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...the president went live today from an undisclosed location saying that the mass riots in New York and LA were being vastly exagger ..


... scenes of chaos in Washington DC as residents fled the city, tying up every highway. Footage from our WJLA Eye-In-The-Sky copter shows a multi-car pileup on Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge, with groups of motorists fighting each ..


... that's just it Brian. We've never seen anything like this novel virus. We have protocols in place since the Coronavirus and H9N5 Flu pandemics, but this virus acts like rabies. Infected victims become hyper aggressive and attempt to bite others. We're just not equipped ...


... the CDC is recommending sheltering in place. Congress has activated the National Pandemic Act, and all business without an essential designation are suspended. If you see anyone acting suspiciously, please call your loca...




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Danger Bear
Danger Bear
Runs with scissors
'Cause he don't care
Household cleaners
He loves to try
Sticks a fork
In his own eye
Look out!
Here comes the Danger Bear

Jazz trumpets

Magnus Darkenstar wrote:

Magnus tilts his head in what seems to be agreement, as he is smirking as well.

"Alas, your epic ballad shall have to wait. Or at least contain a verse about how our heroes valiantly turned from fleeting glory of battle to carry their news of foul shape-shifters to protect the greater good!"

Some inspiration :P

In space, no one can hear you scream

[FAWTL crowd] Aeglos! [/FAWTL crowd]

Likely you'll have to wait until Monday for them to get it straightened out

The scene opens on a group of wildly-divergent aliases. Some are new, some aeons old.

And among the strands of the Interethereal Sea, a vast warty menace rose screaming: PAY ATTENTION TO ME! THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF I AM SAYING!

The crowd sweats as the music purrs into the late evening. Malice quaffs drink after drink as he spins the discs.

Keehar dances with Arielle, his hair plastering to his long skull. They take a break and Keehar escorts her back to the table where Devlyn and LK sit.

"Thanks for dancing with me 'Elle, it was very fun to move like that."

Meanwhile ..

The large ape with his fiendish female followers comes by Gruumash.

"Hey, a pirate! You ever do any spelljamming work? I got a job needs doing."

Also meanwhile

Alaina talks with the older gentleman, Irv

"So now that you have arrived. do you have any plans? I can give you a suite if you wish to relax here. Everyone of good intent is welcome at my temple."

The crowd bounces and sways as Malice spins more herd-driving beats. Several drayds with the reddish hair of autumn dance in a circle, their tight green lycra dresses hugging their deep brown skin. Several Catfolk gyrate in the corner, doing some sort of spastic hop/pounce dance.

An assortment of various planar factions begin arriving at the newly-set up tent and table space. The sun begins a slow descent into the western ocean, painting the sky above the marble club buildings a brilliant crimson. A large ape in a cheap flashy suit and a Mr T starter kit arrives towing several tiefling-looking women in skimpy outfits along. A young man dressed in worn leather and linen appears at the edge of the forest. A wicked-looking bow is slung across his back.

Malice starts playing a much faster beat through the speakers. A latex-clad maralith begins a writhing complex amalgamation of Twister and vougeing on the parquet dance floor. As the twilight deepens the house lights begin to strobe over a sea of bodies.

Towards the pool the scene is a bit less loud and frantic, small groups talking and laughing over Dark and Stormies seved by Alaina's crew of waitresses and the ever energetic Acme.

The large fiendish-looking ape holds court near the jacuzzi, laughing and drinking with a crew of fiendish cohorts.

The travel-stained youth sips a drink from a cup fashioned from a bullhorn. He smiles at LK and Arielle. He seems familiar.

A red-haired woman appears on the green manicured lawn. Dressed in a white tunic and several items of copper and gold, she walks across the lawn to a large pool. A silver robot looking as if it was built out of a mishmash chrome piping, neon signs and vacuum tubes appears and rolls over to her as she sits on a chaise lounge chair by the placid water.

"Acme! Could you bring me a Dark and Stormy? I feel as if I have been gone for ages. It is good to be home."

*BEEP* At once, Mistress Alaina. Would you like anything else?

"Yes, please, some music, something classical should do."

The robot hurries off to a small tiki bar near the pool. It returns with a drink and gives it to the woman. She sheds the tunic and lies down on the chaise. The robot rolls to a small outbuilding. The mixed sound of violin, piano and cello begins to issue from hidden speakers around the pool area.

A glimmer forms in the wreckage of an old realm. Like a movie running backwards, the amalgamation of dust and ruins slowly straighten themselves out. An idyllic realm begins to reform, a gracefull mansion flanked by pools and outbuildings reassembling itself from the debris.

The Lady's Library sits near the Court District in the Lady's Ward. Quite possibly the most well-known library in the multiverse, it swarms with the hopeful and curious. Many search for the secrets of the Great Ring, but the sheer size of the book collection makes it difficult to winnow out the information they seek.

When the light fades and the fog thickens the library begins to prepare to close. A cubical being can be seen inside at the main reception desk chatting with a spiked-mitted woman carrying a large blue axe ..

