What would Hallod do?


My intrepid party went to question Hallod before having pin pointed that he was the bad guy of act I.

They did this on the first day of investigation after having already tackled the boar and the bear and being down on spells. Nevertheless, when "attacked" by traps, they pushed on, finding the cellar and dogs and chasing through to the Lightning Snake.

At this point, all the spells were exhausted and the party decided to retreat instead of chasing Hallod further.

They have made it back to town and now I have a loose end of Hallod.

What would he do?

He is arrogant and has the town cowed, but would he really march into the feed mill and attack the party solo?

Would he flee to the orcs? Try to find Vilree? He can't leave the area too much because of his addiction, but would he seek out the party and on what terms?

My initial thought was to track and ambush them - perhaps on the way to the Wolf Den or when they seek out Phinick. Or would he march into town demanding justice because the party invaded his home?

Just wondering if someone else had this issue

I think stalking the the party and maybe attacking when they confront Phinick makes sense. Narratively, he's not scared of the party (they didn't manage to reach him when they entered his house) but he wouldn't want his role in the poisoning exposed. Mechanically, it allows you to keep Hallod "in play" for the players to rematch. Sending him to Vilree or the orcs theoretically means they should be ready for the players and that difficulty boost may not be wanted if the players are struggling right now.

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Hallod isn't particularly dumb and is a bully, I can imagine him hanging out at the Feed Mill waiting for the party to confront him about it, asking someone to get the sheriff (which he would know is already suspicious of the party having placed them under "don't leave town" arrest. Once the sheriff is there, answering all the questions the party has having to do with "All the things you found out by breaking into my house"

Phinick is still on the hook in Hallod's mind, especially if he's still AWOL. He can mention something like "and I haven't seen that goblin around, have you?" if it comes up.

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