OPC Log—11 Erastus 4716

Monday, July 11, 2016

Good afternoon, Pathfinders! I just got back from northern Idaho, where I went to help clean out my childhood home. Sorting through the stuff brought the memories flooding back—wrapping paper from my childhood, the hand brace my grandfather wore, books I put in storage when I moved to England. The town doesn't look the same with the open fields of my youth replaced by housing developments. It was a relaxing visit, for being lots of physical labor, but now I'm back in Redmond and turning my focus to more Gen Con prep, getting things ready so I may travel to PaizoCon UK, and keeping things moving on getting support out to other conventions.

Gen Con Countdown—22 Days!

Don't be left hanging in Indianapolis without something to do. Gen Con Badges are still available, as are tickets to the hottest events around—Pathfinder Society events in the Sagamore Ballroom. You still have a chance to get tickets to Serpent's Ire, our Thursday night Special or Through Maelstrom Rift. Quick! Make sure you have a ticket to these special events.

In addition to the Special Events, scenarios like The Twisted Circle, the Faithless and Forgotten series, or the evergreen scenarios The Confirmation, The Wounded Wisp, and The Consortium Compact are so popular they sold out, so we are working with Gen Con to add tables of each to our offerings. Net result, more tickets of these high demand scenarios will soon be available on the Gen Con Website. Buy now before they are all gone!

Syrinscape Shinies

As a thank you to the Venture-Officers, 4-star and 5-star GMs, Ben Loomes of Syrinscape is gifting them with a year pass to its awesome service! For those unfamiliar with Syrinscape, it is an application that brings background sounds to the gaming table, adding depth and ambiance to your gaming experience. There are sounds for many for most situations—battles, towns, forests and waterfront—or use the sound creator to make your own. If you are a VO or 4/5 star GM, you will receive an email in the next day with directions how to activate your free account (to ensure you receive this message, double-check that you've enabled Paizo to send you emails on behalf of partner companies on your My Account page). Anyone else wishing to add Syrinscape to their games may visit their website and try it for free.

New 5-Star GMs

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Game Masters are busy people, running hundreds of games a month and sharing their skills with our Pathfinder Society communities. It is my pleasure to recognize our newest 5* GMs, who ran over 150 games, including ten specials, and underwent the pressure of having a Venture-Captain observe their tables. This equates to over 750 hours of game time, not including preparation. Thank you very much for all the time you spent furthering our hobby.

Our newest five stars:

  • Bill Baldwin
  • Adam Dane
  • Josh Lovelace
  • Dawn Reed
  • Michael Tracey
  • Ben Wilkins
  • Kevin Willis

Finally, I would turn your thoughts to a more somber nature. In the aftermath of some of this weekends occurrences, please take a moment to reach out others in our community. Say hi! Shake hands! Enjoy our collective love of a game (or games, as many of use enjoy a variety of systems and genres). Take refuge and solace in our Society. For those I've met, be well! For those I haven't, stay safe. Your all friends I haven't met yet, and I want the chance to do so!

Until next time—Explore, Report, Cooperate!

Tonya Woldridge
Organized Play Coordinator

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Gratz! To the new five stars. Good luck with Gen Con.

EDIT: Will it be possible to duck in and say hi if I am not signed up for any scenarios?

Silver Crusade 2/5

Congrats Bill and Dawn!


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Hooray to these other guys!

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Online aka IronHelixx

Congrats, everyone - thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Liberty's Edge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Indiana—Hammond

Congratulations to our new five star GMs. I hope to be among your ranks one day.

Paizo Employee 5/5 Organized Play Coordinator

Nohwear wrote:

Gratz! To the new five stars. Good luck with Gen Con.

EDIT: Will it be possible to duck in and say hi if I am not signed up for any scenarios?

Yes please! The Sagamore is open to all. Come in, say hi, play a demo, visit the Herolab or Trapdoor areas, see the sites. It is awe-inspiring to take in the Sag and all her activities!