Cosmo wrote:

*steps into thread... looks around...*


Chorus from the Peanut Gallery


Urizen wrote:
TK-1138. Why are you not at your post?

Because I am THX-1138. Get it right!

Swallows anti-anger pill collection

A strong smell of burning emerges from the treeline along with some high-pitched giggling

A brawl starts at the treeline between froggyboy and the 'dead' kobold

Somewhere an alarm goes off

And so, the many aliases came out for a posting one fine Sunday. Did they actually have a spark of life? Or was the small monkey just delusional and borderline schizophrenic? We will leave that judgement to you, in ... The Twilight Zone...

Sock Puppet, I am so sorry to hear about the horror of your childhood, but it is a testament to you that you are able to transcend that evil period in your life and become the good person that you are today.

I didn't have anything that bad, but I faced my share of low-level bullying, although it was an odd type of bullying.

When I was younger, I developed earlier than other kids. I was large, both in height and breadth, looking like a Pop Warner youth football linebacker, the kind of kid you expect to be the bully. Of course, I was a shy bookish nerd wrapped in a beefy exterior. Many kids saw me as a good target, since I was formidible looking, but wouldn't put up a serious fight when challenged. One particularly bad memory is being on the playground and being surrounded by six other kids. They would knock me down as soon as I would get up, never giving me a chance to fight back. It went on for what seemed like hours, until the playground monitor finally noticed what was going on and broke it up.

I eventually dealt with the abuse by withdrawing into myself. I'm sure that that is one reason I became so involved with RPGs in the first place, because they gave me an outlet for my imaginings and a safe place to interact with others. It probably also fuels my absolute hatred of organized sports, as many of the kids who bullied me were part of these teams, and I was often verbally abused for not signing up for the school football team. It seems it was expected, by both students and teachers.

I still abhor violence, but I have made my peace with the fact that there are mad dogs in the world, and sometimes you have to fight back to show them a lesson. I eventually learned the fine art of intimidation, where bullies can be routed by the correct attitude without resorting to violence.

In other news: Superman, attempting to right the many wrongs Humanity has perpetrated on each other has taken every person of European descent living outside of Europe and deposited them in their country of ancestral origin. He has also taken all folks of African and Asian ancestry and placed them back in their respective ancestral countries as well. Currently he is pondering rounding up all Europeans of Viking ancestry and deporting them to Denmark, Sweeden and Norway.

"The Vikings had no right to kill the indigent populations and set up their own cities on stolen land," He has been quoted as saying.

World leaders fear that this could lead to a Indo-European rollback, where most Europeans except the Basque and Sammi will be relocated eventually to central Asia.

Let's go for a bit of twisted Vivaldi shall we?

Malice cues the pool's lighting system strobes wildly as the crowd starts to get excited. The various fiendish lasses run off in pairs and return in club gear: Skirts short, shirts shorter. They begin to dance with each other as the remixed classical song bumps out of the stacks.

Serafina ducks into a cabana and emerges with a back Lycra mini, black spiderweb pumps, fishnets,and a classic Sixties Charles Manson teeshirt tied in a knot at her belly. She's taken the time to do up a Goth makeup job with a pale face and blood red lips. She begins hanging out by the DJ booth, helping Acme and assiting Malice.

Blue-Drone 8 of PaizoMatrix 0 wrote:

... prepairing to fire ...

Serafina, reclining on a chaise, suddenly feels a breeze. She looks down to find herself naked.

Oh come on! I just replaced that bikini!

Swears then settles back down on the chaise next to Alaina

How do you hang out with these Jacks?

Alaina smiles as she sits up and rubs some oil on Serafina to prevent any burning of newly-revealed parts

They're a bit perverted, and drunk, and crass, but their hearts are in the right place and they kinda grow on you after a while..

Sorry folks, gotta run to work, catch you later!

Serafina and Alaina begin setting up a chicken fight with two fiendish adversaries.

Alaina and Serafina trot off the volleyball court and grab some Dark & Stormies from Acme.

Good game girls!

Alaina takes a healthy swallow. Serafina a smaller one, then grimaces.

Wow a little strong!

Alaina smiles

You'll get used to them.

Alaina and Serafina take to a side and start popping the volleyball about

The nomads silently gather up their fallen leader. They all turn their hippocampi back to the kelp plains and slowly swim off

The swirl of pink blood and silt from the sea floor obscures the battle. Suddenly the enormous form of the Free Companion's leader collapses to the ground. Tempest is left standing sorely wounded over the large body.

Tempest, Sister of the Trident wrote:
Unsure of the chaos taint inflicted upon the nomad leader, Tempest mixes up her attacks. High, low, front, back. Not settling into a routine and not underestimating her opponent. She holds off on calling her magic but keeps anti-chaos spells at the top of her mind.

