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Just a quick curious question. At some point a year or three back, the code in the online game section was changed so that aliases that were frequently used to post in a PbP thread would appear at the top of the drop down box. I love that function, but it doesn't seem to work in games 'of a certain age'. I was wondering if there was any way of retrofitting this functionality to work with my ancient PbPs, or whether it is just too much trouble. Just thought I would ask. Thanks!

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I believe that this behavior might have had something to do with post-count via a specific alias (I'm not 100% on what that threshold is). I don't believe this code has been touched this code in quite a while, but I do have plans for fine-tuning default aliases on our wishlist for future forum enhancements :)

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Thank you, Chris... That would be great!


Thanks Chris!

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