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Hello customer service:

I was curious. I went to see if there was a timetable on my shipment of Iron Gods #1, and my subscriptions seem to have missed August. I am reading I am due for #2 in September, but no news on #1. I know I changed my email recently, I didn't know if this had perhaps messed something up.


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Hey Patrick,

It looks like our system had a bit of a hiccup, I've generated this months products, but it looks like we don't have a payment method set for your subscriptions. If you could add a payment method on your My Subscriptions page and then follow up with me here I'd be glad to get this months books into the outgoing shipping queue for you. :) Thanks!

- Erik Keith

Ok. I think it should be set

Ok. It seemed to have shunted everything into the sidecart. I changed the shipping to get it out and processing. Let me know if all is set. Thanks


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Things looks good now and it looks like the order is actually on a packing list to be pulled by the warehouse, so you should see a shipping update in the near future.

If we can help with anything else, please let us know.


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