The large foe is quick, and he presses Tempest sorely. The tines of his trident stab at her repeatedly

A fearsome hulking figure comes striding from the ranks of the Free Companions. Somehow he has grown and changed since he rode with his brother to claim Nimora's hand. He wears a helm that covers his face in a leering demon mask.


The large figure takes up a martial stance, swirling his trident about his head.

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:

The spell fades and she murmurs to Tempest, "Well, hopefully that was provoking enough."

Sorry for not posting sooner, this thread change has me all messed up ..

An angry rumble comes from the nomad horde. A loud voice, spell augmented, rises above the din.

"You would face me betrayer? Oath breaker? Then face me! Send your champion forward and he shall taste my trident's tines! If I should win, you will surrender your city to the Free Companions and yourself as my concubine! If your champion wins then we shall disengage our siege and return to our kelp plains! What say you?

Nimora manages to fight through the eels. The Hippocampi cavalry is in disarray, and Joren's barded steed swims about aimlessly.

Nimora sees the bloodied form of her brother on the muddy seabottom, inert.

After a period of rejuvenation, the swamp begins to regain its footing. Evil things creep out of their holes and once again congregate. A familiar figure capers about another familiar figure as they exchange words. A chain-wrapped figure looks on.

"Your palace is in ruins."

"That much is obvious even to a fool like you."

"Aye I am a fool, but who laughs last but the fool."

"There is not much laughing to be done here, for my daughter is lost to me."

"Perhaps we can bring her back."

"Perhaps, but we will need to build."

"Aye, build we must, and soon. We shall make an alliance of opportunity, yes?

A fool and a shadow
And a chain-wrapped girl
Shall build up an empire
And rule the world."

"Interesting. I shall contact what few of my minions escaped the last debacle."

"And I shall call my freakish minions, those that escaped the Plains of Roleplay."

"Very well, it is decided."

The three depart and begin their various nefarious tasks

At the back of the battle, atop a Megalodon is the Veiled One. Dressed in shining mother-of-pearl scale armor with a fierce demon mask hiding his face, the leader of the nomad force sends his next wave of fighters in. At the flank a sudden flurry of activity erupts as giant eels rise from their hidey holes in the kelp to savage Sandreef's cavalry

Joren positions his cavalry to assist the army in their charge. He firms up the left flank.

Melusine travels with the other priestesses to a Healing Cneter at the rear of the host. She blesses as many troops as her magic will allow, and readies her junior priestesses for the upcoming travails.

The first probe by nomad scouts dart in. Nomads riding fierce great white sharks lead swarms of trained barracudas into the first lines of defense. The fierce barracudas are finally driven off, but blood pinks the waters.

Refugees begin to stream into Sandreef. The nomad army is fimally on the move...

The rotund sea elf bows slightly

You may call me Uncle Eel. I am the patriarch of the River Dolphin Clan, which owes fealty to the Black Pearl organization. I assume you have come to us looking for work? We live in interesting times ...

Balthus the Sea Wolf wrote:

Slipping through the water like an oiled serpent, Balthus lashes out with tooth and claw, trying to eviscirate and crush Kumo's throat.

The two spar back and forth, neither getting the descisive blow in. The rotund character on the altar finally yells ENOUGH!

Kumo backs off, bows to his master, then to Balthus and disappears into the background.

The rotund man smiles

That was impressive Gaisuum. What is your name?

The gel's effects seem to be fading. Balthus gets free of the effect, but the Kumo darts foreward, eeling aroung Balthus in lightning-quick claw-claw-bite combinations

He manages to trap one copy's claw in place, the other seems unaffected, but its claws do not harm Balthus. Kumo snarls, dismisses his (obvious) copy and backflips away in the water, coming out in a ready stance. He chants again, and begins to move speedily through the water.

Balthus notes that as he stills himself the water becomes more liquid. It hardens as the moves quickly

The sahuagin Kumo swims at Balthus and tosses a flurry of claw-swipe blows at him.

One Kumo copy distorts in the shock of water, the other two manage to move fast enough to escape. The two copies gesture and the water suddenly gels around Balthus's mouth, choking him. The effect begins to spread, making the water about him very gel-like.

The rotund one smiles wider

Then I have someone to test you with!

He claps his hands and a scarred sahuagin emerges from the interior of the temple. He has a milky eye, and is covered in scarification that peels his scales away in runic patterns. He bows to the large sea elf

Kumo, I wish that you would test out guest here. Flesh and magic.

The sahuagin, Kumo, grunts and looks at Balthus, bows slightly and walks to the front of the alter. He begins to chant and he splits into three distinct copies of himself


Pieces of poodle rain down on the gathering

Balthus the Sea Wolf wrote:
"It is why I came to this city, honored one"

The round one smiles

Let us see your prowess. Do you fight with flesh, steel or magic?

The slender figure chuckles

You showed that mongrel seadog a black pearl in there. As you mentioned, you were very inelegant. Still, you showed great power. harnessed wisely great power can accomplish great things. Do you have the humility to follow the Path of the Pearl?

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