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Squall was in an absolutely foul mood. There was little in the world as completely spiteful as a dragon toddler with a hangover.

She was curled up on Grial's large falconer pauldron, glaring and hissing whenever he moved, or whenever anyone came near her. The only thing the seemed to take the edge off her simmering hate was when Grial hand-fed her small morsels of his breakfast. He was smart enough to wear a glove while he did it. More than once the tiny dragon went for his fingers instead of the food.

Squall was a bit like a rag doll, happy to be hauled around by anyone. She occasionally let out a half-hearted hiss, and kept trying to curl up and go to sleep wherever she happened to be.

Let's go play. Big people are weird.

Inside the corset, the tiny dragon squeaked and hissed and struggled ineffectively to escape from the sudden wetness. She was having trouble moving anyway, and was now very slippery, so her efforts were in vain. She just ended up more tangled in the corset.

All her fighting against the wet clothes mostly just tickled.

The small dragon sniffed at the offered finger, decided not to take a bite of it, then decided it was ready for a nap.

The warmest and most obvious place to curl up was right down the front of her shirt, so that's where the little dragon headed.

Squall missed the falconer's pauldron completely, swooped and banked, and then missed Grial completely, landing instead on the Half-orc woman's shoulder, using it's claws to keep it's balance.

The little dragon leaned in to look at Correna closer, then reared back, startled to discover that the person she was sitting on was not who she expected. She hissed indignantly, clearly upset at the trick that had been played on her.

The little dragon was drunk, and quickly getting drunker as the beer's effects hit it's tiny body. It dropped from the mug to the table in a glide that was half-fall and weaved in a four-footed stumble into Grial's hand, headbutting his palm in a demand for attention. Grial scratched the dragon's back, making it arch and rub like a cat.

It tried to climb his arm back to his falconer's pauldron, but couldn't manage it and ended up flapping awkwardly into the air to save itself from falling. It circled in a swoop that nearly had it colliding with a wall and the human woman's head.

The little dragon hissed at every hand that came close to it's prized tankard. The hiss turned into a small, rumbling belch that released a small pinkish cloud. The little creature looked confused and stared cross-eyed at the cloud. It's head swayed back and forth drunkenly.

The dragon had it's entire head in the mug and was drinking in gulps so big that it's neck was distending with each swallow and and it's back was rearing.

While the lanky half-orc was distracted by the nearby females, the tiny dragon on his shoulder crawled down his arm and stuck it's face right into the mug.

The half-orc was briefly startled, then tried to shoo the dragon away from his drink. All he got for his efforts was a lot of hissing and flapping, a bite on the hand, and an angry dragon wrapped completely around the lip of the mug, using it's small wings to shield the beer from interlopers.

Grial's familiar is mechanically a Swoop Lizard, but I'm planning on taking Improved Familiar later. I figured Swoop Lizard would be a good way to represent a prematurely hatched, developmentally stunted Faerie Dragon.

On the half-orc's shoulder sat a blue and white winged lizard. It stared intently at everyone who came near, sizing them up and making small clicking sounds at anything shiny.