it would be more plausible for one of them to be out instead of a captain.

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I believe VL is not a canon rank in game. Only seen in the real world org

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They exist for sure, it's the job the players all have. Spelled a little differently though, as its "Loot-tenants."

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Hey... if Venture Sergeants can be a thing, so can Venture Lieutenants!

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What if this whole time the VC's were actually VA's? They only oversee one lodge...

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Foozini wrote:
Hey... if Venture Sergeants can be a thing, so can Venture Lieutenants!

I would say both are equally fictional

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While they are not official Venture-Lieutenants, I would argue that there are some NPCs who "feel" like them.

Sandswept Halls (Osirion) VL:
Po’ogaat is mentioned as informally the second-in-command when Norden isn't around.

Oppara VL:
Lolly Adafish could possibly qualify.

Iceferry VL:
Mahki, because Mahki is a good boy. Enough said.

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