Congratulations to the new 5-star GMs. Thanks for helping to make PFS awesome in your areas!

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Illinois—Chicago aka thunderspirit

Yay! More five stars to illuminate the PFS sky!

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

Congratulations to all the new 5 star GMs. Thank you for all you have done for both your local communities and the PFS Global Community!

Thank you to Ben Loomes at Syrinscape for extending your gift for another year of your awesome service!!

Grand Lodge 3/5 Venture-Lieutenant, California—San Diego aka Michael_Hopkins

Conga Rats to all the new 5 stars!

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Netherlands aka Woran

Congratulations to the 7 new 5 star GMS!

I'm sure someone will be along shortly to ferry you to the island.

Silver Crusade 5/5 ⦵⦵⦵ RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8 aka GreySector

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Congratulations guys! Except that Michael Tracey guy, who let him past the gate? ;-)

I kid, I kid. Love you Michael Tracey!


Congrats on officially becoming a 5-star GM, Kevin W.

Grand Lodge 5/5 Venture-Captain, New Zealand—Dunedin aka dinketry

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Hoodey-friggin--hoo, Michael Tracey!

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Maryland— Baltimore aka Qstor

Congrats to all the new 5 stars!

Grand Lodge 2/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Northern Colorado aka treidenb

Does the Syrinscape offer apply to Venture Agents or only VLs, VCs, and 4 and 5 Star GMs?

Community & Digital Content Director

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Todd Reidenbach wrote:
Does the Syrinscape offer apply to Venture Agents or only VLs, VCs, and 4 and 5 Star GMs?

All Venture-Officers, so Venture-Agents are included in that group :)

Grand Lodge 5/5 ⦵⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

When will the offer come through, do you know?

I changed my settings to accept the third party vendor mailing, but I plan to change them right back after the email arrives.


PS Hooray for all the new five star winners!

Scarab Sages 3/5 Venture-Agent

Congratulations to all the new 5 stars!

The Exchange 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Belafon

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I'm glad to finally join the ranks of the 5-stars. It's been 5 years since I first GMed a session, so I didn't make it nearly as fast as some others. But getting stars ASAP wasn't my goal; my goal is to have fun GMing.

Thanks to all the players who help me meet my goal!

Grand Lodge 5/5 Venture-Captain, Arizona—Phoenix aka TriOmegaZero

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Eh, speed is overrated. PFS binges can be hazardous to your health, mental or otherwise.

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Illinois—Chicago aka thunderspirit

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What TOZ said. It's not a race. :-)

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Tampere aka Rei

Speed is absolutely overrated. I ran my first game in 2008 and am scheduled to get my fifth star sometime in 2018.

EDIT: Went back to check, and apparently my first scenario (which for some reason does not show up on the website) was run on February 4th, 2009. So 2019 would make for a ten-year anniversary...

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

Took me about 6 years.

I would like to note that 5 years is still 30 scenarios a year...

Which is more frequently than twice a month.

It's still an incredible undertaking.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

I'm just saying that a scenario a night is impressive but not required.


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Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well, at the rate I'm going if I have any children they can take up the mantle for me when I die of old age...

Is it legal to pass a PFS# to a family member in your will? :)

Silver Crusade 5/5 ⦵⦵⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Indiana—Southern aka CanisDirus

Congratulations to all! :)


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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
I changed my settings to accept the third party vendor mailing, but I plan to change them right back after the email arrives.

An excellent idea and one of which I hadn't thought. I went into my account settings to change this and discovered I'm already configured to receive all the emails. With the amount of emails I receive from Paizo and their partners, I would have thought I had these at a more restrictive setting. If you don't get your setting switched back right after you get that email, I don't think you need worry about too much spam.

Grand Lodge 5/5 ⦵⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

Good to know! BTW, the Syrinscape sound files are pretty darn cool.



Not to gripe but any news when these secret stars are going to show up on our accounts? I didn't expect it before GenCon but I'd like to get that card printed out soon.

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