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Rise of the Runelords

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Caps: you realize you case animate thread on a four-year-old, pre-Anniversary Edition thread, right?

There's a more recent thread about the quasit fight.

Here's how my party's fight went.

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I realize that. I found this one while looking for thaumaturge stats, saw that someone posted as recently as last year and didn't think to search for a more recent thread.

I certainly wasn't going to start a *new* thread. I'll cross-post over there.

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Erylium was statted up as a thaumaturge in Pathfinder #1 from 2007. The class itself is from the 2005 Book of Fiends by Green Ronin. There's quite a lot of OGL 3.5 content from third-party publishers in the early days of the Pathfinder Adventure Path series, as Paizo couldn't use any WotC closed-content IP. The module pre-dated the Pathfinder RPG by two years.

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Faerie Fire druids are your best friends in low level adventures.

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My group has a paladin and that was game over for her. Amazing how many problems they can solve, really. :P

Our demon expert was *real upset* that this thing spoke Abyssal and not Infernal.

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... Why? That "demon expert" doesn't sound like much of an expert if unaware that Demons speak Abyssal because they are from the Abyss. (Devils speak Infernal, which is the language of the Nine Hells.)

Unless the expert was used to a different game system's cosmology?

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